Shadowrun, the Sixth World

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  1. Welcome to the Sixth World, the world of Shadowrun, a grim-dark not-so-distant future where the difference between a nice home and crawling around on the streets is a life as a corporate zombie.

    But there is another life, albeit a much more dangerous, but much more fun, one. The life of a Shadowrunner. To describe what a Shadowrunner does is to try and describe every kind of black op, espionage, illegal act, and innocent prank imaginable, and a few that are beyond even that. But to describe what a Shadowrunner is is actually quite simple: Plausible Deniability for the Corporate Nations.

    Does this frighten you? No? Good, because we've just barely scratched the surface, ya bunch of yonos. REALLY fraggin' long story short(er), for you slots too poor to pay attention or too dumb to understand what I'm saying, back at the turn of the century, alot of major shit happened which lead to corporations gaining the same rights as nations. Needless to say, the little people (that's us) got the shit end of the crap stick. The bigwigs decided to call this extraterritoriality, and corps all over started snatchin' it up left and right. Bye 2009, countries had begun to fall apart and reassemble faster than you can say Dunkelzahn. But that's not the biggest thing to happen. The biggest thing was UGE. That's right: Unexplained Genetic Expression, also known as the Awakening. Basically, as we found out later, it was simply magic saying "HI HONEY! I'M HOME!" with about the tact and poise of a nuke. Scientist and philosphers all said it was the Mayans who predicted it on that giant stone fortune teller of a calender of theirs. Their Sixth World popped into our lives, unwanted and unbeckoned, on December 24, 2011. Oh, there was also Goblinization, but no one cares about those trogs. So basically, randomly across the world, you got people throwing fireballs left and right, your Average Joe spontaneously turning into an Elf, Dwarf, or god forbid, orc or troll, and oh, let's not forget the giant dragons everywhere. For those of you with some brains still left in ya head, check with FastJack for details. You may now shit yourself.

    Well, that's all you'll get from me...for now, at least. Ta-ta, kiddies. Don't get your head shot off.


    Ok, so this is a 4th Edition/20th Anniversary Edition Shadowrun game. Character Build is using the standard 400 BP. No more than half of this may be used on Attributes (in other words, you've got up to 200 points for attributes, and 200 for other stuff, including race). You may buy UP TO 35 BP worth of Positive Qualities using your starting BP. You may recieve UP TO 35 bonus BP from Negative Qualities. If you're new to this kind of character creation, I suggest staying in the Core Book.

    A few notes:
    1) Do not worry about paying for a Lifestyle. That'll be taken care of.

    2) This game will (mostly) take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, UCAS in the year 2072. If you're not familiar, do a bit of research. Wikipedia is fine. Many locations will be changed, though several historical ones will remain mostly the same.

    3) This game has 2 GMs, myself and Vay. I will be handling the main story, while Vay will be in charge of character-driven (ie, influenced by backstory and what you do in the main story) side-plots in between chapters. So the better the your background, the better Vay can do his job.

    4) I WILL be trying to kill you, because as Shadowrunners in 2072, that's just how things are. I will, however, pull my punches from time to time, because making a character is a bitch, though don't think this means you'll get out with a simple KO. There will be consequences. >:D

    5) In addition to your real name and alias, you will also need a Username for the In-Game Chatroom 'Pariah'. You will also need a name for each Fake ID you own.

    6) Before play in the IC starts, there will be about 3 sessions of play that will take place in the CBox's RolePlay Box. This will simulate the meetings in Pariah. We will need to discuss the best time for these sessions. More sessions in Pariah may take place as plot dictates in the future.

    7) I think this is it, but I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something. If I remember/create a real #7, I'll post it here, and let you know.
    7) Here is a link containing alot of Shadowrun Slang. I like, you like, everybody like.

    I forgot something rather important: Books
    Here is your book list: Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition, Arsenal, Augmentation, Runner's Companion, Street Magic, Unwired.
    These books can be obtained from here:,1

    Also, you may want to try and find the Sixth World Almanac for a more detailed history and description of many of the remaining countries.

