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  1. [​IMG]
    Hello Shadow-Runner, I'm contacting you directly after persuading you're fixer to give me your business information. I prefer to contact all my business associates directly, Fixers sometime get the mission briefing all jumbled up you see.
    Enough rambling, another Shadow-Runner has all the mission needed to complete the mission. He is at this location:

    Seattle, Washington
    Mowdreans Bar

    He goes by Quake, you can't miss him.
    As for a reward, 1 Million Nuyen(Money) per person sound fair?

    Mister Johnson


    We shall all start up at the bar, where I shall read out the operation I have planned. :)
    Incase you're not familiar with the Shadowrun world, it's Cyperpunk and Fantasy mixed into one. The traditional fantasy races (Elves, Dwarves, Orks, and Trolls) are living in our world, and magic and cybernetics clash. Mages are just as common as cyborgs, but you can't have both. The more cybernetics you have, the less effective you are with magic.
    For more info:
    Shadowrun Wiki
    Always have fun!
    Feel free to start some drama IC but DO NOT do it OOC.
    Make friends with you fellow RPers!
    Follow all site rules
    I trust you to not make too powerful of characters, but if I feel you are being alittle too god-like I will step in.​
    1. Warning​
    2. GM post injuring your character, warning.​
    3. GM post killing your character​
    Finally, try and make your character unique and entertaining.

    Origin: (Where you from)

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: (Kidnapping, Smuggling, etc.)
    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?:
    Past-Life: (Bio)

    Skill Set Specialization: (From demolition, to espionage, to hacking, to summoning, and anything in between.)
    Weapon Specialization: (Is your preference a pistol or two, or maybe a rifle. Fist or blade? Maybe a laptop or a spellbook.)
    Special Gear:
    Armor or Clothing: (Picture or description)

    To Be Added


    Character Roster
    To Be Added
  2. [​IMG]
    Gear, go hack that Terminal.

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: Nothing is refusable if enough cash comes with it.
    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?: Joined up with a security group named Night Shade. Mostly elves tho, so I figured I could go as a freelancing Shadow-Runner.
    Past-Life: Don't worry about it.

    Skill Set Specialization: Stealth and Demolition. I leave any hacking to Gear, but I can hold my own in a fight.
    Weapon Specialization: Automatic Weapons and Explosives.
    Special Gear: Gear is a fist size robot that excelles in hacking. He reconginzes my voice, and my voice alone.
    Armor or Clothing: ^Above
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  3. Is the link up?
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Kojirou Sasaki

    Alias: Assassin

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 35

    Origin: Japan

    Personality: Contemplative, serene, and wise.

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: Breaking a contract.

    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?: Protecting his clan.

    Past-Life: Kojirou Sasaki, supposedly named after a famous swordsman of ancient times, grew up as the heir to a well-regarded corporate family with samurai roots. When corporate espionage by rival companies destroyed his family's business empire, Kojirou vowed to defend the surviving members of his clan by selling his impressive combat skills to the highest bidder. He quickly became a renowned assassin and mercenary who saw service against foes ranging from man to monster. Kojirou was a prodigy of the sword and a proficient unarmed martial artist as well. He studied the Choju-ryu sword style and utilized a three-slice attack known as Tsubame Gaeshi that was fast enough to cut the wings off a swallow in flight. His level of fitness and conditioning also made him a natural acrobat and unusually stealthy. He wielded an heirloom katana passed down through his family known as the Monohoshizao, which was said to have been wielded by his namesake centuries ago.

    Skill Set Specialization: Karate, kenjutsu (Choju-ryu), acrobatics, stealth, urban tracking.

    Weapon Specialization: Katana or unarmed.

    Special Gear: Monohoshizao (katana)

    Armor or Clothing:

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  5. Hm, little shady of Mr. Johnson there, to meet indirectly (well, or this Quake, for all intents and purposes, now is Mr. Johnson). Is that million nuyen payout indicative of us being Runners in the business for a while, and thus worth such sums, or is this more we're starting out and the payout's too good to be true?

    The answer is likely to effect just how much my character would have, in terms of gear, 'ware, spells, or whatever else.

