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  1. They'd drugged him. The raging, bloody idiot spawns of the dark holes of the universe. Why did they always drug him before a battle? And why did he ask question he already knew the answers to? Oh, right, because he never answered anyone else's questions and if he asked himself something, at least he could answer that. Twisted logic but who cared. No one saw the jumbled, chaotic mess that was his mind anyway.

    Right, drugs. They drugged him because they feared that if he were thinking clearly - HA! - that he'd run or perhaps have a rare, fleeting attack of conscience. Right.

    The world spun wildly, dizzily around him and the trees blended together in a great blur as he stumbled into one. Blood smeared in his wake and the only reason he'd not fallen over yet was because of the black tail behind him, keeping him balanced. Well, barely.

    Keene had been separated from the army when the massacre had started - he might or might not have done that that is. He honestly didn't remember and really didn't care. The other side was winning. For today.

    The black-haired male brought his hand up to his temple, rubbing futilely, trying to ease the buzzing in his skull, the pounding pain. Or was that pain in his side? The laser had gotten him pretty deeply. Only reason he wasn't bleeding out yet was because his skin had been seared, burned mostly shut even as it had destroyed both muscle and skin. Keene wasn't really worried about it. Soon as he was on a board a ship or found someone who had a medical kit, advanced technology would heal him up in a matter of days.

    And even if he didn't find anyone, his body would take care of it.

    Would be nice if he could see straight before either of those points, though.
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  2. "Tessa, what are you doing? Are you TRYING to get us in trouble? ...Are you listening to me? Tessa!"

    An exaggerated sigh. "Dorene, please! We'll be fine. Scouting is part of the job description."

    "Yes, but this particular mission was to investigate the local rock formations, NOT to get caught up in some impromptu battle. We were given orders not to interfere."

    "We're not going to interfere! We ARE going to check rock formations... that just happen to be where the battle is." With that, Tessa emerged from an overgrowth of trees and plant-life into the clearing where Keene stood. Tessa froze when she saw him, her violet eyes wide with surprise.

    A female voice from behind Tessa continued, "I swear, Tessa. One of these days you're going to..." A woman emerged next to Tessa then and she squeaked, her eyes widening at the man. "Oh my..."

    While both girls were stunned, a male, who had been silent up until that point, stepped into the clearing as well. He was a tall, dark-skinned man and as soon as he saw Keene, he raised his arm towards him. Sections of his skin rose off of his body, revealing a complicated set of machinery beneath. His arm shifted and clicked and whrrr'ed until a sizable gun had taken the place of his arm and he pointed the barrel at the injured man.

    Tessa finally moved then, looking up at the android with alarm. "Raxiel, don't!" She turned her attention back towards Keene and cautiously stepped towards him.

    "Who are you?"
  3. Company. Bloody fantastic. Like he didn't have enough to deal with. They looked like the enemy, too, definitely the last thing he needed for more than one reason, many of them too complicated for him to even want to think about right now. Thinking was hard right now, his mind inhibited by the toxins in his system, but even dulled as he was, his brain was working a great deal faster than many of the idiots he had to spend his days around.

    Keene barely flinched at the gun leveled at him - or maybe he just didn't notice as averse to not caring, it was hard to tell - and his green eyes flickered and blinked, focusing on the woman approaching him. Well, technically not a woman in the human sense. Flares of color, shapes, sounds flashed in the male's head, too fast for him to make sense of and he grimaced, shaking his head and forcing himself to focus. Just for a few, precious seconds. Not that it was going to make much of a difference. This lot was going to capture him anyway.


    He looked at the white-haired female through his black hair, piercing green eyes catching her striking violet ones easily, seeming to see right through her...and then he was looking away again, seeming to drift. "Doesn't matter. I'm enemy and you have orders. Always orders..." His voice was deep, but the disgust in it wasn't hidden in the least and his tail lashed with the emotion, unbalancing him completely so that he sank to his knees, hissing between his teeth as his side jarred.

    Right. Pain. Not good. Don't do that again.
  4. Despite being on her guard, Tessa still didn't expect it - to be so taken by the black-haired male's eyes and she found herself staring, intrigued. This man...what was different about him? The spell was broken though, when Keene looked away and spoke. Tessa frowned slightly, her expression changing to one of confusion.

