Shadows of Light

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  1. A war of the forces of light and dark, what is wholesome and good against what is selfish and what is smothered, is a time old tale that has been told again and again. When the drow, some of the most malevolent of the dark ones, become a little too ambitious they prepare to tell this story once more.

    This time, though, they intend to come out the victors; no matter what it takes.


    Hidden in the shadows of the lush forest that surrounded the castle belonging to the kingdom of light, Vailynne resisted the urge to tap her foot impatiently as she waited. She was shadowed away in darkness out of sight to even the most elite guards and had no doubt that she could end anyone who dared discover her hiding spot so nerves hadn't yet begun to touch the proud maiden. Impatience, however, had already begun taking her over. She'd been waiting here for more than ten minutes now, ten minutes past the appointed time, and Bailazer still hadn't come to meet her.

    "Where is that man?" The drow dared hiss under her breath. She had to trust the warriors competence. The drow male had already managed to work into the ranks of the light, pretending he had 'reformed' to their ways, become soft and forgiving as the people of light. It was a ridiculous thought but the light council was indeed foolish. After trial and test that Bailazer had lied through with nearly no effort they had taken him in. His rank was low, yes, but he was there. He was trusted - he was a foothold for the drow.

    A few more minutes past, minutes past the appointed time of meeting, and Vailynne was resisting the urge to attempt to go look for their warrior. He should have been back by now. Had he somehow gotten in trouble his incompetence would cost him; the drow were not a merciful people.

    Finally, through, Vailynne's eyes managed to detect heat coming her way. Surely that was him. Finally. However... his heat signal was awfully large. It wasn't until Bailazer had gotten closer that he realized that he wasn't alone. With him he carried a hunched figure, masculine, with a significantly brighter heat signal. Could it have been someone of the light council?

    Only a few moments later and the signal sounded, a few notes from Bailazer's lips that told Vailynne that the coast was clear to come down. Though she found this all rather strange she slowly moved from her perch and approached the lower drow, eyes narrowed.

    "I caught this one sniffing around where he ought not be." Bailazer dared not make the princess wait any longer than she already had, offering his explanation as he bowed his head in respect.

    Vailynne was not pleased, but she accepted the explanation. If this man, a light haired man from the light who lay hunched with chains binding him tightly enough to dig into his skin and send rivulets of blood down his pristine, pale skin, had grown suspicious than there was no saying that he was the only one. They would have to be more careful and they would have to move faster.

    "Was he now?" Vailynne's voice was high but dangerous as she crouched to get a better look at the man's face. He was handsome - for a light, that was. His skin was pale, stark white and he seemed strong and capable.

    "Should we kill him?" Bailazer's lips raised to a smirk, eyes dancing with malice at the idea. Clearly that was his first choice. However, Vailynne quickly stomped out with wick of his excitement.

    "No. This one may be useful." Both knew well that Vailynne's logic in was flawed. The stronger the enemy the more of a liability. For some reason, though, she'd taken an interest in this man of the light world. She wanted him and what she wanted she would have. No one, not even Bailazer, dared question the princess however and she knew she could get away with it.

    "We must move quickly and stealthily should we finish this mission. Do you understand?" It was a clear warning but, rather than protest that he had been doing just that, Bailazer simply nodded. He'd not risk invoking the anger and cruelty of the princess, even for his pride.

    Bending to examine her new toy more fully Vailynne grinned wickedly at the male, wrapping a long-fingered hand around his chin, allowing the delicate points of her nails to dig into his flesh.

    "Useful indeed. You'll be coming back with me." Closer examination only increased Vailynn's unexplained interest in the man. He would be a good pet indeed...

    A short few words later Vailynne and Bailazer had come to a consensus. They dared not say too much before the ears of their enemy but what they did say was enough for Vailynne to return to her mother with a worthy report of status and Bailazer to return to his position with vigor and purpose. Satisfied, Vailynne snapped her fingers and, using and enchantment from one of the drow of her house, returned both herself and her prize to the home of the drow. Bailazer for his part was left to walk back to his quarters.

