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    I'd been fading in and out ever since I walked through the elevator.

    The wound at my side felt like I'd been leaning on an exposed nail on a picket fence. Round had missed my lung and in turn a sucking chest wound, but didn't exactly fall into the scratch category. Broken rib without a doubt and possibly entry into the digestive track. Didn't want to think about it. Stimulants and a pressure dressing were keeping me on my feet but those would only hold up for so long.

    I had zoned out glaring at the blinking cursor of a console that was years outdated before me. The ringing chime of an alarm from a far distant corner of the facility rang out but this wasn't a new development. The guards weren't coming, not here. After a while, a chiming bell just becomes background and eventually your ears loose the frequency all together. It's funny how the smallest things can scatter your attention, send you adrift and pull your mind from everything barring you. Funnier still is what redirects your focus. It was Q's voice that pulled me from the daze.

    “How is this even a question?” she chimed, her voice weary from coming this far. “He's the reason for all this. The firm, Having to squander in piss living for months, being turned into personal play things, Countless deaths. Everything is gone Doc.” the tone she hell slowly rose in volume as her words elevated in pitch. She was angry and she had the right to be. “Everything...”

    As her final word caught my ears, I continued to hold my gaze on the blinking console.

    That was it. One word: Command over and over. Every hole we'd hidden in and wall we'd broken through came down to that. And I was the one to push the button. “I know...” My words were slow, it hurt like sin to talk, “...I don't like it either.”

    I felt her hand move to my shoulder and I could feel warmth even through the fibers of the armor. Maybe it was my imagination, I'm not sure. “Just pull the plug doc. Pull the damn thing and be done with it.”

    How the hell did I even find myself here. Seems like yesterday I was a working stiff with a SIN and everything. I never shot a gun, hell I didn't know the shadows from a Saturday morning cartoon show. How did I fall this far down the rabbit hole?

    “Doc please...”

    I miss the days where the world was simple...


    All men dream, but Not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible...

    - T.E. Lawrence

    The Setting:

    Through backhand deals, corporate employee shuffles, sense of adventure or a bad hand in general, You find yourself in Cairo Egypt. A country ripped to shreds through a constantly shifting wave of ideals, fractured religious framework, clashing politics and a desperate populace hungry for a sense of purpose. Two years ago, the country was thrown into a brand of chaos as the ruling theocracy was removed from power forcibly by the people of the state. Order has been attempted through both corporate, Governmental, Gang and Militant methods but for reason or another, a unified front has yet to be established beneath the shadow of Giza. Some are drawn here from the sense of freedom found in the chaos, others for the freedom obtained in a state without labor law restrictions, others because the land is fertile with one of the most mystically rich environment on the planet. Most however, were just unfortunate.

    Without ruling framework, the city of 28 million people festers daily. Pockets of dolled up environments still exist for the person with a dollar to spend, but they are few and far between. Lack of trash collection has made it not entirely uncommon to see rubbish piles crammed into unused alley ways, in some cases towered up all the way to the brim of the multi story buildings that encase it. Violence is rampant, Law enforcement is corrupt, the economy is shot, and it's not entirely uncommon to see a body in the street on your way to the store.

    In addition, due to peculiar tax codes set in motion decades before. Building owners and construction companies could actually avoid paying property tax entirely on a construct if it was incomplete for a total of 20 years. While this seems silly, it's how certain high influential figures in the region through out the country's history have been able to create tourist spots and high traffic land marks of which they wouldn't be weighed down by tax legislation. A level of corruption hidden beneath ancient laws that no one bothered to change. While in some cases this leads to entire districts under the ownership of a single influential figure, more often it leads to ruined construct framework scattered over the egyptian sands. Because of the economic turmoil of the nation, it's not uncommon for squatters to take refuge in these structures and live within them. Deaths occur regularly from these crumbling skeleton buildings as no one regulates their upkeep.

    Gang activity is rampant but the more terrifying brands of these scale much grander than street punks and bedowin nomads. Larger organizations hold to ideals kept through the previous theocracy and often cling to religious lines. The Muslim is one such organization and holds an impressive display of power throughout the middle east. Often these religious groups tend to yield a high number of magically connected members from which they draw their muscle.