    "What are you talking about?"

    The other woman stepped close to Tessa then, her eyes never leaving the injured male even as she spoke. "Tessa, he's the enemy! Shouldn't we... kill him or something?" She spoke in hushed tones, sounding unsure. In fact, her whole demeanor radiated of a passive timidness; she appeared to be in her young twenties, human, with red hair tied into a loose bun. Freckles dotted her face, leading up to light green eyes that regarded Keene nervously.

    "Kill him? Come on, Dorene. Look at him! He's not going to hurt anybody. Besides, maybe we can turn him in and get a reward or something."

    Dorene's brow furrowed as she observed the male in front of her more, before her eyes widened with a sort of recognition. " have Roenen blood. That means..." she gasped then, taking a step back.

    Tessa snorted. "What now?"

    Dorene finally tore her gaze away from Keene to catch Tessa's eyes. "Tessa! You don't understand! He's not just an ordinary soldier. I...I don't know a lot about him, but I do know that he's important."

    Tessa raised a brow and turned her gaze back to the black-haired man. "Well...that's interesting. We're definitely turning him in then. Raxiel, do your stuff."

    Raxiel stepped towards Keene, keeping his gun level on the male. Once he was within reaching distance, he used his free hand to grip tightly onto Keene's shoulder with a pressure that revealed the robotic strength underneath his skin, while his other arm quickly transitioned back into a hand. He reached into his bag then and fastened a metal collar onto Keene before stepping back, satisfied.
  5. Their voices had swam around in his head, distorted, creating flashing images he couldn't grasp and Keene had closed his eyes, knowing inwardly that it was stupid, but also knowing there wasn't much he could do right now to change his fate anyway. Thoughts, tendrils of whispers came into his mind as he opened his eyes again and looked back at the females. One was scared. The one in glasses. She was not meant for fighting. Her mind was on research, on rocks and plants and discovering new things. Her life could have been different, so different...

    His attention jerked, painfully in a way, toward the white-haired creature, captivating in a way she didn't realize. So unaware of her worth. Eager for a fight, to prove herself, to charge into any situation. Reckless, but not stupid. Interesting...if he'd cared.

    Keene knew the moment they understood - or thought they did - what he was and he looked at the android - someone he actually found easier to read than most for the organized nature of the male's thoughts - with resignation, not protesting when the thing grabbed his shoulder with a grip that could have crushed his bones if the robot had desired. He did stiffen, though, and his eyes flashed dangerously with anger, darkening from a jade green to a forest green when the collar was snapped onto his neck. He knew - damn, he did know - that it was not the end of the world, necessary even, but he couldn't control the way his skin crawled and shivered and when Raxiel stepped back, Keene surged upward.

    His anger got the better of him and his powerful black tail came lashing around to smash into the android's chest, sending the dark-skinned male flying back several feet - though, he probably wouldn't be greatly damaged - before Keene's vision wavered and he collapsed again. His telepathy was gone, locked away from him and his other gift, while too powerful to be completely inhibited by anything, was not going to be much of a help to him right now.

    The black-haired hybrid's fingers touched the metal around his neck, feeling like he couldn't breathe around it even as he knew that was not true and his dark green eyes, still dangerously angered met Tessa's violet ones again before he passed out, dropping the rest of the way to the ground.
  6. Raxiel moved quickly and with precision to catch himself from falling entirely when the black tail collided with his chest. Mild surprise flickered across his face at the movement but now that he had recovered, Raxiel watched Keene evenly, not even a trace of anger on his features from the attack.

    Tessa though, was not so calm. "Hey! Try that again if you want to die, b******!"

    Keene was already slipping unconscious though, and Tessa's flare of anger subsided as the male fell. Her violet eyes narrowed at the black-haired man but she couldn't help the wave of curiosity that swept over her as she approached him.

    "Tessa..." Dorene started nervously, but the white-haired girl ignored her.

    "Yeah, he's definitely out. Raxiel?"

    Raxiel moved forward again and this time he pulled from his pack a pair of thick metal cuffs. Bringing Keene's arms behind his back, he fastened the cuffs around his wrist before picking up the male with ease.

