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  1. You awake on a concrete pavement.
    You look around and see a city you've never been to before.
    You have no clue how you got here.
    You have nothing on you, except a digital map in your back pocket.
    Your clothes have been changed to a simple white top, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
    Suddenly you hear a voice boom out from a speaker on a concrete wall.
    "Welcome to Secrets City, every one,"
    "I know your deepest darkest secret,"
    "You can choose not to believe me, but you'll never escape the city that way,"
    "You'll find the 200 meter tall, steel walls armed with guns hard to get past,"
    "To leave you must play the Shadowed Secrets game,"
    "The rules are very simple,"
    "Collect three other peoples shadow secrets while guarding yours,"
    "You can collect a shadow secret in 3 ways,"
    "You can trick or force somebody into telling you it,"
    "You can get close to somebody to work it out,"
    "Or you can try and find where it's hidden,"
    "All the shadows secrets are written some where in the city,"
    "But they are practically impossible to find,"
    "If you collect three shadow secrets while keeping yours you've won,"
    "You'll be removed from the city,"
    "If your shadow secret is discovered, you lose,"
    "Your mind is erased of collected shadow secrets,"
    "You are also trapped in the city until you regain it,"
    "Your secret can be regained by all the players with it meeting one of two conditions,"
    "Either they must become a winner,"
    "Or they must become a loser,"
    "It's up to you how you are going to use other people,"
    "You can track where every one is using the map you've all been given,"
    "It tracks every player on the map with a dot and their name next to it,"
    "You can use this to find other people,"
    "There is just one other rule,"
    "If you have collected a shadow secret and tell somebody else,"
    "You will be punished servery,"
    "Remember those guns?"
    "If you have any questions, speak them aloud and I shall reply,"
    "Good luck, and may the games begin,"

    You can start this RP immediately after filling in the character templates. I will be playing the voice, so PM me any questions you have. I will also play extra players in the city if need be.The setting is a normal city (with cafes and stuff), except the only people in the city are the players. You are allowed to LIE in your posts. In fact your encouraged to, as to not reveal any secrets so easily.

    If you think you have worked out a secret PM me it and I will tell you if your right. If you are, there will be an in game announcement from the voice that you have collected a secret, and that the person with the secret is now currently a loser. Since losers have their memories erased, i'm going to say you can't pursue a character who's secret you knew before you lost. If your character is in a position where they would say their secret, PM me and I will PM the other person your secret.

    Character profile template:

    Brief personality description:
    (Secret: Don't post this here. PM me your secret, so nobody else knows.)
  2. Name: Grimm Hollow
    Age: 17
    Likes: Fighting, strange things, loves being able to trick somebody into telling him something or doing something for him
    Dislikes: People, being trapped or figured out, and hates the cops.
    Personality: Pretty cruel, very determined, tries to adapted easily and can be very cunning. He doesn't like people because he doesn't like to get attatched and feels like he just can't connect with them well.
  3. Yay, somebodies interested! Please PM me the secret!
  4. [​IMG]
    Karie Ann Tealwattle


    +Helping People


    Brief personality description:
    Karie Ann is a sweet girl and likes to help others, but knows she can not because of the game. She is very gullible and easily tricked, but don't be fooled by the soft exterior, Karie Ann can get what she wants when she needs or wants it, whenever she needs or wants it.
  5. Please PM me the secret!
  6. Name: Sarah Baxter

    Age: 20

    Likes: Books, nature, volunteer work, children, art, music

    Dislikes: Violence, abuse, war, lying, backstabbing, pain

    Brief personality description: Sarah's trustworthy, maybe even over trustworthy. She adores children and volunteering so she can help people out. In school, she was going to get a degree to become a teacher. Even though she would help anyone out when they need it and she can trust to easily, she knows when she shouldn't help people. Even as sweet as she can come off, sometimes she'll do anything to get what she wants.


