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  1. Here's the OOC for the Shadows Beneath roleplay. We can discuss anything about the roleplay and play ideas off of each other. Since I didn't want a CS, there is no sign-up, just plot discussion and such. If you haven't joined, feel free to take a look at the roleplay ^^
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  2. Good job LAkira, good job.
  3. Alrighty, nice job.
  4. Ah... I didn't get the notification last night, so I didn't know there was an update and I had to stay up to study. I'm sorry T_T
  5. No need to be sorry. School comes first, right?
  6. But how have you guys been lately? I've been good myself.
  7. Pretty decent. Only slipped and fell three times on the ice this week, so I'm already better off than last week.
  8. 3 times? I haven't managed to fall in the whole winter.
  9. I have to walk up an ice covered hill every day.
  10. Ah. I see. There aren't that many hills here where i am from.
  11. .... Keep the thread alive.... Pweese?
  12. I'm sorry, it was my fault for not updating the post when it was my turn for Shino to interact with Ayame and Tony. I was planning to, but I just didn't feel motivated because of some rl problems. I didn't want or mean for it to affect the rp in any way. ( ;´Д`)
  13. No problem, buddy. Rl comes first.
  14. I miss this roleplay....
  15. I'm sorry :duh:
    I haven't really been online for a while, so I haven't replied to anyone. Well, we can try to revive it if everyone's still interested :bsmile:
  16. I haven't been on that much either but i'm up for trying
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