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  1. It's been just been a year since their banishment. They'd lost so many of their many. Thirst, exhaustion, the heat, snakes, cold, starvation...their chances of survival were depleting. Akua, a white lion who'd been banished with the many other Outlanders hated the Pridelanders, and their now ex-pride, for forcing them to make such a trek as this. To lose their cubs. So they continued on, still hoping, praying, that life was held around the bend.

    Then, on the last day of that year, they found the Shadowlands. They were saved; their new queen Aysi gave birth some days after to their first biological son. He symbolized the new life, hope...a new start. The pride rejoiced, celebrating the birth of the prince. Tayba, the adopted prince, couldn't be happier. It should have meant that the first born would be king after Akua, but Akua made it clear that Tayba would be his successor. They later celebrated the birth of a princess; their births were reason to look forward to the next sunrise than dread it.

    Tayba, who woke up early to do one of his daily patrols around their borders, Alari of course beside him, has came up the ravine of the den that was hidden behind the first large rock. It was a secluded place, away from the crisp breeze and the elements but the sky outside of the den itself was beginning to let loose the sunrise. Tayba sat down right in the middle of the clearing, staring up at the sky. "It's pretty, isn't it?" Alari asked as she sat next to him. Tayba smiled. "Yeah, beautiful. Hard to believe that it was this sunrise that gave such dishearten on the journey." He was referencing mothers waking up to their cub's cold bodies, having died overnight. Alari nodded. "You think that we'll be able to stay here?" she asked, her voice unsure. Tayba wasn't even sure himself. Not a week after they got settled in here did they discover the hunters.

    "I believe we will."
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  2. In the den Ashura yawned as she woke up from her peaceful slumber quickly standing up on all fours looking around in the den she could see her mother, brother K'wanza and her good for nothing adopted runt of a sister Zuri her father and adopted older brother were gone, and a bunch of other pride members she didn't care about too much.

    She stood there for a moment stretching her legs and such before a idea dawned in her head, grinning she silent walked passed the sleeping lios before walking up to a medium size rocked she firmly planted her paws on top of it then started scraping her claws on it a bit hard but it made a loud screeching sound that was surely enough to wake up everyone in the den.
  3. Eshe was up long before most of the other lions, and by the time Ashura had scraped her claws against the stone, she had made her way to a secret little spot not far from the den where she usually met Utulivu. It was a grassy knoll of sorts, overlooking a little pond and hiding a very very small cave. Utulivu was already there, licking herself primly. No matter how early Eshe woke up, Utulivu always seemed to make it there before her, but she claimed she didn't live there. Eshe wasn't really sure where the cheetah lived, considering she had no one to care for her. When they'd first met, both had been pretty scared, but to this day Eshe was pretty sure she could never be as scary as Utulivu was. Even though they were both cubs, and despite the fact that Utulivu was smaller in size, the cheetah had a vicious snarl and quick reflexes that meant a sharp fang in the neck for some animals much larger than she.

    "Good morning, Utulivu." She said, quietly, no longer scared of the other, but still wary.

    "Morning, Eshe." Utulivu replied, as if she owned the world. She finished washing herself, then stretched leisurely. "Let's go." This was how they usually started their days. Utulivu would arbitrarily decide, based on her mood, what she wanted to do that day, and they'd start it after a short, good morning race. Together the two of them set out.
    Chriti woke up to a nasty screeching sound that made her feel like starting her morning with blood on her muzzle. Preferably, the blood of whatever was making that noise. She opened her mouth wide as she had her morning stretch, but it wasn't a yawn that came out, but a kind of sleepy roar. It was times like these she didn't feel like a morning person. Fighting her instincts to cover both ears with her paws, she followed the noise to where Ashura was, slinking gracefully around the other lion in true, cat-like fashion. "Ashura, stop that." She snapped, her normally soft voice sharpened by irritation.
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  4. Ashura looked at the dark brown lioness and chuckled a bit before jumping on top of the rock she grinding her claws on then jumping on Chriti's back placing her front paws on the lionesses forhead "oh and what are you gonna do about it"? she said in a very sarcastic tone for some reason she liked messing with other lions especially pride members though the loud screeching sound she just made might anger all of the lions here oh well.
  5. Zuri let out a loud whimper at the sound of claws scrapping a rock. And she was having such a pleasant dream to... Sighing, she forced her tired body to sit up and open her eyes. She blinked a few times to get her eyes to adjust and let her gaze land on hr older sister. Her fur bristled slightly with annoyance. Why did she have to be such a pest? "Ugh, can't I ever wake up to something nice? Like... Birds chirping?" She mumbled and stood on all fours. She stretched out her body and padded around the other lion bodies carefully and out the den.