    Tessa reached up to touch an object on her ear then, and the device lit up in response. "UIC Explorer, do you read me? ...Yeah, I've found someone I think you'd like to meet. ...Wait, what do you mean? Just what are we supposed to do until then?" Several seconds passed and Tessa sighed. "Alright. Over and out." Her hand dropped and Tessa looked up at her teammates. "It turns out our brave captain has fled in response to the battle and we won't be picked up for at least another day, maybe more."

    Dorene paled at the news. "What do we do about him then?" she asked with panic, pointing to the male Raxiel carried.

    "Calm down, he won't be able to do anything with the restraints on him. We'll go back further through the trees and make camp there. It's not like we can do anything else now, anyway," Tessa answered and with that, the three headed back the way they came.
  7. Pain. In his side, his back, ribs, legs, arms, head...stars did nothing ever not hurt?! Harsh voices and the flashing color of yellow behind his eyes with each new blow that landed on his body. Bars. Trees. A counsel chamber and a man passing judgement. Relief. No, pain again. Metal. Cold, unforgiving metal and fear. Garbled language he didn't understand. He did understand. Stars racing past. Blood, so much blood and death, and the vultures circled overhead in the harsh sun. A hand settles on his shoulder and a man speaks to him, voice oddly warm, familiar, but he can't make out the words.

    He screams. The pain is back, unbearable as it rips through him like electric fire. Maybe that is what it is. A flash of white, he spots it in the corner of his vision and violet eyes smile into his own. They just as suddenly dull, lifeless and he does not comprehend the crushing weight that settles on his chest. He can't breathe. The current is too fast, the water sucking him under to the bottom of the river. He can't get back to the surface, to the air he claws for and cannot reach. A man, the same man, smiles at him, eyes as golden as his hair and he feels peace, and then despair, guilt for that same man is lying lifeless on the ground, blood pooling around him. And above him the stars look down mercilessly no matter how he pleads.

    He doesn't know what is real anymore.

    Keene woke eerily quiet. His body was covered in a cold sweat and his green eyes were pale, his skin flushed with a fever, but he was silent. He was unaware, however, that he'd been thrashing and muttering in an old dialect of language, and that his silence now would actually be suspicious to anyone who could hear him. His mind was sluggish, still dulled by the drug...or was it the fever now(?) and it took him a minute more than it would have normally for him to assess where he was, who he was with and what was going on. And the oh so wonderful answers to those questions went as thus; in the forest he'd passed out in, about fifty feet from that spot actually, he was with the two female and the male he'd encountered before passing out and now he'd much rather pass out again than deal with his current situation.

    Namely the fact that he was restrained. Most people would focus on the fact that they were captured at all, but not Keene. He didn't care overmuch that he was captured by the enemy. No, but he did care HOW he was restrained by them, by anyone really. His arms hurt, being held behind him as they were and some subtle work at his wrists told him the cuffs were not coming off easily. And someone had gotten smart, tying his tail in several places to his leg. He could definitely get out of that, but not without being noticed.

    Keene felt his body shudder - without his freaking consent, that was for sure! - and he clenched his jaw against any sound that wanted to exit his mouth, building in his throat before he swallowed it down stubbornly. He wouldn't give in to fear.

    His pale green eyes opened again and immediately, as if drawn by an invisible force - and Keene really hated invisible forces - they found violet ones. Even dulled with fever, with pain and the drugs still in his system, the hybrid's eyes were sharp, cutting like blades.
  8. "He's awake." Tessa's words grabbed the attention of both of her companions and while Raxiel didn't move from his spot against a tree, Dorene scooted close.

    "Did you find out what he was saying?"

    "No, he just woke up. I haven't had a chance to find out anything about him."

    Slightly emboldened by the fact that Keene was restrained, Dorene leaned in to get a better look at the dark-haired male. "Fascinating..." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pencil and small notebook. "You are not full Roenen, are you? What are you, exactly? Does your mixed blood interfere with your lifestyle among your people?"

    Tessa rolled her eyes and gently pushed the red-haired girl out of the way. "Save it for later, Dorene." Her eyes went to Keene then, studying the male with a different interest than her companion did - while Dorene's gaze was entirely scientific, Tessa regarded him more informally, simply taking the image of the man in.