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  7. (OOC: Characters all accepted, but I need the secrets PMed to me. You can post here now)

    Voice: Oh, and the £100,000 cash prize for first out is probably worth mentioning...
  8. Sarah's eyebrows furrowed as she looked around at the unfamiliar settings. Her head was throbbing slightly and when she had heard that voice speak, her stomach had clenched. The last thing she needed was for someone finding out her secret, the secret that was her damn undoing. Just the thought of it made her dizzy and Light headed. Placing a hand on the wall of a building that had peeling paint, she doubled over, dry heaves racking her body. Her eyes closed and she stood, resting her head against the wall. This city, this game, she didn't like it. Sarah hated it, hated the fact she didn't even know where this place was or how she got here. She didn't remember what she was doing right before she gained consciousness in this dump. If Sarah was going to get out of this, leave this place, she was going to need to think of a strategy. After one put itself in her mind, she took a few deep breaths and opened her eyes, and started to walk along, wondering who or what she would come across.
  9. "La, lalalala, lala~," Eron sung. What was happening again...oh yeah, Eron was trapped in this strange city. Not easy walking around in a flowing skirt, against a small breeze. Eron flung herself down onto to the pavement, then waited there for hell to happen.

    (OOC: As I said, Ill play extra characters till theres more people.)
  10. Name:
    Minwoo Hong

    21 years; Mar 25, 19XX

    +Strawberry-flavored cigarettes
    +Smart, observant people

    -Grape-flavored cigarettes
    -Ignorant people
    -No control of his situation
    -Other attention whores
    -Unnecessary activities

    Minwoo is an aloof young man who seems indifferent and uninterested in the world around him--though he observes the actions of others and has a tendency to judge and criticize quickly. He loves to smoke cigarettes all day. It's rare to see Minwoo without a cigarette between his lips or brows furrowed while analyzing a person or thing. He's a very stubborn fellow, especially when he believe he's right and will remain adamant about a topic until he is convinced otherwise.


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  11. M
    inwoo lay on the street, his body warmed in the amber beams of the setting sun. Head throbbing, Minwoo sat straight and gathered in the surrounding areas as strawberry cigarette smoke shrouded his head. What was this place? He was sure he had never been here before and couldn't recognize most of the places around.

    "I--I don't think I was drinking last night…" he muttered to himself, taking a drag from his favorite Clean & Crisp strawberry flavored cigarettes. "Man, I needed this. But…when did I even light this cig? And what am I even wearing?" Minwoo griped, fanning away the wafting gray vapors. Yes, indeed, the last thing he remembered was smoking earlier in the morning, but how was his cigarette still lit for that many hours. He wondered how he got here in an unknown city with clothes he never remembered changing into.

    While standing up, Minwoo glanced to the buildings and found it to be a normal town…except there seemed to be nobody around. There was a Joey's Café like there was back home, but no barista, no customers, no pedestrians, and no people. It was eerie, to say the least. As Minwoo puffed more strawberry-flavored smoke, he ambled towards the café when the screeches of microphone feedback echoed from a speaker in all the restaurants, stores, and announcement systems fixed on telephone poles at regular intervals along the street.

    "Ahem. Welcome to Secrets City, everyone," a voice bellowed. The voice seemed too androgynous, too distorted, too generic to able to identify anything about the speaker. "I know your deepest, darkest secret. You can choose not to believe me, but you'll never escape the city that way." Minwoo listened intently, his lips twingeing with skepticism. He continued to look past the buildings and he found a strange structure that seemed to line the horizons in all directions. As if the voice knew what he was looking at, it said, "You'll find the 200-meter tall, steel walls armed with guns hard to get past. To leave you must play the Shadowed Secrets game."

    A game? The hell is this Voice going on about? "The rules are very simple; collect three other people's Shadow Secrets while guarding yours…"

    "…If you collect three Shadow Secrets while keeping yours, you've won--you'll be removed from the city. If your Shadow Secret is discovered, you lose. Your mind is erased of collected Shadow Secrets. You are also trapped in the city until you regain it…" Hah, God complex much? Minwoo was beginning to find all of this some bogus prank and inhaled some strawberry smoke again, peered into other stores, and knocked on windows until he heard the rest of the announcement.

    "…It's up to you how you are going to use other people. You can track where everyone is using the map you've all been given. It tracks every player on the map with a dot and their name next to it. You can use this to find other people…" At these words, Minwoo rubbed his pockets to find a tablet similar to the tablets in the mall. On it was indeed a map, and there he was indicated with a pulsating purple blip.

    "…collected a shadow secret and tell somebody else, you will be punished severely. Remember those guns?" Guns? Minwoo pressed his hands to his waist and felt a hard, metal structure. He reached under his shirt and pulled out a pistol. "If you have any questions, speak them aloud and I shall reply. Good luck and may the games begin."

    His cigarette began to smell pungent as the filter began to burn, its heat blistering Minwoo's fingers, but that was the last thing on his mind. "Holy. Shit."