    While not a government power, The Dragon Aden keeps a check on all things within the middle east, though manly focuses his(her?) resources on keeping external powers across the sea from gaining footholds within his domain. While more behind the scenes than Lowfyr and his German based corporation, with substantial enough digging one can often find the dragon's fingers in all manners of things. He's most well known for single-handedly razing Tehran Iran to the ground in 2020. The muslim brotherhood revile him for this act as it was a response to the the Ayatollah's jihad against the Awakened.

    Giza itself sits just outside of Cairo and is basically the same city. Located furthest from the nile, this urban landscape was built predominantly around the pyramids and sphinx themselves. At one point, this place was a tourist ground for people on their way to the sites. Since the dawn of the sixth age however, these sites sport some of the most powerful leylines in the world. The closer one gets to the landmark, the looser definitions of reality occur. Because of this, several extremist groups of shamans, mages and adepts flock to these grounds.

    Finally, the American University of Cairo is likely the reason why you and your firm are here in the first place. An epicenter for archeology and science for centuries, this has not changed in the rise of this age. Embrace the chaotic environment, the University has taken the opportunity of lawlessness to attempt a jump in research and technology without the weight of labor laws on their shoulders. It is this organization that fronts Morpheus Labs' payroll and why scientists,researchers and techs find themselves transferred to the chaotic region all too often.

    Where you come in:

    You, cheeky roleplayer person, are a corporate wageslave. You begin the story in a small subsidiary company called Morpheus Labs. You have a SIN (Social Identification Number), You do your taxes, you pay your union dues. While the state that Cairo's in isn't particularly appealing, the freedom of research your firm is able to proceed with within the environment is likely the reason the company was established here. Within that freedom, your project has flourished.

    In a nutshell, your company is focused on Information withdrawls, Deposits, reprogramming and suggestion capable of the human and metahuman brain during REM sleep. While the science of this process is rather in depth, the basic direction of the technology takes the human brain as it is naturally and treats it as a computer, interfacing with it directly in a non invasive format at the state it's most open to suggestion. Money inflates, buildings crumble, and weapons rust. Secrets however, last quite a bit longer.
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  2. The Cast:
    - The Face -

    Name: Doctor William Clasky

    Race: Human

    Nutshell: A licenced doctor with a mind as sharp as his scalpel.

    Field roles:

    Medic - As Morpheus Labs' dedicated surgeon and medical overseer, the Doctor honestly is overqualified for this job. However, in the shadows people tend to get nicked and if no one else can carry the weight, he figures he might as well.

    Shaman - A development that follows after his escape from Morpheus Labs, Doc is a recent follower of a gazelle-like spirit that calls itself Anuket. Whether this is the same Spirit who once held herself as the Goddess of the Nile in ancient egypt, is up to debate. Truth be told, Clasky's walk with the spirit is an path filled with uncertainty. His education and devotion to science clashes with the tugs of his spirit and new found calling. What will win out is dependent on the road to follow.

    Voice - While not nearly as versed tactically as Roland, Clasky holds a human side that the team's weapon specialist lacks. Because of this he is able to relay orders, information, and direction to the other members without grating on already spent nerves.

    Dreamscape role:

    Architect - Where the Doctor really shines is his ability to take intel of a target's day to day life and incorporate it into strategy usable during a REM dive. Through this he can properly direct, organize and situate resources to best attack a mission from the confines of a target's headspace.

    Personality: (I'm a doctor not a...) While not poorly fit within the shadows, The Doctor frankly believes his time in academia has made the role unfitting. He doesn't curse, he doesn't drink, he doesn't really have vices to speak of. He's too clean and too comfortable being left alone with a book to really fit in with undesirables often found on the streets. Despite this, he has a very sound business mind and an obsession with pulling his weight. The man is devilishly resourceful and reliable to the tee. These are qualities that make him well rounded and even sometimes likable.

    Cyberware: None



    Clashes with Teammates: Doc plays nice.

