Shadows and Demons

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  1. Somewhere in the city, a darkness spreads in the ally-ways, in the corners, in the basements and the attics.
    I am waiting for the time to come, when you sleep I will be near. Don't close your eyes...
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  2. Raven
    Raven opened his eyes slowly to look up at the ceiling of his small bedroom, his blankets pulled to his chest with his arms resting alongside his torso. He heard the familiar chirping of the birds outside his window, the morning sun peaking through his tightly shut blinds and shining on his wooden desk underneath. Raven sat up and gave a soft yawn, the grey blankets falling to his lap as he rose his bare arms in the air and stretching. He brushed his messy black hair out of his eyes with a flick of his index finger, swinging his legs to the side of the bed and standing up, his bare feet hitting the wooden floors of his home. They creaked slightly under his weight and due to old age, their scratched and worn down exterior soft under his feet. His bed gave a soft groan as he lifted himself into a standing position and walked to his door, swinging it open and heading down the hallway to the kitchen.

  3. Having been watching him for some time now, she followed as his shadow, never exactly leaving him. But when she was ready, she would begin with her games and soon he would be just as clueless as the others, but who was I kidding? He already was...
  4. Hidden in the dark of an alley, RafaDark with his eyes open and almost closing from tiredness of being all night awaken, he tried to sleep a little but the strong light of the morning bothered him. Raising his hands from the ground and putting them on his face to defend it from the light, his hands suddenly fall from exhaustion but he needed to keep himself awaken, he didn't wanted anyone around him die by someone or something hands. Rising from the ground, RafaDark couldn't stand up that he fell on the ground asleep.
  5. Suddenly alert at this new happening, she faded from Ravens shadow and materialized in the darkness of the ally where RafaDark now lay asleep.
    One down and ready to go. quiet but still comprehensible, she spoke to herself
    " thats one down and ready to go. Let the games begin..."
  6. As he was asleep, his stomach began to rumble and he got totally hungry. Waking and weakly rising up from the ground, he walked tottering towards the closest place to eat that he would find. Coming in a market, RafaDark stole some things from the counter, while the seller was not looking, he just left that place as nothing would have happened. Looking at the things he stole, he saw that some sweets and some coins were available to eat, wolfing down the sweets and placing the coins in his pocket he walked still woozy and aimless on the streets of the city trying to find somewhere to eat and feel comfortable.
  7. Following him, she found one way after another to get at him until finally she found one of her favorite ways to get at her victims, through acting.
    She finally decided to take the form of a border collie,and she began to have her fun. Acting like a sweet innocent dog who loved humans. But hat she really was, would be shown later on...
    walking out from behind an old dumpster, she came to follow RafaDark. Seeming sweet and adorable.
  8. Almost falling in the ground but walking on the streets, he felt that something was following him. Looking back, he saw that it was just a dog, he said trying to shoo the dog away "Don't stick to a loser like me, you will just die like everyone else." RafaDark keep looking to the dog, something was not right with it, it was having some kind of different aura not like the others he saw. Walking to an alley, he tried to lose the dog's attention by throwing a stick he found in the ground to the dog catch.
  9. grabbing the stick before it hit the ground, she trotted up next to him, hiding her aura and any signs that she wasn't what she was pretending to be.
    thinking to herself, she knew she would have to truly act like a dog if he was going to buy her act. So, she barked. not a loud bark, but just a playful and persistent one. she wouldn't stop following him unless one of he of her other victims caught her attention.
  10. RafaDark saw the dog jump and pick the stick up in the air like it was totally normal to it. Amazed with that dog's prowess and a little angry that he couldn't lose the dog, he said "Hey, you are not supposed to do that! But that was amazing, buddy!" Grabbing the stick from the ground and readying his arm, he talked "Try to catch this one now!!". He thought that the dog was going to catch it anyway but it was a little fun and that was keeping him awake, but something was not right at all, maybe that dog's appearance was some kind of joke of the destiny or just a coincidence.
  11. sitting down, she readied to jump and catch the stick again, expecting him to throw it further.Glad that she was doing a good job, she played along some more and decided she would continue to do so for a while since it was indeed fun to have him actually believing this. She barked again, waiting for him to throw, and she sneezed, to make it seem more that she was indeed, a dog.
