Shadow Spartans

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  1. The Shadow Spartans are an elite black ops unit. The best of the best at what they do picked at early stages of training stated to have died and everything else stripped from records. The unit consists of six spartans, That operate deep behind enemy lines, only retriving supply drops at the beginning of thier mission give bare essentails everything else thay have to "barrow" from the Covenant.

    Thier mission given directly from the UNSC Commadant is to infiltrate a Covenant communication station on a desolant world and sabatuge it.

    Floating deep in enemy space on modifed prowler UNSC Shadow Fire the Shadow Spartans base of operations, the group of spartans await thier next misson

    - Incoming transmission for Callsign Shadow -
    "Patch it through Angel"
    -Misson directive from Commadant-

    "Spartan Hate, you and your Team are to infiltarte and sabutage a Covenant Comms station here are the cordnaites use any means nessercry. What are the supplys need for your mission?"

    Taven pauses and thinks. "I will need my basic load out" Taven Helmet would gaze around his fellow spartans "You know the drill hop to it we dont have all day"
  2. Shuan stood up as he smirked. " Another infiltratin mission? Is it a hostile take over? " Shuan asked as he looked to taven for the answer, as he waited he fiddled with his combat knife at his side. " Hmhmhmhmhm. This will be fun! " Shuan said with a great big smile finally getting his chance to get back at the covenant scum bags.
  3. Felicity keeps to herself listening to her orders. Snapping the clip back into her AR she looks over at the others. Each had their own reason to be fighting in this war, reasons fuelled missions. Setting her AR on her lap, she never left it any where, she pulls out both knives double time and examines them. nodding to herself she shoves them back into their cases that blended into her armor. standing and picking up her AR she leans back against the wall and looks at Taven for specific instructions.
  4. Scorch looked at Taven. "Can I blow something up this time? I'm getting tired of being covert.. I mean I know it's essential and I don't want too many Covy's but still." He looked at his helmet visor as he held it in his hands.
  5. Monica put on her helmet and stood to receive her orders, "Ready for anything, boss. I've checked over the coordinates and found a clear drop point about 3 miles to the southwest that should get us in and out as quickly as possible."
  6. Chuckles to herself at the two eagerness, like two puppies ready for a walk. Shoving off the walk with a slight creak from her armor she over to stand behind the others. Comfortable to stand and watch rather than speak she just waits for the detailed instructions.
  7. Scorch looked at Felicity and nodded respectively then looked back at the squad leader.
  8. Monica stood straight, "Boss, if I could make a suggestion. I think it would bend highly in our favor to capture the comm station instead of destroy it. Valuable intel may still be recovered and the station would make a great base of operations for other companies who are landing on planet to take over the ground battle."
  9. "Monica.." Scorch piped in. "That planet would end up glassed like every other on." He tucked his helmet under his right arm.
  10. She shook her head, "Not necessarily. Capturing a Covenant comm station is a big deal with unlimited possibilities. Linguistics leaders know the language and logistics leaders know the codes. We could give convincing information that could lead Covenant war ships right into traps and knock down their artillery against us. We couldn't keep it up long, but we could take out a few of the mother ships in that short time and better even the playing field."
  11. "Well, accomplishing the impossible is what we Spartans do.. But what happens if we're discovered, taking the whole base covertly would be pretty difficult." He looked over at Monica.
  12. "Difficult is a far cry from impossible, soldier." She chuckles and looks down, "Besides, you just want an excuse to use your new explosive toys~..."
  13. "Can you blame me? It's been MONTHS since I've blown anything up!" He laughed.
  14. "I'm sure you'll get your chance at some point..." She chuckles and returns to listening to Taven.
  15. "That doesn't help you know." He smileld and hit her in the arm playfully.
  16. She nudged him back, "Focus, Boomer~..."
  17. "Right.. So what's up boss man?" He looked to the squad leader.
  18. Drifting back to reality he nods to every one his helmet scans his crew, his gaze first lands on Monica. "Capturing the Comms Station and extracting info from is would be a great stratgic move, we will retrive intel but thats it, an operation like that, luring covenant fleets into ambushes would take months, months that could be used doing more critical operations. As for using this planent for a bass of operations for a company of ground forces would be suicidal. We are deep with in enemy lines the moment they would leave slip space the Covenant would know and send out a fleet to slaughter them." His skull painted helment would then turn to Schorch. "But would we could do it take one of our warheads and hide it with in the station and prodcast fake transmission from it to lure them to send a large force in then when they send thier units in to recapture it and once they access a certain consel or open a certain door it will go off just to cause some choas." Taven chukles at the tought of the look on the alien's faces as the warhead goes off.

    Looking at Shuan now he speaking once more. We will do a hostial take over kill every last one of them as quickly as possible and siently as well only going loud when our cover is blown. Pausing for a few seconds to gather all of his thoughts and form a plan he activets the hologram projecter of the world and coms unit.

    "This is how will do it we will land at Monicas Drop Zone scope the place out for a few minutes. We will place a transmisson jammer to prevent them from calling back up. We will then pick off any outside forces once done, infitrate with close quaters killing, Once in side we will hack into thier system and get blue prints and clear it room by room. Once the Comms station is clear extract intel and send it back to earth then Scorch can arm the warhead active the false trasmisson and leave. In and out. Any input or questions Spartans?
  19. "I have a question, when can I blow up the covies?" Scorch laughed and pulled on his helmet.
  20. Chuckles to herself at Scoch's comment and puts on her helmet. She knew her orders but never made the first move unless instructed. Stepping back from the others about a foot she waits.