    'At least that's one pesky rat taken care of.' The drow thought to himself, resisting the urge to spit in disdain as he thought of the ever-noble Lestate. That made his job much easier as most in the council of light no longer questioned his true allegiance. At least, not enough to be too concerned, anyway. Now he simply had to deal with the matter of explaining Lestate's absence to Akasha. He knew this would be tricky, but he could no longer risk Lestate's tailing him. He would simply have to be clever enough to pull himself through with his reputation.
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  2. There had been one court that held both Fae worlds. Now it was split into two. The light and the dark court. The dark court had not agreed with the queens stipulations so they broke off and the king of the dark Fae took over. The light court had respect for humans. They did not make them slaves or play cruel tricks on them. They did play tricks just light hearted and funny. They we're never there to harm a human. Even when they switched the children it wasn't harm.

    The dark court had no respect for the humans at all they. They played dark tricks on them and enslaved them. The dark King had allowed this and now had a daughter to carry on this legacy. The light Queen had died giving birth to her daughter Akasha the queen of the Light Fae. She had a man that was her friend and protector. His name was Lestate she had trusted him fully. She was no dummy when it came to the daughter of the king. She knew something was up when one of her servants seemed to venture into her domain. She allowed it and gave away false information to fool them. She was sly, She had dark court Roots yet she walked in the light.

    She knew something was up and asked Lestate to check it out. His pure white skin shone in the light. He nodded. She said if he didn't come back to her she knew this man was a trader. So when he didn't show at Sun down Akasha was very aware of who was in her house and what had happened to Lestate. She paced waiting for the news from the dark court fae. She would see how far he would try to take his lie with her.

    Lestate had been following the fae as per his queen's order's. He was caught and bound. He knew this would happen. He stayed quite as he was brought to the dark court Princess. He lifts his chin and he pulled his head back with a glare. He watched her with a slight smirk." Akasha does not believe your man is true and with this you will be proving her theory right." He said." I do not recagonize you or your court. Aisha is soul air of both here and there." He said with venom in his voice. His voice deep and low as he spoke.

    When she dragged him why he let her with a small smirk there was no way her servant be getting away with this. He would serve his queen and this is what she had asked him to do. He would always be loyal to akasha. He could of fought the other Fae off but he wouldn't dare disobey his queen. He was now on his way to the dark castle. He would spy for his Queen and find a way to escape.

    Akasha sat waiting on her throne. Her long nails sharp and tapped. She saw a figure poke his head in." What is it Balathzar." She asked." Bailazer is approaching the gates." Let him in do not let him think we know anything. Stay calm lestate will be fine. We will be fine." She said as she waited for this dark elf traitor to return.
  3. Despite the bold words this light fae spoke Vailynne continued on her way to the castle with him, dragging him along the cold, harsh floor of the dark elven world. It was likely painful but the drow couldn't care less for the comfort of her prisoner at this point. He would have to learn a little respect before she dared give him such luxuries.

    Knowing that her new toy was, in the meantime, likely blind in the dark made things all the more amusing for Vailynne, though she was still careful not to show him any feasible way into the castle. The passages she walked through were winding and impossible to remember, and she'd already checked and rid him of any equipment he may have had on him. What was more, the passages she walked through allowed entrance only to the most elite of the drow. Any others, were they not accompanied or authorised by an approved one, would be killed swiftly and easily by traps that lined the walls, the ceiling. They were impossible tunnels for outsiders.

    Making her way into the castle Vailynne headed to the throne room, knowing she had to speak with her mother before proceeding. The life of this man, no matter how badly Vailynne wished to preserve it, would ultimately be in her mother's hands. If she decreed that they would end him it would be so. None could (or would ever dare) oppose the vicious queen of the dark council.

    "You're errand took longer than planned, Vailynne." Was the greeting the princess received upon entering the throne room. Though the queen's voice was even Vailynne could tell by the way her long, pointed nails tapped against the arm of her chair that her mother had grown quite impatient. She would have to monitor her words carefully.

    "My apologies, mother." Vailynne responded, taking a knee as she did so and bowing her head in a sign of respect to the leader of her people, "Bailazer ran into a bit of trouble with this one." Finally standing again Vailly tugged Lestate forward harshly, letting his skin scrape against the solid stone of the rooms floor.