    Password will be revealed later this week

    The password is horizons
  2. Name: Killian Toombs
    Alias: Cait Sidhe
    Fake ID: Randy Peters
    Username: Dulahan
    Age: 49

    image (open)


    Numbers (open)

    Karma: 0

    Metatype: Elf (Dryad/Drake)


    BOD 2 | 1/6 (9)
    AGI 6 | 2/7 (10)
    REA 5 | 1/6 (9)
    STR 3 | 1/6 (9)
    CHA 6 | 3/8 (12)
    INT 2 | 1/6 (9)
    LOG 4 | 2/7 (10)
    WIL 3 | 1/6 (9)
    INI 2 | 2/11 (16)

    Essence: 5.4
    Edge: 1
    Magic: 1 (from Drake)
    Resonance: 0


    Metagenetic Improvement: Logic(20BP)
    Restricted Gear: Styer AUG-CSL(5BP)

    Mood Hair(5BP)
    Striking Skin Pigmentation: Obsidian(5BP)
    Records on File: Aegis Cognito(10BP)

    Astral Combat(2) (Dracoform only)
    Pilot Ground Craft(3)
    Heavy Weapons(2)
    Armorer: Firearms(3)

    Academic: Indiana History 3
    Academic: Politics 2
    Professional: Media Personel 4

    Sperethiel (N)
    English 3
    Japanese 4
    Russian 2

    Thundercloud Contrail (5000)
    -Nitrous Injection (2500)
    Styer AUG-CSL (4000)
    Bike Racing Armor (500)
    -Helmet (200)
    Leather Duster (200)
    Transys Avalon Comm (5000)
    -Iris Orb (1000)
    -Sim Module (100)
    -Internal (2000)
    Biometric Reader (200)
    Fake SIN/4 (4000)
    AR Gloves (250)
    SIN (Free)

    5/5 Fixer: Hirata Toshio/Human

    Backstory (open)

    Killian was born in Tir na nOg to an elven mother and father. Immediately he faced a rough life, because even for a dryad metavarient, he was different. While his parents always loved him, the other parents always watched him with disgust in their eyes. After all, unlike normal elves and dryads, his skin had an unearthly obsidian sheen, his hair changed color with his moods, and he had markings all over that glowed a neon green. However, he made the most of his life, and when he was eleven, his parents adopted another young elf named Ultán. The two got along amazingly, and life got a bit brighter for Killian. Then one day, when he was in his late twenties, a surge of mana shot through the elven island. Killian had been away from his town when this mana wave hit, and the villagers, who had grown accustomed to his odd appearance, feared something terrible might have happened to him when he didn't return for several days. He never did return, and all traces were lost, save for a dragon flying toward the coast a few days after the surge. A dragon bearing similar colorations to Killian. The next time the name Killian Toombs showed up, it was in his marriage to the dryad Alana Aisling, the owner of an up-and-coming club in downtown Indianapolis. Ever since, Killian and Alana have been 'entertaining' guests nearly every day and night.
  3. Name: Ultán Toombs
    Age: 46
    Metatype: Elf (low light vision)
    Fake ID: Lachtna Magan
    Pariah Username: System Message

    Show Spoiler


    BOD 3
    AGI 2
    REA 4
    STR 3
    CHA 4
    INT 3
    LOG 5
    WIL 3
    INI 6

    Essence: 4.9
    Edge: 2
    Magic: 0
    Resonance: 0

    Body: 10 boxes
    Stun: 10 boxes


    Codeslinger (Hack on the fly)
    Photographic memory
    Restricted Gear

    Evil Twin



    Cyber Combat 4
    Electronic Warfare 4
    Hacking 4
    Computer 4
    Data Search 4
    Hardware 4
    Software 4

    Automatics 3
    Pistols 3

    Pilot Ground Craft: 2
    Pilot Anthroform: 2
    Pilot Aircraft: 2


    Academic: Matrix history: 1
    Processional: Corporate Security Procedures: 3
    Interest: Matrix Chat rooms and clubs: 3

    Sperethiel N
    English 5
    Japanese 4


    Aeries Predator IV (5P -1AP SA 15c) (Smartgun system; Concealable holster)

    HK Urban Combat (5p - SA/BF/FA 3 36c)

    Armor Jacket (Reversible, one side red the other black)


    Analyze 4
    Browse 4
    Command 5
    Edit 4

    Firewall 3 -

    Armor 4
    Attack 5
    Biofeedback Filter 4
    Blackhammer 4
    Databomb 2
    Decrypt 3
    Spoof 4
    Stealth 5
    Track 4

    9 different VR games
    Virtual pet (Elf female)


    Implanted Fairlight Caliban Comlink 0.2
    Control rig 0.5
    Datajack 0.1
    Hot-Sim Module 0.2
    Cyber Hair (user controllable color)

    Smartlink 0.1

    Suzuki Mirage

    Shiawase Kanmushi (microdrone)

    Fake SIN R4 (fake ID alias: Lachtna Magan)

    Fake HK Urban Combat Licence R4


    4/2 Fixer: Helena Jones/ Elf
    2/2 Mechanic: Mort Smith/ Orc
  4. Reserved for a not hungover GMK.