  12. A ray of sunlight hit Karie Ann's pale face and she blinked her sea green eyes open. She gazed around and looked down at her body.
    "What is this? Why am I wearing these clothes? And where am I?" She bit her soft pink lip and sat up, leaning back on the heel of her palms. She brushed back her reddish brown hair and got a more clear look around. Then a voice, crisp and clear, rang out across the seemingly empty place.
    "Welcome to Secrets City.." She raised an eyebrow and listened to the voice.
    "...I know your deepest darkest secret..." Karie Ann's eyes widened a bit more at this.
    "..Guns, you will never escape this way.." Karie Ann's mouth formed into a small O, she listened more and she spoke softly.
    "A game? What is this?" She bit her lip again and waited for the voice to speak more.
    "..You must collect three shadow secrets, and you will be free, if you give away your shadow secret, you lose, and your memories will be erased, and you will be trapped inside the city until you regain your secret..."
    "..Have fun and good luck.." Was the last thing that Karie Ann heard. She shivered and stood up from her spot. The sun was going down quickly, and Karie Ann wanted to leave as soon as possible, so she might as well do this game.. She felt in her back pocket, and found a digital map. She looked over it and decided to go towards the "Business District" although, there was seemingly no one else there with her.

  13. A
    s Minwoo examined the pistol in his hands, disbelief began to grow within his chest. "T--this can't be real!" Minwoo rasped. He pulled the safety until he heard a distinctive chk! Watchfully, Minwoo aimed a gun at a telephone pole and slowly pulled the trigger. Bang! "They're really not kidding, man!" Minwoo gasped, and then he realized he'd only brought attention to himself. He hid away into a nearby convenience store, finding the counter unmanned. Minwoo agilely jumped over the counter and crouched low. He peered around, looking for anything of importance behind the counter--maybe money, a knife, another gun, or even...

    "Oh, hey, cigarettes." Minwoo took three packs of strawberry cigarettes and two lighters below the counter. He ripped open a pack and popped a cigarette butt in its mouth, and lit it. He sat there behind the counter smoking for a good fifteen minutes, expecting someone to pop in and start shooting, but there was no sound, and it was getting hot and uncomfortable back there. So Minwoo peeked over the counter and out the windows, making sure no one was around. Warily, he darted around the counter and slithered towards the door.

    Minwoo pulled the tablet map from his left pocket, and studied the screen. "So, I'm near the Business District?" he muttered to himself. His purple dot on the map pulsated, but what seemed to be strange was an approaching amber dot on the screen labeled Karie Ann Tealwattle. Minwoo tucked away his map and rushed outdoors, pressing his back to the brick wall. He readied his gun in his hand in case of a sudden crisis and glanced around. From the map, it seemed like she'd approach from western side. He looked at the setting sun, confirming the western direction and scanned in that general direction.

    Only a few moments later, he saw a tall woman with fair skin about 200 yards away, looking about as if she didn't know where she was going herself. "I'm not the only one who doesn't seem to know what's going on, then," Minwoo muttered to the air.

    "Hey, Tealwattle!" Minwoo shouted. "Come here! And don't try anything stupid--my gun is loaded and ready to fire!"
  14. Voice: Please refrain from using the guns in an unnecessary manner. Each player only has one as protection in case of an acciedent (murmurs: like in the test).
  15. Karie Ann looked around in surprise at the call of her last name. She raised a questioning brow at the mysterious voice. She couldn't see anyone, but she really wasn't looking that hard. She thought she heard the mention of the word "gun". Karie Ann shivered and heard a beep on her digital map in her back pocket. She took it out and examined it seeing the name "Minwoo Hong" by a pulsating blue dot. She licked her soft pink lips and called out in the direction she hoped was where he was.
    "I'm not here to harm you, I really don't even know what's going on. Please don't shoot, I'm not even equipped with a proper weapon!"
    She cried out and bit her lip for a second and walked a few steps in the direction of the voice.

    Karie Ann looked up as street lights turned on. They were bright white, and they cast each corner with a ghostly glow. The sun had finally set and she was not alone; but scared still. She had no idea who this person was, let alone if he would do anything like the voice had said. She had to play the game, didn't she? Karie Ann paused and called out once more to the person.
    "Will you come out? I'm very harmless at the moment." She chuckled a bit and waited for the mysterious person to show up; if he did.
  16. T
    he Tealwattle girl whipped her head around, looking surprised at her own surname. She paced forward a few steps, just behind the corner of a building and barely out of Minwoo's sight, though she seemed to be looking in Minwoo's location. "I'm not here to harm you, I really don't even know what's going on," she cried out. Please, don't shoot, I'm not even equipped with a proper weapon!