    "I thought it best to keep him alive for the time being, lest we draw further suspicion than is necessary." Vailynne explained before adding, "I also thought it may be fun to train him. Breaking down and making a pet of such a bold warrior of light..." The princess nearly shuddered, excitement of the thought making her grin. The idea of having such power was exhilarating. Letting the feeling continue, Vailynne pulled her prisoner forward, placing the heel of her boot atop his head and pushing his face to the ground harshly enough to bruise.

    Suddenly, a bang filled the room. The queen's scepter, a tall, onyx pole with an intricate golden casing atop that caged in a carved emerald, was grasped her dark-skinned hand, the base of the staff at the stone floor where the queen had thrusted it. It took everything Vailynne had not to jump at the obvious sign of irritation.

    "Do not get ahead of yourself! You're overconfidence and greed will be our downfall in this war!" The words were harsh, but Vailynne bit her tongue. She knew better than to attempt to counter or even speak to her mother when she took such a tone.

    "What is your name?" After taking a moment to collect herself and even her voice once more the queen turned her burning gaze to Lestate. Vailynne removed her foot from his head, jerking him up so he was on his knees facing the drow queen. When a moment past she grew impatient, quickly striking the light fae's cheek with a hash kick.

    "Do not ignore me, Lestate of the light court!" She near roared. Her temper was not always so fiery but this mans presence complicated things and she would not stand to be disrespected. Some of the guards that rounded the room stifled laughs at their poor prisoners expense. Inexperienced with the drow, he likely wasn't aware of the nasty little trick the the highest members of the most elite families possessed: mind reading. Did they so chose they could peek into the minds of those around them.

    "Please, allow me to teach him for being so arrogantly foolish." Seeing her opportunity to get her way Vailynne interjected. Attempting not to squirm as her mother looked her up and down, Vailynne awaited her mother's response.

    "Take him to the dungeons. Should anything happen because of this man, however, it will rest on your head, Vailynne R'Aron." It was a warning. Any mistakes of this man would be a death sentence for her. The drow were nt forgiving.

    "Yes Mother."


    Bailazer hurried back to the castle with a grimace on his face, mind running faster than his legs did as he attempted to conjure up an excuse. If someone as thick as Lestate was following him the order had come from above. The light fae brat was far too subservient to dare think or act of his own accord, in the opinion of the drow. If their suspicions were already raised, he would have to do all possible to suspend them. He'd need to be nothing short of perfect if he wanted to remain on the court and continue to report back to the dark council and in effect remain alive. If he could not complete his mission the most merciful fate for him would be a quick death. However, the drow were not a merciful people.

    "Akasha!" Bursting into the room Bailazer quickly took a knee, nearly sliding to the middle of the room where the beautiful princess sat, silken robes flowing from her figure and making her look nothing short of angelic, "I come bearing worrisome news." Explaining his outburst and whirlwind-like entrance Bailazer waited to be acknowledged and prompted before continuing.

    "Lestate has been murdered." That was a lie but he couldn't have them trying to contact or find the fae. If he had to he would simply kill a commoner to set the scene; hopefully they would be convinced by the idea that whoever had ended him had simply been smart enough not to leave any evidence behind.

    "I was on a night walk when I heard his cry, though I was unable to make it in time to prevent his fate." Lestate spoke with fake sadness. In complete honesty, he would have been glad to watch that blonde dog suffer and meet his end.

    Standing after his tale was recounted, Bailazer let his face turn into a grimace, "I fear that the dark court may be preparing for war sooner than we anticipated. I suggest we ready ourselves for more attacks, should our assassin return. I have a sinking feeling that small confrontations and meetings will not be enough to quell their bloodlust this time around." All those words that Bailazer spoke were in earnest. He knew not of the dark court's complete plans, his gender rendering him unable to be more than a warrior for the women who lead their tribe. They'd not allow him to know of their plans in full for fear that, either in a turn of treachery or in an attempt to save his own life, he would confess all of their plans and methods, leaving the dark court at a great disadvantage. Such were the ways of darkness. Self-interest took the highest of rulings in drow hearts, loyalty little more than something to be scoffed at. The workings of the drow and those of the dark court's rule were in stark contrast to the generous, kind ways of those who walked in light. Perhaps it was the paths they'd chosen so long ago, the conditions they'd adapted to in the worlds in which they'd chosen to dwell, but it was amazing to think that those two courts had ever been joined.