    I may also wait a bit on putting a character together to see what some of the other characters are doing. I'm sure we won't exactly be constrained to the sort of roles the tabletop game tends toward, but it may still be good to have something closer to the standard team of decker, mage, infiltrator, street samurai. I don't want to end up contributing to a problem of like, 4 or 5 guys who all fight good but not much else, in other words.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: rias
    Alias: whisper of death
    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Origin: southern africa

    Personality: cold, brutal and sarcastic
    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: harming and killing children
    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?: after the end of a bloody civil war rias decided to take her combat skills to a more profitable living.
    Past-Life: rias was born in a small village in South Africa where she lived up until she was 5. That's when a warlord came through killing all the adults and taking all the children for child soldiers and prostitutes. When rias showed proficiency with a rifle they began to train her as a child soldier this would be her life for the next 16 years fighting civil war after civil war, this was until Mr Johnson offered her a new career.

    Skill Set Specialization: recon, sniping, jiu jitsu
    Weapon Specialization: a m1911 and an m40a5
    Special Gear:
    Armor or Clothing: a worn tank top, an old army jacket and a pair of cargo pants and some black boots
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  7. [​IMG]
    Gerald Tyker






    Gerald is generally a calm and collected individual, focusing on whatever task is being done and leaving all other concerns aside until it's relevance emerges again. However, this leaves him sometimes forgetful, and not remembering rather vital tasks if a clear reminder wasn't left for him. When not on the job he is usually found either practising his skills, playing games that test the mind, or simply strolling along the street taking in the crowds.

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?
    Kidnapping of people for another man's profit. In other words he will still take jobs to kidnap someone, but not if he's aware the kidnap is simply for something like the Slave Trade. He doesn't hold an issue with the Slave Trade itself, just being connected to it as a seller since it leaves too many chances for it to follow him back again for what is usually little pay.

    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?
    After a massive accident which forced Cybernetic reconstruction he lost a level of respect among those in martial art fields. For he focused on styles that were about purity of body and soul, and a cyborg is hardly pure in either. So with his main trade now gone, but his skill set for combat still present he could either join the army or become freelance. Being in the army paid less and didn't provide the agency of choosing his own boss, so he went with Shadow Running.

    He grew up in the city, living rather poor he was forced to fight to survive often. This led to him learning both a variety of defensive techniques, and on how to avoid combat when needed. This mean being in the shadows as a kid, stealing what he could and avoiding public eye whenever possible. But one time he got caught, and by a respected swordsman mercenary no less. This lead to him eventually being introduced into a community where he was taught more refined ways of the sword, along with marksmanship from those who fancied guns.

    Skill Set Specialization
    Swordplay & Gun Play

    Weapon Specialization
    Main Specialization with a Blade.
    Fall Back Specialization is dual pistols

    Special Gear
    Augmentations and Cybernetics, enough for him to be half Machine.

    Armor or Clothing
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Honoka Oda
    Alias: Miku, Diva,
    Gender: Female
    Metatype: Human
    Age: 21
    Origin: Japan

    Often witty and sarcastic. Level-headed realist with a fairly pragmatic view toward shadowrunning: she isn’t sticking it to the man or anything; it’s just a job.

    Once she takes a job, she sees it as a point of professional pride to see it complete to the best of her ability, regardless of what may happen during the run, and she considers it particularly poor form to steal from an employer or otherwise attempt to go back on things after the job’s been agreed to. She does, however, consider her options carefully beforehand, and is the sort to be careful about the kinds of jobs she takes, particularly if she feels she might be left hung out to dry. She prefers to avoid unnecessary deaths on a run, not due to any dislike of killing, but due to the fact that a pile of corpses is going to draw way more attention. The best-laid plans won’t last very long, but better to have a few that aren’t simply “go in guns blazing.”

    She still enjoys singing, and performs at some of the local bars from time to time, when the opportunity presents itself. She’s unlikely to discuss her past actively with people she doesn’t know well, if only because it’s unlikely they’d believe her. If asked about her appearance, her usual answer is that people are less likely to take her seriously.

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: Wetwork makes her a little uncomfortable.
    What got you into the Running business?: About the time Shiawase started marketing a suite of cosmetic surgery and ‘ware that allowed one to look exactly like her, she started to have some serious second thoughts on just how much she’d signed away in her idol contract, so she got out when she could. Of course, if you ask Shiawase, she’s still right there with them...

    Honoka started life in Japan, somewhere near the lower rungs on the social ladder. After much hard work and many failed auditions, she managed to be scouted by one of Shiawase’s subsidiaries as an idol singer. Taking on the identity of Aria Advance, she was an emerging pop star. For a while, it was like a dream come true, although the ironclad and stifling contract eventually caused her to drop into the shadows. Various things here and there along the way helped, like the occasional mandatory installation of bioware or cyberware as either part of her “image,” or to play spokesmodel. (Shiawase has absolutely no qualms about admitting that their idols are often augmented to get a leg-up, and happy to also say exactly how.) She still hasn’t figured out that part of the reason she was scouted in the first place was that her body adapts particularly well to such enhancements.

