GROUP RP PLOTTING Shadowrun idea

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  1. Ok, I just wanted to know if anyone wanted to do a 4e Shadowrun game on here. I don't have a plot in mind and I have never played it before but...

    I really want to.

    So leave your plot ideas here, as well as your willingness to be the GM.
  2. Here's one idea. Thanks for the plot challenge Grincy!

    The year is 2076 and the world as you knew it, is gone.

    Megacorporations are now the shadow governments, even the governments in some (read: MANY) cases. Everything has become subsidized, from the production to the shirt your wearing to the very air you breath to the knife that is going to go into your back at the end of the day and spill your blood, filled with little bots that the 'corps make and inject into you. Your no longer a person. Your a consumer. A statistic. A cash cow that the 'corps drain dry and then use your corpse as material.

    There are people that don't like that. People who believe in themselves, not as consumers but as people. And they will fight for it. Fight with everything they got.

    Not that that 'corps notice. No. Their stocks are up up up, especially weapons. With every bullet that is fired in rebellion, the corps make that much more money. How futile resistance is. How nice is the thought of oblivion.

    This is your world now. Not mine. Try to last a bit. Oh, and mind the blood splatter, as well as the bits of brain. I'm afraid I don't give a shit about what happens after I pull the trigger.

    Have fun.

    Oh, and to the 'corps, suck on this.