    "My sincerest apologies, queen." Bailazer spoke in pity, attempting to comfort the queen. Did she believe his take she could only imagine her grief. Lestate was a trusted companion of hers and those who dwelled in the light became quite attached to those whom they were in close contact with. Their ways were very different from what Bailazer was accustomed to. Most drow treated the deaths of others as deserving; if they were too weak to defend themselves or too stupid to see it coming it was considered deserving. If they didn't treat it with amusement, death was usually met with indifference.

    "I swear to you that we will exact revenge on the dark council for their deeds. His fate will not go unavenged." It was an empty promise, but one Bailazer could easily throw malice into, eyes shining darkly with the threat.
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  4. Akasha had been waiting. She listened to the man grovel at her feet begging his forgiveness for not saving her favorite Fae warrior. She heard he was dead. Her eyes turned cold and she stood she walked down to him and glared. She slapped him across the face. She grabbed him by the throat. She slammed him into the wall. Her guards moved forward. She put her lips close to his ear." I may be light fae but I will rip your slimy weasel throat out if Lestate has been hurt by her at all." She snapped at him she had dug her nails into male a point.

    She stepped back and flicked the blood from her nails. She stepped back and looked down at him as she spoke." This man works for the dark court fae as I suspected. Find out anything on Lestate the Brat wants at she's got it. No one takes my guards and gets away with it. Prepare yourself for battle and the others. " she said as she turned.

    She started to walk away." What about the welp. Shall we kill him?" They asked her as they held Bailazer. She turned and looked at him. Her eye's we're dark and gleamed. She stepped up and grabbed his face her nails digging in. " hmmm no cuff him. I will take him." She smirked. They put on gloves and put Iron on his wrists. The only thing to keep a fae down. Akasha was displeased.

    She walked with him her guards taled her. She looked at him." How long did you think you could keep this going, you know who I am right?" she said. Akasha watched him and hook her head." Of course you don't. I am half dark court half light. My father is the king of dark and mother was queen of light, my younger brat sister was born to the King of the dark and her mother. I meant to bring the two courts together. That is why mother had me. I still meet with my father he says she was a horrible mistake. She was and by sending you to me she was not smart. So with dark court blood I have no reserves killing you but my light court blood wants to give you a chance " she said.

    " so here is my proposition. I don't kill you and you work for me. You agree to this you will be implanted with a iorn chip, that if you disobey me, will slowly poison you and kill you. Now if you dot agree the men can kill you now and I will set your body up on there land as a sign of war. If you repeat and of this. Some happens. Do we have an accord?" She asked.
    Lestate glared at her as he was dragged along. He tried to remember the way but it became to confusing for him. Even as he was dragged he made no noise. He knew his queen would not let this go nor would he be punished for turning. He was the only one who knew of her dark side. He was there by the King to help her stay in the light. He was worried her dark side would show, with out his presence.

    He was sacrificing everything to keep Akasha and her secret safe. He kept his eye's open. He could make out shapes that how ever was it. He lived in the light, not the dark. He sighed as he waited for the dragging to end.

    When he was dragged into the light of the castle he blinked and stood as he was walks to the throne room. He had hoped the king be there. When he was forced in and cut. He still made no noise. He would not fail his queen.

    When lestate was dragged across the floor to the queens feet he still said nothing. He lay bound and with a dark look on his ever brilliant light face. He had rippling muscles, they only moved when she kept his face to the ground. He closed his eyes and made no sound.

    He was dragged to his knees. He stayed silent as the queen yelled. The queen was there but the king wasn't he cursed. He had hoped so. He quickly cleared his mind he would not give anything he had cleared his mind before coming in. He was insulting the queen in his mind. Its Lestate stupid bitch. He said in his mind.

    Lestate listened and rolled his eyes at them. When he was forced to get up and looked at the queen with a glare. His queen had locked away his knowledge of who she really was and how he exactly knew the king, but he did know his mission and knew that he knew the king. No one but Akasha could in lock it not even the dark fae.
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