Shadow Spartans

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  1. Looking to do a Halo based roleplay action packed, romance is allow but if you wish to smut do so in differnt thread or pm

    Basicly we are know only as the Shadow Spartans we are a group of black ops Spartans our names earased from all records we operate in deep enemy territory rarely getting assitance expect of supply drops for our missions. Based out of a larger model of a pelicon with living quarters and capable of slip space jumping we recivce orders from the Commadant of the UNSC himself.

    Name: Taven Kuro
    Type of Armour: MJOLNUIR VI
    Armour apperance: Black Armour with his helemt visor color black as well with a white skull engraved on to it
    Weapons: A sword on his back, Battle rifle and Magnam
    Speicalzations: Stealth and Sniping
    Armour abilitys: active camofluage, and thruster pack.
    background: Taven was taken from his family like the rest of the kids he was in the same group of spartan subjects that Master Cheif was in early stages of test Taven showed great skilled and was recuited for more intenste training then what the others had to go through. He was soon made leader of a Black ops Saprtan team he was listed as one of the kids that had died and everything else was removed from exsitance.
  2. Name: Meinrad Jaeger, Nickname: Scorch
    Type of Armor: Deadeye armor type
    Armor Appearance: (blue is black and yellow is red, still red visor, "Scorch" painted on chest)
    Weapons: retractable blade welded to right gauntlet (like KZ3 capture troopers), assault rifle w/60 shot mags, shotgun, pistol, rucksack of explosives and grenades.
    Specializations: Demolitions expert.
    Armor Abilities: Armor lock, active camo
    Backround: Scorch was part of the Spartan II program and excelled in demolitions, he was part of several teams but always ended up being the only survivor, and was eventually put into Shadow Spartan training and still proved to be a master among the others in explosives, through the years he has aquired several scars and burns but nonetheless still loves explosions and fire.
  3. Name: Jackie Taylore
    Armor Type: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R Variant
    Armor Appearance: Primary colour is Black with the highlight of Yellow. Some of the armor is scuffed and there are visible scrapes.
    Weapons: Battle Rifle and M45 Tactical Shotgun, as well as a K-Bar knife
    Specializations: Hand to Hand Combat and Communications
    Armor Abilities: Armor Lock and Hologram
    Background: Jackie found herself involved in the Spartan program along with other children. Rising through the ranks, she soon became a Hand-to-Hand combat expert and also becoming a Communications officer. It was later on that she was recruited to join the Black Ops Spartan Program and her name was stricken from all records.
  4. So at the moment it is s three i have a question when we start the actul rp do you want to start off at a breifing or right in the begining/middle/after a battle. waiting on to see if we can get at least 1 more person hopfuly 2 more to join before starting
  5. We could do a briefing, like a flash back, and then start at the beginning of the battle.
  6. Ok ya that sound like an idea I hope we can get some more people soon i will be starting this rp though even if its just us three we could maybe if someone wants to join work them into the plot.
  7. Sounds like a plan. I would like for more people to join, but maybe starting out small is a good thing. Either way, what are we going to battling anyways?
  8. I was thinking an attack on a covenent world thats used for communiactions then move from their obouisly fighting brutes and even flood later on i have a good idea for the flood part
  9. Just saying I'm up for whatever the idea is, I'm just excited for a Halo rp, I'm a Halo fanatic. Oh I was wondering, if we ever get Assault Rifles are we using the ones from Halo CE or the other Halo's? Like the 60 shot mags or 32?
  10. Its gonna be a combantion of a lil of everything so it wont matter there could be your standerd issued Assult Rifle with a 32 round mag then your idk ODST (or some modified named) Assult rifle with 60 round mag like wise can be done with other weapons but lets not get out of hand with weapon modifications understand what im saying?
  11. Lulz, yeah I understand.
  12. I will start the thread tonight or tomarrow ill post link in here
  13. I would love to get in on this!

    Name: Monica "Scout" Stafford

    Type of Armour: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (Gen 2)/S Variant

    Armour appearance: The orange areas are black. Everything else is pretty much the same.

    Weapons: Assault Rifle, SMG on hip, Sniper Rifle on back, small dagger/knife in hidden compartment on forearm

    Specializations: Recon, piloting/tech, stealth emphasis (assassination), technical infiltration (data rape/virus insertion)

    Armour abilities: active camouflage, and hologram

    Background: Monica was thrown into the Spartan II program and was the only one from her colony. She quickly excelled in technical infiltration, and recon missions. She learned how to maintain and fly most types of UNSC aerial vehicles as well as a few of the known schematics for Covenant aerial vehicles. She can be counted on as a tech and a pilot and is just as good at long-range battle (preferably from a perch with a sniper rifle) as she is at infiltrating and dispatching within enemy territory via assassination or data rape. It wasn't long before her name was erased from the records and she was recruited into Black Ops Team "Glitch" whose soul purpose was to plant a virus within a high class Covenant war-ship's mainframe to extract data and cripple defenses within that region. She returned alone, injured but alive, aboard a stolen Covenant Phantom drop-ship after successfully planting the virus. Soon after, with the Glitch team down to one member, she was recruited to the Shadow Spartans team.

    I hope this is agreeable. I'm a little rusty on my Halo :/
  14. Ah.. the smg, completely forgot about those since they were removed after ODST.
  15. Name: Rusty " Eclipse " Moon

    Type of Armour: MJOLNUIR VI

    Armour apperance: Purple Armor with a dark blue visor with notches on his helmat that indicates how many he has killed on duty

    Weapons: DSR1 subsonic sniper rifle, M4A1 sub machine gun, K12 simie automatic pistol, And a 12/2 inch long combat knife.

    Speicalzations:Sniping and recon

    Armour abilitys: (( Will come later ))

    background: Being drafted into the war he is set out to get back home as soon as possible but he soon finds out that one single elite had
    broken into his home and killed his loved one's, so he had vowed that he will avenge his loved one's death's and kill each and every one of the scum that had started this war.
  16. Getting some pretty interesting Spartans on the team.
  17. I actually know taven irl he tole me to join so here i am. n.n isn't that right taven?
  18. Intrigueing :omg:
  19. Vedy vedy intedesting.