Shadows of Seattle

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  1. A figure in a black suit looked over the files of the two men he was thinking about hiring. He was sitting in the back room of a nightclub in downtown Seattle.

    The first was recommended by the Yakuza as the proper mixture of competence and disposability. A hacker who was competent enough to get the job done, but not good enough to screw him and get away with it.

    The second was a rather unsavory character. Known as "Reaper", a cliche'd alias, but nonetheless apt. He looked like an amoral bastard who would probably turn on his own sister if the price was right, convenient if he had to liquidate the team quickly.

    The man didn't foresee any big complications from the job, but it never hurt to be prepared.

    Deko was the first to arrive, wearing casual wage-slave wear of a white-collared shirt and black slacks. He was obviously Japanese and carried himself very passively with relaxed facial muscles and a bit of a slouch.

    "You are Mr. Johnson, yes?" The man asked, his voice deferential in tone.
  2. David looked up at the sign of the club. "This must be the place." He said. He opened the door and walked in. He stuck out like a sore thumb since he was in combat armor and everybody else was in casual wear, but for him, this WAS his casual wear. He turned in his weapons to a guard but kept his knife hidden for precautions. He hated not having at LEAST one weapon on his person. The guard nodded not seeing any other weapons and let him through. He was lead to a table with a man in a suit and an obviously low-class man. He stood quietly behind the shabby man and waited patiently and respectfully for the man who lead him here to tell the client him he was here.
  3. The man in the suit looked up. The mercenary was less than subtle, but this job didn't require any.

    "Hello, I am Mr. Johnson. I have a job for the both of you." He said, leaning back in the chair and drumming his fingers on the table. "There is an 'abandoned' Dynacom research facility in the North Cascades near the town of Skykomish. Inside the facility are schematics stolen from my employers. My employers want that data back and the facility rendered nonfunctional. In return, my employers have authorized me to pay fifteen thousand on confirmation of the completed job."
  4. David nodded. "Consider it done sir." He looked the shabby man over. "Are you combat capable?"
  5. "I can hold with pisutoru and have other thing to help." He said, speaking as one who had difficulty pronouncing english. "I am for data, you for security."

    The younger man adjusted his glasses and pressed a few buttons on his computer.
  6. "A baby sitter?" He looked at the client. "You're paying me to be a baby sitter?" He said slightly upset.
  7. "Are you saying you are incapable of performing the job?" The Johnson asked, his face . "My employers need someone capable of handling professional corp-sec and demolitions. Are you not qualified?"

    "If I may make humble suggestion. You give advance, forty percent of pay now, rest after job finished." Deko suggested .

    "No, payment will be delivered upon successful delivery of the files."

    "Yakuza give fifty percent up front, I giving you deal."

    "Fine, five percent."

    "Thirty." The salaryman said, his voice a bit more forceful.


    "Twenty five."


    "Deal." The japanese man said as the Johnson transferred $1500 into their accounts. "Arigatou."
  8. "Fine.. I'll do the job." He huffed and crossed his arms. "You better come through with this too." He said with clear agitation in his voice.
  9. "Very well, contact me when the operation is complete." The Johnson said, leaving out a back door.

    "Come with me, I know good place to make planning." Deko said motioning for the mercenary to follow him out and into the parking lot. "You have wheels?"
  10. "I do indeed." he pulled out a keychain and pressed a button. Soon they were covered in flood lights as a behemoth moved forward. "It'd take some heavy ordnance to puncture this thing." He knocked on the side and it made a dull clanging noise.

  11. "Fancy, no bugs inside, yes?" Deko asked. He was aware that this man probably had his own security systems, but they were of no real consequence. "We talk inside, I tell you more things."
  12. "Hop in." He unlocked it and openned his door then got in, shutting the door behind him with a large metallic thud.
  13. As soon as he stepped through the door, Deko's voice changed. "Alright, let's get down to business." His accent was gone and his pretenses were nowhere to be found. The man also took off his glasses, shedding his "sarariman" facade. "My van is parked three blocks away. I've got some gear we'll need before we start heading north."
  14. "We? You have gear for me?" He blinked. He had never been given gear before. He always bought it off the underground market. "If you need to arm yourself, I have weapons in the back. But if you break them or drop them or lose them you're buying them. Alright?" He said trying to be nice, he hated baby sitting but this was the best he'd ever been payed for it.
  15. "No, that gear is for me. Unlike you, I don't walk around downtown loaded for bear, keeps the cops off my back." Deko said, derisively as he pointed out his own vehicle. "I like to keep a low profile."

    The vehicle was a white van with few distinguishing markings, it looked to be at least five years old was a bit dirty.
  16. "I didn't think so. I've got all the gear I'll ever need." He pulled over next to the vehicle. "Be quick, I want this mission done and over with."
  17. "You and me both." Deko said climbing out and opening the trunk. Despite its modest exterior, the van held quite a bit of complex machinery. A tracked combat drone sporting a light machine gun faced outward and another, smaller winged drone could be seen in a holding rack.

    The Japanese man took out his pistol and holster from their spot in a lockbox and then put on a thick jacket. Before heading back to David's car, he punched a few buttons on his computer and on the console of his van.

    "Alright, I've got my armor, my weapons and I've programmed my vehicle to follow yours. Let's hit the road."
  18. He nodded. "You can call me Reaper, since we'll be working together." He drove off down the road.
  19. "Call me Deko." He said, doing a bit of calculations. "I wonder what the Johnson didn't tell us." He mused, "Why would they hire someone like you to clear out an 'abandoned' research facility?"
  20. "Because it obviously isn't abandoned. That or the path to the facility is dangerous. Those are the only possible reasons. Off the top of my head at least." They started to leave the city.