Shadowrun: Corporate SINs

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  1. There are cracks in the world.
    They’re slender, dark, and often cold,
    but they are the only things that
    keep you hidden. Keep you alive.
    They are the shadows of the world,
    and they are where you live.
    It is 2072, the sixth world, the awakened world. A world dominated and ruled by corporations. Here in Seattle the average person goes too and fro about their short lives. We are something different, being alive in the shadows. Our lives may be shorter but they are far more interesting. This is the world of the Shadowrunner, the anti-wage slave. We may take the corps nuyen to do their work but we are never there to be their little toys and pets. One day we make take their nuyen for a job well done and the very next break in to take more. That is what we are and how we survive in Seattle. Up and coming young runners like us make the corporate world go round these days, the odd tool used to break a cog in your opponent's machine. Now is our time to shine, your first big break is upon you, your fixer is hooking you up with a Johnson reaching down from the big times so prepare yourself.


    Skills: (Think along the lines of how your character would sell themself to a Johnson looking to hire)
    Living Arrangements: (Try to keep this and equipment combined under like 500k Nuyen)
    Background: (From like an IC perspective to a prospective Johnson)

    Helpful stuff (open)

    Dramatis Personae:
  2. Awwwww yissssssss!

    Just dropping by to say that Snow the Rigger will be posted here whenever the hell it is I finish her up.
    If you want a little more info I also have the 5th edition rule book, and if you wanted a little more info on stuff then PM me/ask here and I can help you out.

  3. Name: Daniel Peterson
    Metatype: Human
    Skills: I do magic, I am good at it or you would not even have considered me. I focus on my ability to use fire offensively or bring out the occasional friendly fire spirit.
    Weapon Foci Katana
    Street Special Light Pistol
    Colt America L36 Pistol
    Ares Light Fire 75 Pistol
    Colt Government 2066 Heavy Pistol

    Ares Executioner Submachine gun
    Colt M23 Assault Rifle
    Enfield AS-7
    Remington 990

    4x Combat fetishes
    2x healing fetishes
    1x Illusion fetish
    3x Force 5 Fire Elemental Conjuring Materials
    1x Force 8 Fire Elemental Conjuring Material

    5x Armante Suits
    3x Mortimer of London Berwick Suits
    2x Actioneer Business Clothes
    Armor Jacket
    Armor Vest
    Lined Coat

    SK-Bentley Concordat


    Docwagon Platinum contract

    Living Arrangements: A nice little townhouse all to myself in Bellevue. Friendly neighbors on both sides of me, nobody is too nosy, my place is comfortable, and I even got a garage with the place.
    Krick, an ork rat shaman from the Redmond Barrens, always has his ear to the ground and is usually one of the first people in the city to learn something. We have a nice friendship, not too chummy given our different outlooks and all that but still a nice guy to be around.

    Jake Dealths, my fixer, a former human runner himself I believe. Another pretty nice chummer knows my tastes in jobs these days and I know not to let him down with a client. Got me a bottle of my favorite whiskey last Christmas.

    Thereasa Magellas, a human mage she is my first contact for all my magical needs really. Free spirits really seem to love her place up in Snohomish. She is much more in touch with the earth than I am and it really shows in her handiwork with her fetishes and the like. A few times she has tried to get me to come with her to return back to more natural lives but I cannot really give up the shadows just like that.

    I used to be just another of the hundreds of SINless orphans running around the Redmond Barrens. Things were a bit different for me though, I could do weird things that most kids could not. I was never one freezing out in the cold, I could simply bring fire out by focusing hard enough. My ability to do strange things was almost always helpful and that made most of the other kids in my neighborhood like me even if it did make me stranger than others. We were all stranger than others afterall so a little fire now and then was a good thing.

    Then things got really strange. A group of men and women in black cloaks showed up one night and told me to come with them. I wanted to resist but something compelled me to follow them. I did not know then but these were users of black magic and followers of adversary, it's a mage thing but generally people like this are not well liked. Anyway, I ended up growing up with them for quite some time seeing as how they simply used magic to make me unable to leave and my own magic talents were too weak to stop them from making me do whatever they wanted. They trained me their little way of doing things for a couple years, until a friend of mine came along.

    After awhile I was just used to my life and was heading down the road to become like the people who kidnapped me when a spirit like I had never seen before came to me. I had seen fire spirits before but they were always polluted by the dark magics of our rituals, this one was different, pure, and of nature. Taught me knew things and broke me away from them. Everything was prepared for me by my mentor spirit and I was just so used to doing what I was told. He helped me help others and I got paid for it, eventually I found my ways into the shadows. For a mage the shadows pay damn well and I have been slowly moving up in the world ever since. Got my stable little life and every so often my mentor comes by to help or to ask something.
  4. Sneaky deaky early reservation for Julius Petrov, HEAVY GUNNER EXTRAORDINAIRE.
  5. I'm in this. Mystic samurai style
  6. Name: Akihito Nakada
    Metatype: Oni (ork)
    Skills: why do these things always feel like one of those lame dating sites?

    To start; I follow the code of bushido, but there's so much more than that. First and most obvious; I am an illusionist, not one of those cheap shits you hire on your kid's eighth birthday. I can make anyone see, hear, smell, feel and taste whatever I want.
    Second, I am an adept, following the way of the warrior, which puts me two steps over just about any other samurai no matter how shiny his chrome.
    Third and lastly. When I was thirteen I underwent a very traumatic and stressful phase.


    Red Samurai, O-yoroi. Upgraded with cybermuscle enhancement in the legs to increase movement speed

    Red Samurai, Kabuto, IR/NR optics

    Vibrokatana weapon focus
    Telescopic Spear
    Collapsible Bow
    -Shock arrows
    -Tracer arrows
    -Injection arrows

    Living Arrangements:
    A modest sized apartment where the appearance of every surface can be changed to simulate virtually anything. A wall could become a television, the counter a touchscreen, the living room into an island retreat, it comes with a number of preset configurations as well as the possibility to download and assemble more.


    Haruhiko "Harry" Nakada (only used as an absolute last resort)

    Asai Beisetsu (immediate supervisor and "handler")

    Kathryn Felix (Street hacker)

    James Mercer (Enforcer for hire)

    Background :

    I assume you want to know about my last name. You are correct if you thinking my farther is Haruhiko Nakada, CEO of Renraku Computer Systems. Our relationship is rocky to say the least so suffice it to say that if you somehow managed to take me alive in an attempt to gain leverage over him, you'll probably fail.
    I do work for my father's company as a Red Samurai, tense as our relationship is, certain traditions must not be violated.

    As for official magical schooling. I graduated top of my class in racist ass Japan, so you can imagine how throughly I crushed the competition, in a system designed to make metas fail.
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