    "In my infinite wisdom, it suddenly began to dawn on me that this wasn't the style of problem that could be solved with a Scalpel."

    - The Muscle -

    Name: Susan Quoyle (Q, Susie Q, Sue Q)

    Race: Elf

    Nutshell: A take no shit physical adept with a degree in psychology and a pension for feminism.

    Field roles:

    Physical Adept: If it moves, she can punch it. If she can punch it, it can die. Adding into that her connection to the astral plane, she's the team's third eye into all things magic. She is also covered in magical tattoos of which extend her arsenal considerably.

    Psych Specialist: Susan while often loud and direct, is extremely versed in psychology, the study of the brain, and how it operates under the influence of various compounds.

    Chemist: While this is more used to both sedate the target and further open their minds to suggestion, this also has more practical uses in day to day life. Need a poison? Messy, but doable. Unstable compound? Doable, though not her style. Bomb? Talk to Roland.

    Dreamscape Role:

    Forge: Q's considerable grasp of psychology gives her an edge in manufacturing conditions and variables within a dreamscape that the target can recognize. Through that familiarity, the target's mind can ease itself further into a false sense of security.

    Personality: Q learned from a very young age that she didn't like being told she couldn't do something. A firecracker when her temper's tipped, the gal is the always the quickest to voice an opinion in the group. Often she uses her third eye through her position as a psychological specialist to gauge aura. Considering this the woman has a great capability for understanding emotion or the people around her, but it doesn't always translate to empathy. A believer in feminism, the shrink has a great amount of clash with the questionable standards of middle eastern culture and how women are often considered 'property' within it. Always willing to act but not always to consider and construct a plan before an action. Always says what's on her mind and generally doesn't care much for the consequences. Firmly believes the world would be a better place if the punching was the answer to all problems.

    Cyberware: none

    Description: While generally a fairly modest in her choice of clothing, the woman is covered in tattoos. Of these a great deal of them are magical in nature. The most vivid of which is a thorned rose bush that comes up her neck. While she doesn't make a habit of hiding her artwork, she does not actively show it off either. Choosing practical clothing options rather than things that would better compliment her elven physique.


    Clash within the Team: Q -hates- Ted. Ted's commentary at times drifts well into the lines of sexism as far as the psychologist is concerned. As a result the two of which tend to knock heads regularly. Where Ted tends to egg it on out of personal amusement, Q appreciates her distance from the troll.

    "...No it's not alright. This isn't the turn of the century. Just because one of the reps in HR department happens to come in wearing a low neckline, it does not give you the right to blatantly gawk down her shirt."

    - The Trigger man -

    Name: Roland Verne

    Race: Orc

    Nutshell: The definition of a quiet professional.

    Field Roles:

    Weapon Specialist - Roland's has an extended understanding of weapons. If it goes boom, he knows how to use it effectively.

    Tactician - With the rise of protest in the egyptian climate, Verne was transfered to Morpheus Labs with intention to raise effectiveness of the firm's security. Of this the man is a wealth of knowledge. He's run teams, led missions, and taken high profile targets in both the corporate and private sector.

    Demolitions - While not per se his line of work, he knows a few ins and outs of the job. Luckly when it comes to explosives, you don't need to be surgical.

    Dreamscape Role:

    Point man - While not skilled per se specifically within the confines of a dream dive, that doesn't mean the other two members can do their job within a hostile environment. Roland's training in psychological resilience comes in handy when a dream turns dark and must be weathered through while an objective is reached. Often he serves this role as a distraction to the dreamer's psyche, giving the other two divers a chance to finish their roles.

    Personality - Roland maintains a cold persona from his times working as a Lone Star claims investigator. He's very dead pan emotionally but is extremely professional when given a job. He takes his work very seriously as a result tends to address even off the clock events in a calculated manner. Always to the point and about the mission, regardless of the situation. Stoic to a fault, the man shoulders burdens left behind by his previous occupation by being very good at what he does.

    Cyberware: None during his time at Morpheus Labs



    Clash within team: None per se though he views Q's outbursts,Ted's mockery, and the grinding relationship between the two as an annoyance.

    "Good, you're back. I need a report on the raid you suppressed along the east wall."