    "Let's start with the basics, hot-shot. What's your name?"
  9. Keene arched a brow at the red-head's questions, not exactly surprised by them, but finding her odd all the same. He didn't answer anything she asked of course, and he wouldn't, but the answers were interesting to think about anyway and a slight, privately amused smile quirked at his lips before he brought his attention back to the white-haired female. He only saw her for a moment before another scene flashed before his eyes, a jumbled mess of sounds and sights he couldn't grasp quickly enough and he grimaced, looking away from the female. His pale green eyes were unfocused, but that could easily be attributed to the fever.

    The hybrid was more than sure they had no idea what he actually was and he'd do his best to keep it that way...and probably fail, but at least he could say he tried. Well, thought about trying. It really didn't matter all that much did it? This bloody war was going to go on no matter what he did, no matter WHO had him under their thumb - as if they ever really did, but that wasn't the point.

    Oh, right, Snowy wanted an answer to her question. to answer that?

    Keene let out a short, snort-like laugh that hurt his side immediately, but he hardly seemed to notice the pain. He glanced toward Tessa again, but he didn't see her. He didn't even see the clearing anymore or the camp fire, not Dorene or Raxiel. He saw something else entirely. He wasn't even here, but at the same time he could make himself focus enough to hear and respond to the conversation at hand. His eyes remained unfocused, though, glazed over almost like he was blind.

    "Which one would you like, Carontessa?"
  10. As Keene shifted his gaze away from her, Tessa just watched him that much harder. What's with this guy...? He was obviously thinking, remembering, or daydream about something. Whatever it was, Tessa hardly considered Keene's behavior to be a normal response for a captive and while it annoyed her slightly, it also intrigued her.

    At mention of her name though, Tessa drew back, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at the male. "It's Tessa," she corrected with a bit of a bite. "And how did you know my name?" In her surprise, a faint accent emerged in her voice; it was a delicate, light accent, and so very unlike Tessa. It was clear that it was something the female actively worked to suppress.

    All the while, Dorene was watching Keene closely, a frown crossing her face when she caught a glimpse of the man's unfocused eyes. She looked down at the wound at Keene's side before bringing her gaze to her companion. "Tessa, I think we need to treat his wound. It's not looking so good..."

    Tessa didn't answer the red-head immediately, her focus entirely on Keene. How did he know? Who IS this guy?


    Tessa sighed in frustration and briefly glanced over at Dorene. "Yes, yes. We'll treat him. Just give me one second." She turned her attention back to Keene then and when she spoke next, the accent was gone again. "Just tell me the name your pals use for you."
  11. The smile, the one that said he was inwardly amused at a joke none of them would understand, crossed his face again and none of them would know if it was the for the fact that Tessa was riled up about him knowing her name or for another reason entirely. If they guessed both, they'd be right on both counts and Keene's thoughts circled lethargically past and around the distracting images and sounds only he could see.

    Same way I know your friend's names. Same way I know you're not all you seem to be, Illian-hybrid. Same way I know anything I shouldn't know.

    When the hybrid answered, his eyes closed, hiding the glazed pale green completely and his black hair brushed across his face, creating shadows that strangely looked like they belonged there, hiding him. "If I had pals, I'd tell you what they called me." he retorted with just a touch of irritation or maybe it was amusement...or both in his tone. He sighed, pretty much able to sense Tessa's gaze of frustration and he shifted, trying once again to ignore the restraints that made his skin practically burn in protest.

    "It's Keene."

    He'd been more than tempted to tell her his full name - Keenenoro - and let her pronounce that mouthful every time she wanted to address him or perhaps an alias like Shadow, but in the end, he figured not enough people called him by his preferred name anyway. He might as well LIKE what his captors were calling him, right? It's not like they were going to recognize it as significant anyway and as long as he didn't do anything really attention drawing....crap, too late.

    Keene's eyes opened rather abruptly and he looked at the red-head with suddenly very clear vision, finally seeing his surroundings again and his eyes a jade green. "You've got a snake trying to get into your bag."

    Said bag was all the way across the fire and well out of his line of sight.
  12. Tessa frowned slightly as the male spoke. He had no friends? Of course he doesn't, you dolt. Have you seen the way he acts? Are you honestly surprised?