    Name: Nathan steelhead
    Age: 19
    Metaltype: Ork
    Fake ID: George Morgan
    Username: Headbanger

    Show Spoiler

    This shit is totally not metal

    BOD 7
    AGI 4
    REA 3
    STR 7
    CHA 2
    INT 4
    LOG 2
    WIL 4
    INI 7

    Essence: 0.25
    Edge: 3
    Magic: 0
    Resonance: 0

    Body: 13 boxes
    Stun: 10 boxes
    Overflow: 8 boxes


    Will to Live (1)
    Quick Healer
    High Pain Tolerance (1)

    Addiction (Mild, smoking)
    Prejudiced (Elves, biased)
    Allergy (cats, mild)



    Blades 4
    Athletics 2
    Longarms 2
    Pistols 2
    Dodge 1
    Pilot Ground Craft 2
    Cracking 2
    Outdoors 2


    Security Procedures 2
    Ares Macrotech 3
    Street Drugs 1

    Or'Zet N
    English 1
    Mandarin 4
    Japanese 4

    Armor Jacket
    Greatcoat Line
    Magnesium Torch
    Survival Kit

    Colt Manhunter
    Defiance T-250

    Thundercloud Morgan ATV (It's red of course)
    Offroad Tires
    Concealed Armor

    (All obvious)
    Aluminum Bone Lacing
    Dermal Plating 2 (Alpha)
    Vision Enhancement 2
    Built in Grapple Gun
    Voice Modulator
    Audio Enhancement 2
    Muscle Enhancement 2 (Alpha)
    Shock Hand

    Basic Cybereyes
    Basic Cyberears
    Obvious Right Arm (Alpha)

    Remaining nuyen: 33880

    Show Spoiler

    Character Shit

    It's worth mentioning that he sounds exactly like Nathan Explosion of dethklok. He is also a passionate follower of metal, to the point where he will punch a radio that isn't playing metal, until it either breaks or decides to start playing metal.

    Before he became a runner he worked security for Ares Macrotech, mostly as a riot control officer. he was promoted to more internal security matters but quit shorly after, claiming it wasn't 'metal' enough.
  5. perhaps dorfs will rise. perhaps.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Aika Sayashi
    Age: 25
    Metatype: Human
    Fake ID: Ayaka Mitsui
    Pariah Username: Musume

    Stats n' Stuff (open)


    Body - 4
    Agility - 5 (7) | 6 (9)
    Reaction - 3
    Strength - 4
    Charisma - 3
    Intuition - 3
    Logic - 3
    Willpower - 3
    Edge - 2
    Esscence - 4.25


    Firefight (3)

    Simsense Vertigo
    Prejudiced (Dwarves)
    Kleptomaniac (Small kitchy things)



    Unarmed Combat - 5
    Pilot Ground - 5
    Pistols - 4
    Shadowing - 4
    Infiltration - 4
    Palming - 4
    First Aid - 4
    Perception - 2


    Professional: J-Pop - 6
    Academic: Japanese History - 4
    Interest: Club Music - 2


    Japanese (N)
    Cantonese (N)
    English (4)
    French (2)


    Nissan Rabbit (2-Seater Car)
    - Oil Slick Sprayer
    - Smuggling Compartment
    - Standard Mount
    - Concealed Visibility
    - Flexible Flexibility
    - Remote Control
    - Enhanced Image Screen
    - Ares MP-LMG + Ammo

    Fichetti Security 600 x 2 (Pistols)
    - 100 Clips
    - Hidden Arm Slides
    - Silencers
    - 4 Extra Clips
    - Laser Sights

    Heritage Chinese Uniform
    Heritage Kimono
    Moonsilver Cocktail Dress

    Implanted Fairlight Caliban
    - NovaTech Navi
    - Sim Mod

    Rating 2 Muscle Toner
    Rating 3 Orthoskin

    Fake SIN lvl 4
    Fake Concealed Carry Liscence
    DocWagon Contract - Basic
    Gecko Tape Gloves
    Medkit lvl 6


    5/6 Fixer: Kanon Hirahara/Human
    5/6 Street Doc: Ken Hastings/Human
  7. I'm rolling Hippie out for this.