    Koda let out a loud groan, that sounded slightly more like a growl. The large male stood up and stretched, shaking out his mane. Though it didn't help much since the dark fur just flopped right in his face. He smirked and blew the fur out his face and in its rightful spot. His gaze surfed the den and spotted one of the princesses, Ashura, having been the one to make the annoying noise. Koda, regrettably, had a soft spot for cubs so he couldn't be mad at her. His gaze flicked to Chriti, seeing she was talking to the cub. He smirked and made his way out the den, looking at Chriti. "Good luck talking some sense into her. That cub has a mind of her own." He said to the female, amused. He flicked his tail and walked off.

    Ahmi let out a rather loud growl at the scrapping sound, but it soon ended. Try as he might, the small male just couldn't fall back asleep. He opened his eyes and stood up. His mane was a mess, but he couldn't care less. He let out a rather loud and dramatic yawn. He looked at the entrance of the cave and spotted Ashura. She put a sour taste in his mouth, but he let it slide. H had more important duties to attend to today like see if it's true that a mouse can scare am elephant. He heard a bird say it was true, but he wanted to rest the theory. He padded out he den only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw Chriti. He puffed out his chest to look strong and muscular, though really he just looked silly since he was small and his mane was a mess. But, he always tried to impress the females. He walked past, talking loudly about things he had no interest in really doing. "Today I'm going to hunt twelve gazelles..! And I'll most certainly work out on my stamina and wrestle. I'll be the--" as he was proudly trying to impress the female he tripped over a rock and fell flat on his face.
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    Ashura jumped off the lioness's head he then looked at Ahmi and rolled her eyes "Quit being a show off Ahmi you'll never get a lioness that way trust me you look like a moron doing that and no lion by themselves can hunt twelve gazelles without another predator stealing them while you hunt another one" she said before flickering her tail and smirking at him.

    Jenna yawned and slowly stood up on all fours she had tried going back to sleep when Ashura decided to become a obnoxious alarm clock, she decided not to say anything to Ashura since she wont listen anyways she walked towards the dens exit seeing Ahmi laying on the floor she grinned and ran her tail across his face "Good morning i see someone has been clumsy early" she said teasingly before continueng to walk out.
  7. Chriti shrugged herself away from the other, more playful lioness. She'd stopped, so whatever. She passed Ashura, jumping off of the rock and "accidentally" giving her a light smack with her tail as she left. She went to go down to the water hole. She was thirsty, and had woken up irritated. Somehow no matter how long she'd spent trying to get used to the obnoxious lion, she always found some or another way to annoy her. She wasn't exactly the type easy to annoy, either. With a little sigh of relief she found the water hole and took a long drink. Then, when she had checked to make sure no one was looking, she ducked her entire head underneath, pulling it out and shaking it vigorously, enjoying the cool feeling on her face.
  8. Ahmi growled at the cub, but was interrupted when a tail drifted across his face. He stood up and let out an annoyed snort and flicked his tail. "Whatever. Hat do you know any way, you're just a cub Ashura. And I'm not clumsy Jenna! I'm just.. Blinded by my own awesomeness..!" He said in a pathetic attempt to regain the confidence he lost. He lifted his chin and bounded off. He might as well get his boring day started. He had to find the elephants and meet Zuri, who would find a mouse, to test his theory.

