Shadowlands: The Kingdom

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  1. Fa see, le sou, lee ah, hallah le la
    Fa see, le sou, lee ah, hallah le la
    Shadowland, the leaves have fallen
    The shadowed land, this was our home
    The river's dry, the ground has broken
    So I must go, now I must go

    It's just a couple of years after Simba cast out the 'Outlanders', including some innocent members of the pride. Forced to scratch a living off rocks and coming up with nothing, they all know that something has to give. Their 'pride' is too large, and cubs are starving. A decision is made, and the Outlanders agree to split up, one group stays in the Outlands while the other half is banished forever. But the real question came up to who; who would stay, and who would leave? The war within their own pride began, and ended with some outlanders finally giving and deciding to leave, with no ceremonious well travels, no remorse.

    And where the journey may lead me
    Let your prayers be my guide
    I cannot stay here, my family
    But I'll remember my pride

    While the outlanders had found peace with the Pridelanders, those who were cast out even from their own are still gone; no trace, no sign of where they could have ventured to. Until now. A new royal line was made, a new kingdom, was made in another place. Soon wind of this new Pride, this new royalty, spreads to the Pridelands.
    After a short visit, the Pridelanders soon realize that after casting out their kin, they had made a serious mistake, but never return.

    So, who is this new Pride? Where are they and how big of a kingdom do they actually have? Their start was tragic; along the long, long trek across deserts and vast plains, they had lost many cubs, and all the elders of their small pride. Until they found the perfect place; a place that all could call home. A large cliff side rock that opened up to the vast plains of the lands, many trees scattered around, and a river to drink from just a mile away from their densite. It was a utopia everyone had hoped for, and together, they made a life there, governing their kingdom.

    But this land wasn't without it's miseries; hunters began to seek out lions and kill them. But going back wasn't a choice, and they would not be run out of another home. Either fight, or flight.

    Pride Law (open)
    Do not kill needlessly
    Help those in need of dire help
    Investigate any crime
    Peace above all
    Hunt only when pride needs meals
    Do not brag about kills, the circle of life means life itself
    If proven guilty of murder, banishment will ensue. If found on the lands, death will be granted.


    King: OPEN
    Queen: OPEN

    Prince(s)/Princess(s)/Other Royalty
    Prince spot 1: OPEN
    Prince Spot 2: OPEN
    Princess Spot 1: OPEN
    Princess Spot 2: OPEN


    Other Animals/Loners

    (working on)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.