    Stand by for a stoned Gnome demolitions/inflitration specialist.
  8. Making a gnome will require use of Runner's Companion. It's a metavarient. And we're going to have some silly explosive making, since Effort can make the compounds, I can build the bombs, and Grumpy will be able to use the bombs. XD
  9. Got most of the Shadowrun books, so Runner's Companion won't be a problem.
  10. I just posted a link to grab the books, so there's that as well.
  11. The ensuing battle.
    But enough of this sillyness.
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Arthur Eames
    Alias: Hippie
    Fake ID: Joseph Rowley
    Username: Bombasta
    Age: 23

    STATS & SHIT (open)
    Race: Gnome
    Resources Remaining: 24150 nuyen

    Body: 4
    Agility: 5[8]
    Reaction: 4 [6]
    Strength: 3 [6]
    Charisma: 3
    Intuition: 3
    Logic: 3
    Willpower: 3
    EDGE: 2

    Phys Init: 7[9]
    Passes: 1[3]
    Essence: 1.83

    Athletics (Group): 4
    Stealth (Group): 4
    Perception: 4
    Blades: 4
    Dodge: 4
    Pistols: 3
    Longarms: 4
    Demolitions: 6

    English: N

    Criminal (Drug Dealers): 3
    Criminal (Couriers): 4
    Corporate Zones: 3
    Hangouts (Couriers): 3
    Jazz Music: 3
    Jazz Clubs: 2

    Arcane Arrester
    Thermographic Vision

    Erased (24hrs)
    Restricted Gear (Bioware)

    Simsense Vertigo
    Compulsive - Mild
    Enemy (2)

    Vory Lieutenant [Loy 3, Con 3]

    Balance Tail (Alpha)
    Muscle Toner - 3
    Muscle Augmentation - 3
    Gecko Hands
    Synthacardium 3 (Alpha)
    Wired Reflexes II

    x200 Hollow Point Rounds
    x100 Explosive Rounds
    x5 kgs of Plastic Explosives
    x10 Timer Detonators
    x5 kgs of Foam Explosives
    Lockpick Set
    Maglock Passkey
    Cellular Glove Molder, Rtg 3
    Fake SIN, Rtg 4

    Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (6/6, Mods - Climbing Gear)
    Chameleon Suit (6/4, Mods - Thermal Dampening 5)
    Form-Fitting Body Armour Full-Body (6/2)

    Victoronix Memory Blade (R1, AP -1, 5P, Mods - Personalised Grip)
    Monofilament Sword (R1, AP -1, 6P Mods - Personalised Grip)

    x2 Colt Manhunter
    [Type - Pistol, SA, AP -1, 5P]
    [Mods - Silencer, Personalised Grip]
    Franchi SPASS-22
    [Type - Shotgun, SA/BF, -1, 7P]
    [Mods - Metahuman Customisation, Sound Suppressor, Silencer]
    The Bad Baby (HK PSG Enforcer)
    [Type - Sniper Rifle, SA, AP -3, 7P]
    [Mods - Chameleon Coating, Metahuman Customisation, Sound Suppressor]

    Transys Avalon Commlink [Resp 4, Sig 4]
    Iris Orb OS [FW 3, Sys 3]

    BACKSTORY & SHIT (open)
  13. I've been working on a character for some days now.

    He's 99% Cybernetic. Something like, .03 Essence. lolol.
  14. You're not a true Street-Samurai until your Essence is basically a gaping black vortex of technology that traumatises Mages, Seiji.

  15. [​IMG]

    Dorf Dorffinson.

    Heavy Weapons and shit.

    rulestuff to follow later.
  16. Poor Musume! All these creepy Dwarves about isn't going to be fun for her!
  17. Hmmm, cat idea not working.....Cyber-paladin maybe?
  18. No. Shadowrunners are criminals. A paladin would not work at all.
  19. ....paladins fight for whats RIGHT dont they? or one of those evil motherfucker paladins. blackguard or whatever.