    "He means thanks. That's how he says thanks."

    "Right... Sorry. Thanks."

    - The Computer Wiz -

    Name: Tiedemann (Ted) Rorkov

    Race: Troll

    Nutshell: Overweight tech guru with a glorious neck beard.

    Field Roles:

    Decker - If can be hacked, he can hack it. Ted is a monster behind an interface deck and has been doing the job under the table even while still employed through Morpheus Labs.

    Rigger - Not being one for direct combat, Ted has put a fair decent amount of capital and learning into dealing with situations in a fashion that leaves him with less holes in his person.

    Information sponge - Ted is a high functioning autistic. He absorbs info and maintains an eidetic memory. This on top of the wealth of knowledge he shovels down from his time spent on the BBS, becomes very useful.

    Dreamscape Roles:

    Extractor - Ted does not dive with the rest of the party, rather he stays on the outside to provide overwatch to the team mid dream. While inside a dream, the divers can not interact with the real world, similar to how a decker can not during a matrix hack. He also maintains control of ejecting the team from the dreamscape in the case of emergency or when the objective is complete.

    Personality: Ted doesn't take himself (Or anything else for that matter) seriously. He views defense programs as toys, people as strangely functioning bags of meat, and currency as a numbers on a math problem. He enjoys watching things work the way they're not supposed to but more so, he enjoys watching people get bent out of shape when it happens. A troll in more ways than one. He also is a bit of a braggart and thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.

    Description: The first thing you notice when you look at Ted is his neck beard. All of it, every strand, extends below the man's chin. His face is void of all manners of hair. His hair is always a scraggly mess, he smells of various greasy foods at all times and he's he's not the most hygenic of folk. Slightly overweight, he complains regularly when he has to maintain acts of cardio with the rest of the party. Generally speaking he can be seen wearing some form of esoteric net pop culture logo on his shirts.

    Cyberware: Data jack, Visual Interface


    Clash within the Team: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Q and Ted do not get along. Unlike Q however, Ted eggs on this relationship. He finds Q's outburst hilarious and gets in jabs whenever possible. As a whole, the team treats his antics with eyerolls and frequently underestimates him.

    “I mean hell, it wasn't like I propositioning to her father for ownership in exchange for Camels or anything.”
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  3. Intent:

    So I'm looking to do content for the Shadowrun Returns PC campaign editor. For those of you who don't know it's like a RPG maker made specifically for the tabletop game system, mashed into a really easy to follow format. I have the outline of the story fleshed out as well as quite a bit of the script done in Long hand to speed along the construction process. That said, there's still holes and I feel I'd get a more robust and real feel if I ran it properly. That way I could take from the game and make a better product.

    That said, My Skype as of late doesn't seem to like voice conversations and I frankly don't have the patience to work out workable timeframes for a long distance gaming session. BUT THAT'S WHERE IWAKU COMES IN. *Cue confetti*

    Basically these are the kickers:

    1. This will be done with pre-constructed characters. I have molds I need filled for the flow of the story to work. That said however, these molds are very open to interpretation and you are more than open to change, alter, or tweek anything you deem would make the character more full. There are four characters which means I will only have room for 3 people to jump into the project.

    2. I lived in Egypt for a year, and spent an awful lot of time in Cairo during the riots of 2012, so expect a lot of detail into the socioeconomic chaos of that climate. Cause theeeeeeeres a bunch of it.

    3. While I will be framing this around the Tabletop game, this will be a freeform RP. Forget the dice, no one has time for that shit.

    4. Experience with shadowrun is not required, but it doesn't hurt. I'm looking to first make this a good story then make it a good shadowrun story.

    5. Posts with pictures make me happy.

    6. As this is intended to be framework construction for the Shadowrun Campain editor, your name/alias will be listed in the credits of the final products if I can ever managed to get it off the ground. That said, if it does happen to reach conclusion and you want to continue the project by helping me produce it, you'd be more than welcome on board. No pressure on that though... unless you wanna jump onboard... and be really awesome... cause makin' games is kinda huge to do solo... *puppy eyes*
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