    Despite her mind's snappy retort, Tessa WAS surprised. How could he really have no friends? The man was frustrating, yes, but he was also... magnetic. Intriguing. A puzzle that was irresistible to solve. Surely others felt that same way about him? Tessa was snapped out of her thoughts though, at Keene's next words and she finally tore her gaze away from the male to look at Dorene.

    Dorene looked up in surprise, then glanced back towards her bag. Cautiously, she stood and slowly walked over to it before she gasped, taking several steps back. A snake, a sizable one too, was weaving its way across the soil and poking its head into Dorene's bag, just as Keene said.

    "Oh my gosh. There really IS a snake! What do I do?!" The red-head asked with some panic, her eyes locked on the creature which was hardly paying attention to her.

    Tessa sighed and stood, walking over to bag to deal with the snake but Raxiel rose first and beat her there. The android grabbed the snake, though not tightly enough to hurt it, and unceremoniously tossed it several yards away. With that, Raxiel walked back to the tree he was at earlier and sat down again. Tessa scowled, giving the man a look before she returned to Keene. Of course, it was safer for the android to handle the potentially venemous snake since he could not be poisoned, but Tessa still felt robbed of the opportunity to do it herself.

    She stood in front of Keene then, her eyes narrowed at him. "Okay Keene, you need to start talking. How did you know about the snake and how did you know my name?"
  13. "YOU may think I need to do a lot of things, but I don't."

    Keene said the words rather calmly, but there was a hint of warning in his voice that was unmistakable and his green eyes darkened a shade as they looked into her fiery violet ones. It didn't matter that he was on the ground and she was standing, that he was restrained and she was not. There was a sudden aura of danger about Keene that made smart people think twice about pushing him and weaker-willed people, they just feared him.

    The hybrid moved then, far more than he had in the last few minutes and there was an audible snapping sound - many of them - as his black tail strained for a moment and the ropes around it simply broke in several places. The thing coiled and stretched as he sat up slowly, leaning back against the tree behind him before stilling again. His deadly tail was well within reach of Tessa now, but he made no move toward her, the scaled black thing coming to curl cat-like around his now crossed legs.

    Keene moved his head, coaxing his black hair out of his eyes and he let his skull thump back against the rough bark. "Use chains next time. Far more effective." he supplied nonchalantly before sighing and shifting, glancing down at the laser burn on his side. It was already healing, but he frowned at it, almost seeming puzzled by the fact that it was there at all. Why hadn't he seen that one coming- oh, wait! Right, he'd been distracted. Eh, it had been worth it.

    Keene looked up again, his eyes finding Tessa's again and cold amusement danced in his gaze. "If I told you I was a walking book of time, would you believe me? Or perhaps you'd like me to tell you I'm a magician?"

    It didn't matter to the hybrid that the topic he was addressing was greatly delayed and his answer inappropriately timed. He'd never much given a rat's a** about things like that. People either followed his answers and way of thinking, or they didn't. He didn't care.
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  14. The response to Keene's movement was immediate; Tessa staggered backwards a few steps and she drew her gun, pointing it at the male. Dorene had been walking towards the two with a medical kit but as soon as she heard the snapping of Keene's tail breaking its bonds, she squeaked and dropped the kit. Raxiel had already stood at the first signs of movement and his arm had shifted into a gun again, a red glow and low humming emitting from it as it pointed at Keene.

    Several seconds passed before everyone was certain that Keene would not move further and Tessa lowered her gun slowly, relieved despite herself. Dorene was shaking as she picked up the kit and when she looked up at Keene again, she nervously decided that the man's wound would probably heal just fine on its own and she backed away. Raxiel was the last to ease up; he lowered the gun and sat back down, though this time he didn't change his arm back into a hand, opting instead to keep the gun.

    Tessa watched Keene for a long while, as if trying to figure him out before she spoke again.

    "...No, I don't believe you. ...Are you insane? Because that would actually explain a lot."

    Despite her dismissive tone, Tessa was running all of Keene's words through her head. He was playing with her, she knew that much, but how much of what he said was truth and how much did he say for his own amusement?
  15. Their reactions amused him. Sincerely so. Did they honestly think that if he put his mind to it, he couldn't escape them? Well, actually, they probably thought they COULD hold him. Many people did. Some went their whole lives believing he'd been subject to their will when in reality it had been pure and simple choice - sort of - that had kept Keene by their side. It was the same now. He didn't yet understand why - but he would, probably sooner than later - why he needed to stay with this group and be subject to the enemy's whims, but he did. So, because he really had nothing better to do at this point, he would.

