Shadowed Summer

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  1. October has just moved into a new house, in a new town halfway across the country from her former life, school and friends. She’s convinced she’ll spend the summer before her senior year alone, missing her friends and moping around the creepy old house her parents bought. Meeting the ghost occupying her house changes things. Kind of a paranormal/possible romance RP

    My character- October
    Gender- female
    Personality- usually optimistic and friendly, if a bit introverted, but she's been sullen and closed off since she found out about her parents' plan to move. Always up for an adventure. Her sense of humor is sometimes dark or sarcastic and she's bisexual
    Appearance- girl_5_by_meganerid-d2xjpdi.jpg

    With a heavy thud, October dropped the last of her boxes on the floor of her new bedroom. She sighed and shook her head, the scowl that had been on her face all day barely softening as she looked around the room. Her parents had uprooted October and her younger brother from their lives a week ago, forcing them to move hundreds of miles away from the place they’d grown up in. And for what? A new job for her mother and this old, dilapidated house. While the rest of her family unpacked, the tall, fair skinned girl left behind the boxes in her room and wandered through the long hallways of the house. Probably the only good thing about this place was its size; October had a room in its own private corridor, with no one around to bother her. At the end of the hall was a door she assumed was another room but instead opened on a set of stairs- an attic, she thought with a small amount of curiosity.

    Ascending the stairs the floorboards creaked like they hadn’t been walked on in ages, and October was half convinced the stairs would fall through beneath her. Once she safely reached the top, she found herself looking at a dusty, crowded room filled with furniture and boxes; whoever lived here before obviously hadn’t moved all of their things out. She sneezed as the dust in the air floated around her and cautiously inched forward, half expecting a bat to fly down from the ceiling- or a ghost to appear, she thought amusedly. She knelt on the floor and opened on of the boxes stacked all over the floor, peering inside curiously only to find it was full of Barbie dolls- nothing interesting about that. The sound of the floor creaking and a soft shuffling noise drew her away from the box and she turned, looking everywhere at once in a moment of mild panic over the sound that had startled her.
  2. Can I play the ghost?
  3. Sure! Just include a brief description of them with your response
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  4. My characters:

    Name: Ryu Silvers
    Age: 18
    Personality: Calm and collected with a good if slightly twisted sense of humour, he keeps himself to himself. Despite a rather hostile nature he is always willing to help the people he cares about, particularly his younger sister.

    Name: Kiyra Silvers
    Age: 14
    Personality: A quiet, shy and apologetic girl often described as her brother's second shadow especially since their parents deaths.

    Ryu walks across the road to stop at the door of a house, he looks around for signs that anyone is home. He looks back to see Kiyra trip on to the pavement as a speeding car narrowly misses the girl. He smirks giving the driver a less than subtle hand gesture as he disappears from sight. He puts his arm around the girls shoulder as he knocks on the door solidly.

    "What do you think they'll be like?" The girl asks tentatively, as if someone were listing in on them.

    Ryu smiles at the girl a full foot and a half shorter than him. Kiyra, despite being 14by over a month now could have passed for someone much younger. The only thing that made her look older was the mess of a burn scar that covered the right side of her face only two months old it was still largely covered by bandages. Sensing Kiyra's unease helped her come her hair to cover the wound. "Hey, it'll be fine, how bad can they be?" He knocked on the door again, "Hello?"
  5. Lusine Shadow-Phantom
    Lusine's pale , with purple eyes and long blonde hair that falls in curls at hips length, has full plump lip and Double D breasts. Lusine's the ghoul that's been haunting the house that October has just moved in. Lonely Lusine only wants someone to love and be loved by. But who would love a ghost with secrets as numerous as Lusine...but one big secret might just be the glue that hold octoober and Lusine together as one.
  6. Lusine was walking about in the nervous way Lusine always did. Another family moved into her house claiming it as theirs, she would've scared them away if it hadn't have been for the families daughter, October, caught Lusine's attention and stole Lusine's heart. October came up to the attic, to look about for a while, and Lusine watched her. ' What a gorgeous girl,' Lusine thought 'I would give her my everything! But would such a beautiful creature accept my feelings after finding out what I am?' Then just as that thought finished Lusine stepped on a creaky floorboard and it let out a horrendous scream, grabbing October's attention immeadiately. After all this contemplating, Lusine decided not to hide but to go for it and earn the humans affections. So she looked at October waiting to see what she had to ay first.
  7. As October spun around, her gaze fell on the female standing a few yards away from her and her breath caught, eyes going wide. "What.." Startled, she stumbled backwards, almost tripping over the box she'd been looking through. "You're kind of in my attic." Her dark gaze surveyed the stranger with surprise and some unease but mostly curiosity; she wasn't one to scare easily, not even when she discovered beautiful but somehow eerie looking girls in the attic of her new home.