    "Not equipped?"Minwoo thought aloud. "I was sure that Voice said we were provided maps and guns. She can't possibly be unarmed..."

    From the speakers upon the telephone poles a short crackling noise was heard before the Voice followed, "Please refrain from using the guns in an unnecessary manner. Each player only has one as protection in case of an accident." The corners of Minwoo's lips turned upwards as the Voice confirmed his suspicions: she had indeed been equipped with a firearm. Whether she truly didn't know, lost the gun, or was blatantly lying were all possibilities. But what is this talk about an "accident?"

    A hushed sigh escaped from the speakers as the Voice mumbled to itself, sounding something like, " the test."

    What? " the test"? There's a test? "This is like what it's like 'in the test' "? Whatever that comment was supposed to mean, it seemed that it wasn't meant to be heard. He noted that phrase in his mind and decided to approach the lady.

    Minwoo stood tentatively, aiming quickly to his left and his right before scurrying to a trash can beside a building that provided a sliver of cover while also acting as a vantage point. A halo of the dim streetlight surround Minwoo as he peered over the receptacle, seeing the woman scan the area quickly. Hesitantly, she called out to Minwoo. "Will you come out? I'm very harmless at the moment," she said, with a chuckle lacing the words.

    " 'At the moment,' huh?" he shouted back, trying to stay out of her vision while still observing her. " Why should I trust you?" The streetlight above flickered slightly as the buzz of electricity pumped more energy into it. The light shone brighter and illuminated his position a little. "Tell me how I know you won't stop being 'harmless at the moment' and what keeps you from attacking me, hmm?"
  17. Voice: I do, Minwoo. If you assault anybody with out a good cause, you will be killed. The same goes for Tealwattle- no unnecessary violence. This is a game of trickery- a mind game. (mummers: ...told y... uns... uness... ly once... tes... dent… gain.)

  18. Karie Ann sighed and decided to sit herself on the ground, she felt a sharp stab of pain his her leg wear her boots were and felt inside her boot to reveal a dagger in each boot. Her mouth made a small O, and she placed them safely back in her boot. Although she had weapons, she wouldn't use them unless ultimately necessary. She called out to the man named Minwoo.
    "Well, I guess you shouldn't trust me, because you don't know me, but I think, unless you were to shoot, or something, I wouldn't harm you. I really don't know what's happening. I'm kind of clueless." She told him, and licked her pale pink lips and waited for a response from him. She wasn't exactly lying, she did listen to everything the voice had said, but she was confused about all of this, and wasn't sure what to do exactly. The voice had said to find shadow secrets by getting them out of someone, but she wasn't the kind of person to hurt someone like that..

    Karie Ann looked at all the tall buildings in the area and wished the man would come out of his hiding spot, she could go find him, but that would risk her life, and she didn't want to die for a very stupid reason. Although this whole thing was stupid. She bit her lip and brushed back her reddish brown waves and blinked.
    "HEY VOICE! Where can we get something to eat?" She called out into the air, not really sure who she was talking to, but her stomach was starting to growl, and she was hungry, she couldn't remember the last time she had eaten, it probably was sometime this morning, or was it?
  19. Voice: If your hungry, there are many deserted restaurants and cafes to eat in.
  20. Minwoo hissed his frustration. Get killed, huh? This Voice was seeming to enjoy its God-complex what with its shallow threats. Hesitantly Minwoo uncocked the gun and slid it again into the waistband of his jeans. He fished his pockets for his lighter and a strawberry cigarette and lit up. With an exaggerated exhale he puffed the smoke out of his lips and walked closer to the girl. She insisted she was harmless, but he was ready to retreat at a moment's notice. He glanced around the area--not many hiding places.

    "Hey, Voice!" the Tealwattle girl called out. "Where can we get something to eat?"

    The Voice replied, "If you're hungry, there are many deserted restaurants and cafes to eat in."

    Minwoo gave a chuckle as he approached the girl while she sat in the street. "In other words, we gotta do all the cooking still." Feeling the unease in the air, Minwoo tried to reassure the girl, more to calm his spirits rather than the girl's, "Relax, I've put down the gun. I don't even know you, Tealwattle, but it looks like we'll have to form alliances to get out of this hellhole. I'm trusting you, but if you even think of crossing me, I'm not afraid to put you down."