    Zuri padded out the den and sat down. She looked at the sky's mix of colors and smiled, looking to Jenna. "Good morning Jenna!" She said cheerfully and walked off. She wanted to do a little exploring before she went to find a mouse for Ahmi. She wasn't sure why he wanted the mouse, he said it was a surprise. The small cub ran off towards the nearest tree and began climbing up it. She wanted to see the whole territory.

    Koda walked looked about. He wanted to do a morning scout to make sure the hunters weren't in the territory. He stretched out, flexing his claws and scrapping the dirt of the ground. "Better head towards the hunters border, huh?" He said quietly to himself and padded off. He walked close to the river since the hunters usually hung near the river. He stayed observant and flicked his ears curiously in other directions.
  9. "Yea i'm a cub that's a lot smarter than you and not as stupidly clumsy as you" her smile then widened "Don't worry you might find a lioness that likes you someday sooner if you stop acting like you know everything" she said which actually sounded like word of encouragement but at the same time mocking him she then made her way to the exit whipping her tail on his rump.

    She made her way to tree Zuri was on she was facing away from her and yet another glorious idea dawned in her head she crouched down and very silently sneaked her way towards her, her crimson fur and white underbelly didn't really help and making her hidden at all but her silence made up for it she was light on her feet and yet strong plus she had learn to make sure not to step on any rocks even small ones.

    When she close enough to the tree she then crouched down even lower and prepare to jump backing away so she could get a running start. "ROAR!" she yelled as She ran and jumped not on top of the tree of course but halfway up to the top of the tree (assuming its not too tall) which most likely surprise Zuri quite a bit.
  10. Kenene let out a mewling cry as her wonderful dreams were brutally torn apart by an equally brutal sound. Eager to escape the noise, the light brown cub burrowed under her older sister's stomach, causing the lioness to wake up immediately.

    "Wh-Huh? Kenene what's up?" Barika asked, immediately on alert and whipping her head back and forth to locate the threat that was causing her sister such alarm. Her rapid movements caused Kenene to wake up further, until finally the little one was wide awake. She calmed her older sister and informed her of what had caused her discomfort.

    Barika sighed in exasperation when she got up and sniffed at the rock with the tiny claw marks on it. "Ashura, of course." She muttered, with a roll of her eyes. "Sorry for the rude awakening, Nene." She said, glancing back at the cub.

    Kenene shook her head, "It's okay! Now that we're awake you can teach me how to hunt, and pounce, and climb and--" Her rumbling stomach interrupted her excited speech and Barika laughed.

    "Well let's go get you some food first, eh?" She suggested and Kenene nodded eagerly, and the two set off to the get a drink and a quick meal.

    Barika had eaten the day before, so she wasn't as hungry as she was thirsty. Kenene of course was a growing cub and she was always hungry although her hunger was usually small, so Barika caught her a mouse, which the cub gobbled down in an instant.

    At the watering hole, Barika lapped up some water and kept a close eye on her sister, in case she tumbled in like last time, but thankfully the cub had learned from her last lesson to not come so closely to the water's edge.