    And if that confused the hell out of them...well, that was just entertaining.

    He grinned at Tessa's words, but it wasn't a friendly expression, more a bitter, wry one as he shook his head, letting his black hair cover his face again, hiding him once more from closer scrutiny. The black scales over his cheekbones and nose only added further darkness to his face, contrasting brilliantly with his jade green eyes.

    "Believe me, my life would be a lot easier if I were insane. You're close, though. Guess again later."

    Keene yawned then and he closed his eyes, fully intending to go back to sleep. Before he did, however, a faint smile, amused all over again, twitched at his mouth. "Your food's about to catch fire, Dorene. Oh, and do tell your transport tomorrow that they might as well starting beating me the minute I walk on board. I'm not telling them a damn thing." And with those parting words, the hybrid slipped into sleep just as silently and quickly as he'd woken, honestly having a knack for it.
  16. Dorene gasped and wasted no time hurrying to the fire to tend to her food. Keene's predictions hadn't been wrong up until that point, and the red-head was already starting to listen to him without even thinking about it.

    Tessa though, just rolled her eyes as Keene fell asleep and she walked back closer to Dorene and Raxiel. "What a d***."

    Dorene had managed to salvage her food before it caught flame and she looked up at her white-haired companion. "He doesn't seem that bad. A little scary and definitely mysterious, but he's not mean..." Dorene trailed off then before another thought crossed her mind. "Do you really think they'll torture him?" She asked the question softly, as if afraid of the answer.

    Tessa frowned a little and it surprised her that the thought disturbed her. Not that she was all that comfortable with torture in the first place, but especially when Keene was the one that would be hurt... no, it didn't sit well with Tessa at all. She wouldn't say that though, so she shrugged nonchalantly in response to Dorene's question.

    "I don't know. I'll talk to Keyes about it tomorrow."

    With that, the three lingered and conversed for a while - well, Tessa and Dorene did. Raxiel was silent as always - before night fell and the two girls went to sleep, leaving the android to guard Keene.


    The next morning, Tessa woke before Dorene did and she yawned, stretching slightly as she sat up. It only took her a couple of seconds to remember the events from the day before and her eyes darted to Keene. That's right; they had a captive. It was a damn miracle that they did too - what are the odds of a rink-a-dink scouting team capturing anyone? Of course, the fact that Keene had been badly wounded helped too.

    Tessa stood then and walked over to Keene, hoping to get a good look at the man in the morning light before he woke up.
  17. Keene's sleep had been restless at the least and nonexistent at most. When he slept, he dreamed - well, sort of - and he woke still dreaming. He knew he was watched throughout the night and that was the only reason he hadn't maneuvered his hands to the front of his body instead of the back - and he found the fact extremely aggravating. He HATED being restrained. Why did he bloody find himself constantly being freaking restrained?! It was for that reasons and others far too complicated for him to want to think about that had kept him awake on and off.

    He slept now, fitfully, his eyes flickering under his lids rapidly and though his fever had broken sometime in the night - and his side was about half-healed now - sweat beaded on his skin and he jerked repeatedly, subconsciously curling his body as if to become smaller before stopping and stilling just as suddenly as he'd moved. His black tail rippled with tension, the tip twitching and twirling with the swift emotions flooding his mind, but what each movement meant was something that had to be studied closely before it could be understood.

    The hybrid muttered in broken spurts, a guttural, ancient dialect that even if Tessa understood, she wouldn't catch, so jumbled was his speech.

    Keene's breathing sped up suddenly and his entire body shuddered, going rigid. His eyes snapped open then and they were dark, nearly black in their hue and fogged over. He didn't make a sound and didn't look around, his gaze locked completely on Tessa's violet eyes. "They're coming." His voice was deep, but distant, chill-inducing.

