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  1. In the darkness I am lurking.
    In the shadows I will wait.
    Watching you live your life until it is too late.
    You don't remember me or the day you made your fall.
    But it happened and I am waiting her for you.
    You can look for me but you will never find what you seek.
    When the day comes that you finally slip...

    It will all come rushing back. I was there when it all went wrong.

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  2. name:
    Personal bio:
    Species( human, shifter, angel, hell-born, unknown):

    hell-born or unknown (open)
    if you are hell-born then you take on the form of a human but you have had strange feelings of being watched since a young age and you always had a strange ability to see ahumans true form ( if they werent really human) and you never fit in. you never had friends and you never knew what it was like to be loved by somebody other than your parents.
    if you are unknown then you are some other creature or species besides the ones listed

  3. Name: Raven (Last name not available)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet and keeps to himself.
    Likes: Smoking, and solitude.
    Dislikes: Crowds and loud people.
    History: Raven's parents were murdered in front of him by a strange creature only he seemed to see.
    He was 6 at the time of the murder, resulting in Raven growing up in an old orphanage, and many of the kids ignored him.
    They'd pick on him and laugh when he frantically tried to tell them something
    was watching them from the corners or shadows, only his little eyes being able to comprehend what
    was actually there. This resulted in Raven growing up as a very quiet and secluded child, thus
    resulting in a rather anti-social teenager.
    Family: Raven is an orphan.

    Personal bio: (Explain please? I think I had a brainfart!)
    Mutations: His eye color shifts with his mood.

    Species: Hell-born

  4. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Personality: Closed to almost everyone, he only speak with the ones he gets friendly.
    Likes: Killing things and places to hide like dark corners.
    Dislikes: Being in somewhere that have bright light and much people.
    History: Since his 4 years he knew that something was not right with his eyes, even his parents knew it. Some years later, with 6 years, his parents where killed by a monster in front of him. "They died from severe cuts made by a local psycho" was what the police said, but he knew that was from a kind of monster. He didn't knew why just he saw that, but he could see things and people's true form. No one in his family had that "gift" or "curse" but every time he found a home to stay something came and killed the people around him.
    Family: All dead.
    Personal bio: (???????????????????????????)
    Mutations: Red eyes that glow powerfully on the darkness.
    Species: Hell-Born
    Other: When he saw his parents get killed by that "monster", he loved to see them horrified and their blood coming out like a water fountain.
  5. accepted.

    personal bio is like basically, summing up the personal details and extra info about your character.
  6. alright i made the rp thread. Join in when ever you guys are ready.
  7. NAME: Alexander Blackblood (The Malevolent)
    AGE: 15,000 yrs. old
    GENDER: Male

    PERSONALITY: Loves to play with its victims, & will only show if he only wants to. He is his own boss & will love a good bloodbath every afternoon.

    LIKES: Blood, Interesting Victims, Curiosity, Scared Expressions, other species such as him.

    DISLIKES: Crosses, Priests, Holy Water, Victims who try to get rid of him, Arrogant Victims.

    HISTORY: Not much is known: Having Locked in Limbo for millions of millenia for killing a Spirit. he longs to see other people suffer.

    FAMILY: Hasn't been known, but he flicks away the problem as if it was just a speck of dust.

    PERSONAL BIO: He believes that he is the most feared creature in all of Earth, & the Spiritual Realm, for he is the only spirit in the universe to kill a God Single Handedly, & because of killing a God, he is locked in Limbo for millions of millenia, chained by the very chains of Avernus. Only to be summoned again by some Acolytes who believed he can control him. Now, he roams the Earth, watching helpless humans trying to survive, & strikes only humans who wasted their lives in sin. So he believes he is the Vigilante of the World.

    MUTATIONS: Able to be invisible at will, fly, blink (teleport), summon the Hounds of Avernus, & a malevolent aura that stops people's heartbeats if someone toaches his aura, that is how he got his nickname. The Aura is up to 3" in diameter. Hounds do not have aura. & able to mimic other people by taking their spirits.

    SPECIES: Paranormal (Which other puny humans say it because they don't have any explanation to the Unknown, according to Alexander)
  8. Flying and teleporting are a no-go. Sorry. But otherwise, accepted. feel free to start in the RP.
  9. I would like to join, but I do have some questions.

    1. Does the shadow only seek the hell-born, or does it seek all, or is it something else?
    2. Is a shifter a shapeshifter, as I assume?
    3. What side are the shifters on, if any?
    4. Are the angels trying to pretend they are human, or is it unimportant to them?
    5. Am I correct in assuming the angels are fighting the shadow?
    6. How severe can these mutations be?

    Sorry about that; I have a penchant for asking many questions.
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