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  1. I've wanted to run some kind of Shadowrun campaign for a while, and after getting Dragonfall during the steam summer sale, I'm in the mood for it. However, running two D&D campaigns already, I don't want to run an actual game in the shadowrun system--just an RP in the Sixth World, since it's one of the most detailed settings in fiction.

    It'd be set in 2072, since my primary resource is the only Shadowrun book I have, the 20th anniversary core rulebook. I don't know how the timeline goes after that year. I've only decided on general ideas so far, since I want to discuss things with all potential players to learn what kind of group we want to play and what kind of runs we want to do. The only specifics I've worked on are a few characters--I'll play the Fixer and team leader, and I've worked on a few key NPCs, and they can be adapted if they need to be.

    Currently, I'm thinking that the team leader has lost her old team, and after moving to another city for a new start, assembles a new squad through an old Fixer contact, collecting other Shadowrunners who, for whatever reason, are also out of a team. The RP would begin with a trial run for the team to learn each other's abilities, most likely.

    Once I have a few interested people, I'll start a conversation for plotting and such.
  2. I'd be interested, though I've not super-immersed myself in Shadowrun. I've played it a few times, so I know the general drift, but couldn't claim to be expert in the lore.
  3. That's alright--I'm not either. Like I said, I just have the 20th anniversary rulebook. But we should know enough to get along fine.

    I'm actually going to be gone for a couple weeks (leaving tomorrow) but if anyone else responds you can make a convo and plan some stuff, and we can get things going when I get back, if you don't mind waiting.
  4. I was directed here. As someone in the credits for Dragonfall, and as someone who owns all the books for SR, I suppose I have some interest in the franchise. ^~^ BUT I have a question first: only races from the core book? I mean, I know we're going diceless, so it's entirely cosmetic for me, but I'm thinking changeling or shapeshifter...
    I'll probably go decker, MAYBE rigger, either way.
  5. I could look up lore information on non-core rulebook races easily, so that would be fine.
  6. Awesome~
    Now I just have to decide what I want in the first place...
    Not that it matters much yet. We're not to that point yet. ^~^
  7. For the record, my default pick for my primary character is a hacker, but I'll let everyone else get settled on what they're playing first and play something that doesn't overlap too much.
  8. I don't have to be a decker if you have that covered. Like I said, rigger's an option, too. Possibly a shaman or adept. Or shamanic mystic adept.

    Edit: In fact, I most definitely should not be a decker. I'm playing a technomancer-like thing in another game (that isn't SR).
  9. I'm going to go ahead and start the convo to put down some plotting and let anyone invite others--this topic can stay up and we can add others as we go.
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