    And then his eyes were closing again and Keene's body released it's tension as he slipped back into restless sleep.
  18. Tessa had watched Keene closely as he slept, observing every movement with interest, and when the man began to mumble in his restless sleep, Tessa leaned in and tilted her head to hear him better. None of the words he said rang a bell for her though, and she eventually gave up, easing back. She knew most common languages, but whatever tongue Keene was speaking in was something she was not familiar with it.

    In the coolness of the morning, Tessa found it oddly relaxing to watch the male. He seemed less lethal like this, more approachable and even relatable, and Tessa enjoyed the tranquility of it... up until the point where Keene's eyes snapped open. Tessa froze, her wide violet eyes locking with his as the dark-haired man spoke.

    They're coming...?

    Keene fell back asleep after that, but Tessa was not so quick to let it go. Oh no, those words were far too ominous. Tessa went over to hybrid and shook him none too gently.

    "Hey, wake up. Who is coming?"
  19. Keene started as he felt contact with his body and his reaction was instant, beyond thought or reason as his eyes snapped open again, this time their normal jade green, and he didn't make a sound; he just struck. His body didn't leave the ground as it rippled with a deadly power, but his tail did, rising with a speed faster than that of a striking snake. It was a mystery what made Keene stop as the black scales just barely touched Tessa's neck, freezing in the midst of breaking her neck with one fatal blow with a control that made the hybrid shake. He stared at the white-haired female for a long moment, something trying to work its way through his eyes before he closed off completely again.

    As he moved his tail away from Tessa - hearing clearly the gun leveled at him by the android - and sat up, the anger swept over him like a tidal wave and he started speaking before he could restrain the words....all in the same language he'd been muttering in while asleep. Now that he was awake, it was even more powerful in a way, deep and growled, hissed in his fury as his green eyes darkened.

    "You stupid, addle-brained, wormhole-effected, idiotic child! I could have killed you! Do you know-"

    He cut himself off abruptly and closed his eyes, forcing himself to take a breath through clenched teeth. By the galaxies above, he was losing control fast. Not good. Not good in the least. What had Snowy woken him up for in the-wait...

    Keene opened his eyes again and like his anger had never been, his eyes were clear and he frowned, head tilting just slightly. His voice was perfectly even, same as it had been last night. "Who is coming? That's what you asked." It wasn't really a question and he looked away from Tessa, truly thoughtful for a moment before he seemed to understand what she was speaking of...or rather what he'd been speaking of and Keene groaned under his breath, but glanced back at the female, seeming to debate something.

    Eh, what the hell.

    "An enemy that's going to make our opposing sides look like a child's game of soldiers before they wipe us out. That's who's coming." Keene smirked. "Ooooor I could just be talking about your transport...which is here, too."
  20. Every part of Tessa's body tensed and froze up when Keene's tail grazed her neck and even after it pulled back, she still didn't move as Keene began to berate her in his powerful, angry language. It was only after the black-haired man had stopped himself and relaxed, did Tessa start to breathe again.

    To her frustration, Tessa found she was shaking a little and her mind snapped at her to stop - was this man really so frightening? Tessa tried to convince herself that the incident had left her unaffected, but a quick glance down at her right arm told her otherwise. The frosty tendril beneath her arm had begun to glow brighter and emitting from it was a cold steam of sorts that drifted through the air.

    Tessa narrowed her violet eyes a little at her own arm, willing it to stop, before she looked back up at the hybrid in front of her. What was he talking about? What new enemy...?

    Do you honestly believe him? He's basically crazy.

    But what if he's not...?

    Tessa didn't get a chance to ponder it further as Keene's next words grabbed her attention. "Our ship isn't-" She stopped, frowning a little as the device on her ear began to blink with a light. Tessa reached up, pushing a button on it and the blinking ceased. "...Roger that. We'll be right there." Tessa's hand dropped and she narrowed her eyes at Keene. "Lucky guess."

    With that, she walked over to Dorene and shook the girl awake. It only took a few minutes for the three to pack up everything and begin to walk through the forest. As they walked, Dorene rubbed her eyes sleepily. "Where are they?"

    "Just ten minutes away, near the cliffs we checked out yesterday."

    Dorene stopped, glancing around. "That's the other way, Tessa."

    Tessa stopped as well, frowning. "No, it's this way. I'm sure of it."

    The two girls began to argue then, and all the while Raxiel stood silently, his eyes locked on Keene.
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