    At the end of the day, shadworunning sometimes feels less stressful, and certainly pays better. Shiawase, of course, still has Aria’s SIN and identity, and someone to fill the role, even if she isn’t the original. She’s had the money to actually get herself a new face a few times, but she’d rather be thought of as one of Aria’s weird poseur fans than to get herself a new and different set of features just to distinguish herself, particularly when it’s her face they’re copying.

    Skill Set Specialization: Automatic weapons, pistols, perception, performance, negotiation and other social skills. (more skills of note, out of Shadowrun proper.)
    Weapon Specialization: Automatics, pistols, and some unarmed combat.
    Special Gear:
    Synaptic Boosters - Cultured nerve fibers broaden and replicate major nerves within the body, allowing for a greater neural bandwidth and enhanced reaction time.

    Cybereyes - Honoka's alpha-grade cybereyes look very close to the real thing, and include a large variety of internal gear, in addition to the standard image link for AR functionality. She has low-light and thermal vision modes, a smartlink, flare compensation, vision magnification, and vision enhancement.

    Datajack - She's no hacker, but she does have a datajack, which is useful at times. Even if it's mostly useful for things like downloading new patterns for her hair.
    Fiber-optic hair - A cosmetic augmentation from her idol days, fiber-optic hair can be patterned with a variety of hair colors, including patterns that would never occur naturally, such as shimmering stars, glowing streaks, and anything else one could reasonably imagine and program in.

    Vocal range enhancer - Shiawase openly embraces and advertises the use of vocal-enhancement bioware on their performers, which avoids a majority of the backlash associated with such modifications.

    Muscle Augmentation and Toner - Bioware modifying the muscles of the body both for additional muscle fibers and for flexibility, increasing strength and agility.

    Tailored Pheromones - Specially-tailored pheromones to subtly influence others. Only useful when said others are in a distance to hold a conversation, but they certainly do help when one wishes to gain the upper hand in a social situation.

    Ares Alpha, Ares Predator V, Fichetti Security 600, Yamaha Pulsar taser.
    A wide assortment of grenades.
    Assorted ammunition types: Gel and Stick-n-Shock rounds for non-lethal attacks, plenty of regular ammo, and some APDS rounds for the rifle.
    Shock gloves

    An armored suit (Zoe Executive Suite) for meetings and getting around fancy places.
    Probably a few other high-fashion armor options, such as decently-equipped Mortimer of London, including a custom-fitted armored greatcoat, which is handy for concealing weapons.
    An armored jacket for more typical walking around or ‘running.
    Customized ballistic mask

    Other things:
    A couple decent fake SINs and associated fake licenses for her gear.
    Suzuki Mirage motorcycle
    Trauma patches

    Armor or Clothing:
    See above picture for the character in general, as that is her armor often enough, thanks to miracles of modern materials science. She prefers to dress conservatively, in full suit (slacks, shirt, vest, jacket) and tie. It does tend to give her a somewhat masculine look, but it helps take the edge off also looking exactly like Aria Advance.

    If I can actually think up the proper background for a mage, I might swap out for one, so we're a bit more diversified than a whole lot of classic cyberpunk. Not that it's wrong to do that, either.

    I'll probably be adding in actual descriptions for the cyber- and bioware, a least, if I stick with this one. She's mostly another street sam, but has a pretty solid social bent, which should be handy. Shockingly, most of that gear is available to a starting character in Shadowrun. ...well, almost. She's probably got a little more in the cybernetics department than would necessarily be there. And I might shuffle a few bits around, come to think of it.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Name: ????? (Name Undeclared)

    Alias: Rider

    Gender: Male (Presumably)

    Race: Elf (Helmet makes this difficult to tell. He never takes it off.)

    Age: Late 20's (Judging by the voice coming from the helmet.)

    Origin: Seattle; born, raised, and dumb enough to stay.

    The Rider is dark, mysterious, and elusive... Until you spend more than five minutes with him. Then he's just annoying. He's the kind of guy who's a little too enthusiastic about things and doesn't know when to stop talking. He's also got interesting hobbies for a runner.