    Down on the first floor of the home, a persistent knocking at the door caught the attention of October's mother, arms laden with boxes that needed to be brought to the basement. "October!" She yelled, loud enough that she was confident her daughter would hear from the wing of the house the teen's bedroom was in. "Answer the door!" Faintly she caught the sound of her mother's voice, gaze flicking between the staircase she'd come up and the girl who stood before her. "I-" She cursed, tucking a lock of dark hair behind her ear. Without another word to the captivating girl who'd startled her, she turned and ran down the stairs, taking the next flight down to the first floor at a speed that almost caused her to trip as she answered the front door like her mother had asked her to, fully expecting to see the neighbors welcoming them to town or something equally mundane, something less shocking than a girl in her attic.
  8. ' Smooth move Lusine' Lusine thought to herself after the girl left the attic. ' You didn't even get to talk to her!' Lusine paced the floor in the attic again. " She'll be back" Lusine said aloud to herself." She'll be back!"
  9. 30 minutes later, October returned upstairs, this time slowing cautiously as she approached the door to the attic. After answering the door she'd gotten stuck downstairs, forced into helping her parents unpack, but all she'd been able to think about was the girl she'd encountered in the attic. Briefly she considered the idea that the girl had broken in at some point and had just been staying in the empty house, but that made little sense as it had been closed up securely until the day they'd moved in, and it didn't explain what she was doing up in the attic. This left her believing the girl was some kind of ghost. She'd never seen a ghost or been a strong believer in the supernatural, but she wasn't completely opposed to the idea of ghosts like some people were. Sure, in her shock some part of her wanted to reject the possibility, but for the most part she had convinced herself- there was a ghost in her house. A gorgeous, female ghost. The stairs creaked once more as she ascended them, this time looking around the musty attic in search of the person she'd seen before. "Hello?" She called out, quietly enough that no one would hear her voice should they come upstairs. Her tone was apprehensive and a bit nervous; she was uncertain whether the girl would even appear again, and if she did, she had no clue what to expect.
  10. ' YAAYY!!! She's back' Lusine thought to herself, happy that she came back and wasn't scared. 'okay play it cool' Lusine told herself. Lusine stepped into the light with a cool attitude.
  11. October shuffled her feet awkwardly and eyed the girl before her as she stepped into view once again. "So, um...yeah. Like I said. You're in my attic. You're not a ghost, are you? Because I'm starting to wonder if you're a ghost." She babbled nervously, peering at the other from under long, dark lashes.
  12. " Ghost, Phantom, Shadow...It's all the same," Lusine walked closer " and no, sweetheart, it isn't me who has wandered into your attic. It is you who have come to mine. You see this is my house. I'm not human like you are..I can't just go where I please..I am bound to this house. I'm Lusine, who might you be my dear?" Lusine said in a kind of nice, cool breeze on a hot day, gothic sweet kinda way.
  13. "Oh.." She nodded, biting her lip. "Yeah, okay. Ghost, cool." October tilted her head inquisitively at the female's words, furrowing her brow in an expression of nervous concern. "So you're like haunting this place, sort of? I'm October. It's nice to meet you. I think. I mean, the circumstances aren't great, but..." She shrugged, trailing off.
  14. Lusine placed a hand over her mouth and laughed. " You're too cute, October." She smiled at the girl." I do hope that we could be close friends, one day, don't you?" She walk up to October and touched her arms the tilted her head at the end of the question.
  15. A blush heated up her fair skin and she smiled sheepishly, gaze never leaving Lusine as the ghost walked closer to her. "Um, yeah. That would be nice." She agreed, still somewhat hesitant and extremely curious about the other female but quickly warming to her friendly attitude. "Can you move around the rest of the house or is it just the attic you're stuck in?"
  16. " Yes I can move throughout the house, but I usually stay in here, this is my room. "Lusine said smiling again and then looking around the room addressing it as her room. " I have to admit this is a rather dank atmosphere, Shall we head to your room to get better acquainted?" Lusine said looking straight into the girls eyes.
  17. October still had countless other questions she wanted to ask Lusine, but she didn't want to be impolite just because it was a ghost she was talking to- especially considering how surprisingly polite said ghost was. She's also insanely pretty, October couldn't help but think, face flushing a bright pink color again. "That's cool." She commented, listening to the girl answering her with interest. "And sure, we can, uh..go to my room." She nodded, meeting the gaze of the other with wide, dark eyes before she turned and headed down the stairs. "It's pretty isolated from the rest of my family's rooms. You probably shouldn't let them see you..." She looked apologetically over her shoulder at the girl as she walked towards her room. "They might kind of freak out."
  18. Lusine nodded. She already knew this to be true but didn't want to say she did and come off as a smart ass so she said nothing. They went into Octobers room, and after getting through the doorway, Lusine knew she could trust her. She wasn't like the other humans...surely she would accept her. Lusine and October sat down in the floor in the middle of the room. Lusine was the first to speak. " October, in order for us to be friends, we have to have trust. Can I trust you?...Can I trust you with anything and everything?" Lusine asked trying hard to make it seem casual and not too creepy.
  19. Once they entered her room, October muttering a brief apology for the state it was in, with the bed unmade and unpacked boxes all around the room, she sat down on the floor beside Lusine. She couldn't help but stare at the girl with wonder in her eyes, though she'd gotten used to the fact that the other was a ghost surprisingly fast. She was no longer afraid, surprised or uncomfortable, but she was now somewhat amazed with the female sitting before her. Lusine's next words only peaked her curiosity more and she considered the question for a moment before answering. Of course the girl would need to trust October; this wasn't exactly the most normal friendship ever, considering one of them was a ghost. "You can trust me." She responded softly, meeting Lusine's eyes.
  20. Lusine smiled, " Good. Okay so I'll tell you my story about, y'know, how i bacame a ghost an all! Well you see a looooonnnnnggggg time ago, this city was completely different, it didn't accept anyone different it was a very homogeneous place. Everyone had the same eye color, hair color, ect...Me, I was different...Although, of course, you'd never know it by just looking at me. I wasn't a ghost back then...I was human...I looked like everyone on the outside but really all of it was just an illusion. And of course, when all the chromies of the city found out...It was the end of me...My human body was destroyed and My spirit was left to haunt these halls endlessly...It was all my parents fault...they made me...and I trusted another human to keep my secret...Now you see why i have trouble trusting humans...My parents got away and the human I once called my friend got a way scarred...Life is cruel.." Lusine told her story with mixed emotions throughout telling the tale. " You want to know what it is that caused all this, don't you?" Lusine turned to her with a sincere look on her face.
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