Shadows of the Night - Tale of a forbidden love between Darkness and light.

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  1. Story:

    Welcome to the worlds of Yin Yang, or Dark and light in English. Well this role play involves the light creatures like the Earth wolves and and creature that lives in the light like humans, and the creatures of the night includes the supernatural beings like Werewolves and vampires and any other creatures that is considered as Monsters in the human being's mind. This involves dark beings fighting against the beings of the light world, just because the citizens of both worlds and the royal guards think that the light world people kidnapped their Crowned prince and the citizens and the royal guards of the light world also thinks the same, but they believe that the citizens of the dark world stole their lovely princess of light. This also involves a forbidden love between a creature of darkness and a person of the world of light that is a princess and the prince of the dark creatures in the world of darkness.

    Just Pm Me if you want to join or just post the info of your character in the ooc.


    1. no GM/PP
    2. no Mary/gray sue
    3. no Cussing
    4. Romance allowed keep it PG-13 only
    5. no killing anybody else's characters without the Permission from the character's creator.
    6. NPC characters can be killed if nobody plays them.
    7. join anytime.

    Character Skelly:

    Position: (if royalty or army)
    Bio: (optional)

    My Characters:

    Name: Leopold Von Eodum
    Nickname: Devileon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 (119 years old)
    lover: princess of light
    Family: Icarius (Fallen angel and his father) Linia (Lycan and his mother), Korinka( Lycan and younger brother)
    Position: (if royalty or army) The Crowned Prince of the Yin World.
    Species: Fallen angel Lycan Hybrid
    Bio: (optional)
    Personality: Protectiive, intelligent, sweet, stealthy and very Mysterious.

    Name: Kami
    Nickname: Inori
    age: 17(117 years old)
    Gender: Male
    Position: Right handed man to Leopold
    Species: Shadow Kitsune
    Family: N/A (was found abandon in the forest so no body knows Inori's birth parents.)
    Personality: Protective, Mysterious, aggressive, nice at times, and sly
  2. Name: Ariella De'Beaumont
    Nickname: Little Candle
    Age: 17 (114)
    Gender: Female
    Position: Little sister of the crowned Princess of Yang.
    Family: Disowned herself, and lives hidden within the Yang side.

    Species: Angel Djinn Hybrid
    Personality: Stubborn, Hot-Headed, Kind-hearted, Sneaky, and Protective.
  3. accepted
  4. Character Skelly:

    Name: Cherie Suzaku
    Nickname: Cher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Position: Unknown (orphan living in the borders)
    Species: Fallen angel Elf hybrid
    Family: Unknown (orphan)
    Bio: (optional)
    Personality: Shy, Likes to talk with animals and plants

  5. accepted
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