    "Alright, kid, let's go start your hunting lesson. First off..."
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  11. Zuri let out a loud and startled screech, so startled infact she tried to back up but instead tumbled off the tree and fell onto the ground. "Ouch..! Whats your problem, Ashura?!" She growled ans jumped to her feet, her eyes narrowing at her larger sister. Her tail lashed angerly as she pulled her lips back in a snarl. She had already been rudely awakened, she was clearly in a bad mood now. Her sister was definitely getting on her nerves.
  12. Ashura then jumped off the tree then grinned at her little sister. "Aww whats a widdle kitten liek you gunna do to me? throw up all over me because ya'll sick all the time?" she then turned around and started trotting away almost tempting her younger sister to chase after her, seems like Ashura is already looking for some action early in the morning though she still feels her mother may just come after her after that little obnoxious trick she pulled.
  13. K'wanza didnt sleep inside the den that night, instead sleeping on top of the large outcroping that made the majority of it. The den was warm, inviting even, but he couldnt sleep there tonight. Walio had told him of an old tradition that he remembered that had something to do with being separated from one's group for a night to fend for one's self. A proof of character in a way. Not wanting to seem weaker than his brother, and liking the idea of a challenge, he went along with the idea. It was, of course, to his ill nature, he catching a nasty case of the snivells. The palm nut vulture poked a bit of fune at the instance, lightly pecking at the young king's wet nose before flying off to find Tayba to inform him of the 'horrid catastrophy'. From his position atop the rocky outcroping, the young male lion could see all that was hapening through the morning with his pride, the usual rediculous shows of inflated pride, and there were anoyances given by his sister. It was normal for his littermate to be picking on their younger sister, but even so, it wasnt right. It especiallly wasnt right to wake everyone so rudely with scraping that he could even hear outside of the den. But with her running around now, he wasnt so sure that he wanted to come down. Not when he would just be made fun of for failing his 'mission'. A heavy sigh came from him as he shifted his paws under him and rested his head upon them. Oh the dilema...
  14. "Utulivu... where are we going?" Eshe complained, as she often ended up doing with the cheetah, who was quite usually silent. They had finished their race, ending, as usual, with Eshe losing. Lions tended to have greater stamina than cheetahs, but Eshe was an exception on most accounts. They seemed to be climbing up the rock overlooking the pride den, but for what purpose, Eshe had yet to see. Then, Utulivu very suddenly stopped, hiding behind some foliage right near the top. She pointed with her muzzle and Eshe went to look. "K'wanza?" She asked, a little confused. "What are you doing up here?"
  15. Tayba hissed as she made the noise. Why did she have to be such a brat? Didn't she realize that their mother would give her something to really cry about after this? Aysi was good at dishing out the proper punishments. Tayba knew all too well of those as a cub; he wouldn't make the mistake of upsetting the lioness again. He looked at Alari and smiled. "I'm going to find that brother of mine. For some reason I didn't norice him sleep in the cave last night, bet it was one of those challenges he puts himself through," he pulled himself to his feet as Ashura leapt off of the rock. He headed away from the Great Rocks, intent of finding K'wanza. Their father didn't know that he'd been training K'wanza in secret. Of what, nobody could tell but he was very, very good at hiding whatever it was.

    When he came a large rock, he held his head up and sniffed. K'wanza was was up there alright. "K'wanza, come down here. I need to talk to you, remember?" he didn't know if there were others listening in, so he wanted to take care not to sound suspicious. If Akua found out, he'd be very cross but Tayba knew this was the right thing to do.

    Aysi, having had her morning disrupted by the screeching, got up from the corner of the den. She'd been sleeping tin the shadows so that her mate would have to deal with the cubs for a while, as she was tired of being the only one. She knew exactly who was making those noises, and she wasn't about to let her bratty little child get away with it. So, she got up and stretched, skulking out of the den. Ashura had ran away from the large rock and towards the tree. She saw the entire situation unfold; that was the last straw. "Ashura! You come here this minute! Zuri, sweetie, go somewhere else and play please. Your sister and I have quite a lot to discuss," she gave ashura a very stern look. She'd had it with her daughter's attitude, and she was going to make sure that Ashura knew it.
  16. When Ashura taunted her, Zuri's claws flexed and began scrapping the ground. Growling, she lowered herself to the ground and prepared to leap at her sister but stopped at the sound of her adoptive mothers voice. Zuri looked at the mighty lioness, her fur relaxing with relieve. She didn't dare leap at her sister after that, she had far too much respect for the lioness who took her in. So, Zuri nodded and scampered off to find that mouse Ahmi wanted.
  17. Jason felt himself sway side to side as the bus drove along a dusty path. Noises, both human and animal, were mixed with his husky's constant barking. A monkey was screeching at the dog as if the two were having a conversation. The former soldier didn't concern himself with the noise though. It was the people that he was worried about. In his years Jason had met all sorts of people ranging from well-mannered terrorists to backstabbing marines so it was quite easy to differentiate between people. Most here appeared to be just traveling, but a couple skinny men armed with assault rifles was concerning.

