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  1. The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry.

    You are a shadowrunner - a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone. When the powerful or the desperate need a job done, you get it done... by any means necessary.


    Today you are meeting another anonymous fixer, who begged you to come as soon as possible at the Dante Inferno, a well known bar among shadowrunner like you.
    Overcrowded with methahumans of all kind, noizy in its main hall composed of the scene at the front, bar on one side, and a stair leading to the upper floor, where small open rooms with tables and curtains make it the perfect place to hide and make business without being spotted.

    After you made your way throught the crowd and reach the second floor, you finally see your contact in a corner, staring at you while you approach and take a seat.
    You can clearly see a that a corporate douchebag in suit like him don't like to be here...


    "Nice to meet you.... you can call me Johson... Let's go stray to the point,
    I contacted you cause we heard you are one of the most qualified for this kind of... operation...
    One of our project manager got kidnapped, we were handling the situation until we ran into some... complications...
    Anyway, the only thing you need to know is that we need her back before tomorow afternoon.
    We know she has been kidnapped and kept by a team of other Shadowrunners. We don't know yet who hired them. If you accept the job we will provide you a vehicle and give you her location and the meeting point where you should deliver her to us ALIVE!...
    The compensation is 30,000 nuyen non negociableandIneedyouranswer right, now. Do you take the job? DO YOU TAKE THE JOB????"

    if yes my roleplaying friends,
    just reply by including a description of yourself:

    What you look like:
    Any cyberware:
    Any magic stuff:

    Just put what you want, after all, almost everything is possible in Shadowrun:bsmile::grouphug:

  2. What you look like: Let's make this easy lol, look at my avatar
    Any cyberware: No but may during the rp
    Any magic stuff: Lunita is an Elf, nature magic for the most part
    Inventory: Duffel bag full of herbs, potions, and a rifle, dagger, and crossbow. Lunita likes to be prepared
    Age: Immortal
    Personality: Lunita likes to work alone, be alone but will work with others as long as they stay out of her way. She is quite unsocial and at times, very rude.

    Lunita stood while listening to the job offer, something sounded fishy. Then again all cooperate people were fishy in her opinion. Although, a vehicle would come in handy. Getting her hands on decent wheels seemed difficult enough these days. She crossed her arms, something about needing to get that chick back within twenty four hours seemed weird but whatever. Right now, a job is a job. She looked down at the floor purposefully making Johnson wait for a response. His pushiness really annoyed her. After a few moments of lingering she responded while picking up her duffel, "Yeah, yeah I'll take the job. Just tell me where I need to go."
  3. The man fall back on his seat with a relief expression on his face.

    "Thanks god!! I love that Attitude !!
    Ok now listen. We located our employee last smartphone's signal in the North industrial zone,
    from the intels we gathered in that zone, there is one gang locking the access to some warehouses of an abandonned transportation company.

    We learned that this afternoon by catching a radio communication from a police unit stationned in front of the place.
    Looks like due to some budget constrains they don't have enough men able to move their ass and kick the gangers out.

    But listen, they don't know that our hostage is inside and it's better like this.
    I NEED you, I mean I need US to bring our manager back, not the cops! Otherwise you will not get paid.

    Do whatever you want but bring that girl back as quietly as possible,
    if you need to shut some mouth that could spread the word, do as you like.
    And hurry up, it's 10pm, we need the girl before tomorrow afternoon... 'should not take the whole night for a pro like you huh?"

    "Your vehicle is outside, in front of the club,
    You can't miss it, a black van, with a green logo of a delivery company on it.
    The location is now recorded in it's GPS, and here is the number you can use to reach me." he put on the table a piece of paper with only a phone number scratched on it.

    "One more thing,
    My team and I were quite in a hurry, I don't know if they hired other runner while I came here.
    You might meet some of your ...colleagues."

    [ => People who wanna jump in the roleplay can still do it!! I'm still open!!]

    He stands up and prepare to leave
    "Once you got the girl safe, call me, I'll tell you where we can meet and then you'll get pay.

    If you manage well my employer will be nice enough to give you a bonus."
    He take his glass and heads toward the exit before adding
    "And trust me, You'll remember it"

    As your contact now disappeared in the club's crowd, you are now alone at your table, with your contact number and the key of the Van.

    It's 10pm.
    Time is running out...
  4. Aaaahhh....sorry maybe i've been too directive...
  5. She pocketed the number while grabbing the key. A van, huh? So much for a fancy vehicle or even a fast one. She headed out of the club in search for the van. It was worse than she thought. It looked like a dinosaur. With a heavy sigh, she went to place her duffle in the back. She then began searching for abandoned transport warehouses in the north industrial zone. Seemed there were at least a couple in that area. Since gang members were locking it up, she would need more fire power. She picked up her phone, dialing an old friend, "Hey, Rickie look I got a job and need some...kick ass hardware. Alright, I'll be right over."
    She placed her phone onto the passenger seat while buckling up in the driver's side. As she drove, she kept close attention to make sure she wasn't being followed.
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