Shadow Runners

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Bria walked down the avenue towards the apartments that stood tall against the waterfront. It was around midnight and everything was hidden in the shadows of the night. This was the time that Bria loved the most.

As she walked, a stray breeze played with her long auburn hair causing it to billow out behind her like a flag. She raised her head up towards the sky, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of the wind on her face and the crisp coolness of the fall night. As she walked, she could feel the familiar thump of her backpack between her shoulder blades. She was coming home from a day of writing in the park and she was ready to put her scribbled words onto the computer and organize her thoughts.

She lowered her head and opened her blue eyes that could only be described as the color of the Caribbean Sea. She took in the sights of the tree lined street as she walked and tried to imagine what it would have been like in the Victorian Era, her new favorite time period. She loved learning about the fashion of that time period and all the parties and the social systems.

She was lost in her own world when she caught a movement in the shadows to her right. She whirled around, her hair fanning out behind her.

"Who's there?" She cried out into the black night.


She crept forward, nervous but determined. She was brave and would always stand tall and strong.

"I know you're there. Just come out now." She tried to sound comforting but there was a tremor in her voice that hinted at her nervousness.

There was a rustling and Bria tensed, ready to face whoever and whatever came out at her. What she saw was a boy. A very attractive boy at that. Bria's blue eyes widened.