    It was midday when the bus screed to a halt in a town. Jason and his husky, Alex, soon climbed out of the bus into the sun. Jason then studied the town that had various buildings and shops. He smiled. This town would serve as his main hub for hunting out here and after adjusting his backpack, Jason saw a bald, black man wave him over. The soldier headed towards the man smiling.

    "You must be the American hunter that has been sent. Jason is it?" The African spoke such fluent English Jason could have mistook him for an englishman.

    "Yeah. And you must be Andile." Jason remarked.

    "Yes. Come inside now." Andile opened the door to a small shack.

    The inside was thick with smoke causing Jason to cough and he was forced to send his dog out side. It was also messy inside with stacks of boxes and hanging furs. A table was in the middle with a cash register and a few documents scattered on it. Andile pulled a chair up to the table. He gestured for Jason to do the same. There were no more chairs, however, so Jason had to stand up. Andile then laid his legs on the table and placed his arms behind his head as he studied the American.

    "You definitely are the American and you look very prepared."

    "Yes because I'm pouching animals to make money and for that I could do some very harsh jail time." Jason smiled.

    Andile chuckled." You have a sense of humor. I like that, but people here won't give you away unless you piss them off. Anyway for the good stuff."

    Andile taped the register and with a tint the drawer popped out. The African reached into it and scooped out a wad of American dollars. How they managed to obtain such money Jason did not want to know.

    "This could be all yours . Enough to help your sons mental condition."

    The words stuck a cord." How do you know about my son?"

    "Such men you work for have eyes and ears. It just so happened that word reached me." Andile said as he placed the money back.

    Jason tightened his hands wanting to punch the man. He held back thinking that harming his client would jeopardize his son's safety. Andile apparently saw this and apologized. The two then finalized the details of where Jason was hunting in a place the locals called the 'Shadowlands'. There was game to be found and exotic animals that would fetch a high price.

    "One last thing Jason!" Andile called out as the soldier walked outside." There's a pride in the Shadowlands that just settled down. One of the locals told me and getting rid of them would fetch some good money."

    Jason nodded as he began his long trek to the Shadowlands. This pride didn't intrigue him as he thought they were just regular lions. Or perhaps they were different. It didn't matter. They needed to be run out in order for Jason to get his son needed.
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  18. Chikelu walked through the hot grass, Sweat ran down the tigers fur as it tried to reach a safe area. He looked back at her older cub that was closely behind them. The cub sat down on the hot ground to take a break, the fellow cub laid down on the ground from exhaustion. The two then saw some thing strange. Wait are those fellow lions. Before she could speak it, Chi fell asleep not sleeping for forty eight hours which had him exhausted. Chitu also fell asleep after the lion had, the two fell asleep next to each other on the hot ground.

  19. Ashura grunted and mumbled something to herself before looking towards her mother though still proudly standing tall, she walked closer to her and sat down "What is it Mom?" she asked in a somewhat bored tone and look well not like this wasn't unexpected anyways she knew at some point someone would confront her about what she did

  20. While patrolling, Koda spotted some figures walking in the distance in there territory. He tilted his head, the figures had four legs not two. Which was a relief. Right now, any four legged creature had no threat to the pride unless they made themselves one. So the large male bounded off towards them. They didn't appear to be any older then cubs. As he nesred, he could see them better. The two cubs had fallen asleep. Koda lowers his head, sniffing the two sleeping bodies. They appeared to have been traveling for a long time. Lowering himself to then he picked up both cubs by the back of there necks. It was slightly a struggle. Both cubs felt heavy in his mouth. He lifted his head so they wouldn't drag against the ground and carried them to the nearest tree for shade.
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