  12. "Damn dog...Why don't you get away? My arm is a little hurt...but ok..." Thought RafaDark as he gave a look of tiredness to the dog. "Ok, i will throw this one more time and then we will go get something to eat..." said him to the dog. "Talking with a dog...You got yourself totally crazy now, right RafaDark? But wait...i was talking with it since the beggining..." Thought, preparing his arm and aiming up "Go!! Get it now!!" Shouted him.
  13. Running back a few feet and turning to watch for the throw, she skidded to a stop and turned around, coming back and sitting next him, looking up and waiting for him to go. She would follow him until she found the perfect moment to ruin all trust she would build. Her tail beating the concrete as she sat there, anxious to get on and continue with her act of being the best friend.
  14. "Ok, so..Where do we go now?" Said him looking around to find a place to steal food for them. Petting the dog's head, he talked "Let's go there. It looks like a good place to find food and shelter." Pointing to where some beggars were gathering and ending the petting, he walked directly to that place. He knew that if some homeless people were gathering in somewhere, it was must have food and a little of peace. "I don't know if they will have food for you, but i will try to get it." RafaDark said to the dog as he was looking back to it.
  15. Standing up and walking forwards to catch up to him, passing him up slightly, she went in the same general direction as her victim. Seeing the group of people, dressed in torn and tattered clothes, their faces caked in dirt and grime. They were honestly rather unnerving to see. Struggling to feed themselves, trying to survive in the city. It was pathetic the way she saw it. She didn't need to eat, or drink for that matter. But if she didn't, well, that would seem suspicious and it might give her away. So, despite how much she didn't want to do it, she followed in her act and she would eat whatever scraps of human food she could get without breaking character.
  16. Reaching the place where the homeless people were gathering,he grabbed the first plate full of food he saw in that type of table. RafaDark walking to a corner and thanking the cook, he sat himself in the ground and saw that the dish was full of some kind of goo, it looked like an pile of dirt and rests of meats. Seeing an chicken leg in his plate and looking at the dog that was following him, he gave it to the dog and waited for that strange dog's reaction.
  17. taking it with slight reluctance, she then lay down next to him and started to gnaw on it, pulling off a piece every now and then. Taking longer than necessary to eat such a small piece of food, she watched from the corner of her eye as the boy was looking at his own tray of food before looking back to see the homeless people slowly coming up to see the two of them. The ones coming were easily twice the size and double in strength compared to this boy of hers. They looked as if they were bloodthirsty and jealous... A perfect opportunity to get a bonus in addition to her current victim. Standing up and taking a few steps towards the new arrivals, she began to grow deeply at them, seeming not to phase them as they continued to approach them, a group of maybe seven or eight thuggish men. Just another way for her to get his trust higher only to break it in the end...
  18. While looking at his food, he heard the dog growling at something but he didn't care, he just wanted to eat at peace. When he was going to eat a little bit of the food, he saw with the corner of his eye what the dog was growling. "No way dude..." thought him totally looking at his food. "Maybe they will go away if i just ignore them..." Thought him again trying to not get any attention and looking to his left side, where a brick wall was almost breaking.
  19. Continuing to bark and growl at the threat to her victim. they couldn't have them, he was hers and hers alone. if they wanted him then they would die with him. Running up to one she pounced onto his chest, knocking him down and tearing into him, turning to do the same to another as one or two ran while the rest ran at the boy next to the wall, with one of their own dead. She leaped off of her prey and she charged off towards the thugs as they picked up the boy and let him dangle in the air as he prepared to throw a punch at him when she jumped onto his back and her head went over his shoulder as she and bit into his ear, a strange yellow color filling her eyes as she looked at the boy, still hanging there in the grip of the thug whose ear was now mostly missing.
  20. RafaDark almost trembling in fear, he looked straight to those mans as one gave a scream he would never forget. Trying to flee but not being capable, some of the thugs lifted him easily from the ground, Rafadark turned his head toward his right side and closed his left eye to not see the punch he would receive, but out of nowhere the dog jumped and almost ate the ear of that guy. He saw something strange when he was suspended, the dog's eyes was totally changed, they were in a strange yellow color, he saw it with fear of the dog more that the thugs. RafaDark remembered of the attacks that happened around him, the killers who attacked always had a strange colored eyes. As he remembered that, he looked pointedly and almost soulless to the dog who was still biting that guy's head that was screaming from an extreme pain.
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