    For one, he's a huge anime nerd and he spends a shameful amount of time watching overly cheerful animated Japanese girls squeak their way around a TV screen. He plays way too many video games outside of that to the point where he thinks it's cool (and normal) to have one-liners pouring constantly from his mouth when he's out shooting at things/people/unidentified violent objects. In short, The Rider, seemingly mysterious and mature when passing him on the street or seeing him in a bar, is actually a huge nerd hopped up on video games and Japanese merchandise.

    He's also a tech junkie and getting him to stop playing on his PDA is like trying to scrape the ugly off a troll. He's good with tech. Not so good with girls. Rider can't really talk to women. His explosive personality dries up and dies with a whimper around women. He simply doesn't know how to approach them or what to say. His lack of 'success' with women and his inability to talk to them doesn't bother him for long though. The way he puts it, "Well, 2D girls are cuter and nicer anyway. I'll stick with 2D."

    Despite his eccentricities, Rider can hold his own. He's talented as hell with technology and he's a prolific Decker. He's also got a lot of talent with mechanical technology. The armored suit he wears and the motorbike he rides to get around (hence the name "Rider") were both designed and built by him. That's not to say he can't hold his own in a firefight. He's got pretty decent aim and any mistakes can be brushed off by the fact that the suit is armored enough to stop direct hits to the more heavily armored sections. Not to mention the fact that the suit aids his movement and allows him to carry a stupid amount of guns should he need to. He also never takes the helmet off. Hides his identity, you know how it is.
    The suit also has a sound system and a gesture controlled PDA browser on the inside for the wearer. For some reason. You can probably guess why. No one can see what you're watching when the screen is inside a reinforced and mildly intimidating helmet. And yes, you probably would be ashamed to be on the same team as him if you could see what it was.​

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?:
    "Damn it, I should really say something cool here but I can't think of anything. I don't wanna lose potential contracts. Ummm... no kids...? ...or pets...? Maybe some pets. If they have it coming. Like those little yappy dogs that never shut the fuck up, those I'm okay with shooting at."

    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin' business?:
    "I needed money for... stuff. I got a thing for umm... foreign merchandise, if you know what I mean. What? Ew no, not that foreign merchandise, geez. Dude... that's fucked up. No, I meant like anime and manga and stuff, you know? I mean, yeah it's a little weird to get into the Shadow Running biz to pay for a hobby, but hey, I'm an ambitious guy. Go big or go home, you know?"

    "But it's totally worth it! That Limited Edition Kawaii Star Idol statue set I paid an arm and leg for (almost literally)? Super rare. Like, there are dudes out there who'll kill you for it. I swear, I had to physically fight my way to the front of the line so I could pre-order one. And it came with this totally cute keychain! So worth it. I take it everywhere I go."

    "Also... I maaay or may not have had a massive debt to pay off to people who maaay or may not have been looking for an excuse to kill me over said debt. Good news is, once I figured I was actually good at this Shadowrunning thing, I went and killed them instead."

    Rider was born and grew up in Seattle. He wasn't raised in a slum or anything, actually, his family was doing alright. They had food to eat and no one wanted to shoot them. The slums were far away and just a distant idea. [NAME REDACTED] had the luxury of being born a cute, plump baby and the idea that he'd one day end up a slightly sociopathic killer/decker for hire was nothing more than a nightmare you forget about five minutes after you awaken. A sizey trust fund from a wealthy grandparent helped his father make a nice living and kept [NAME REDACTED] in school and on his way to an engineering degree.

    He would have had a nice life set up just like his dad's. It's too bad he flunked out of university due to laziness. After that, it was all downhill. Jobless and riding on whatever was left of his dad's money (most of which was spent on, you guessed it, his hobby) [NAME REDACTED] made one dumb decision after another and ended up thinking he could gamble and win himself a fortune. Well, gamble, cheat, and then win himself a fortune. He had it all set up. The terminals were hacked, the payout was set out for him, and all he had to do was keep playing. Too bad the gang that owned the place figured it out before he could squirrel away with all that nuyen. Instead of killing him, they made him pay a debt in order to get his dad's rapidly shrinking pile of money.

    With almost nowhere left to run, [NAME REDACTED] tried the last option on the list. Shadow Running. And as fate, luck, or the universe's RNG would have it... he turned out to be pretty good at it. Really good. Way better than a day job, that's for sure.

    Now, he's made a name for himself as a reliable decker, messenger (remember the bike?), and of course, killer for hire. Most Mister Johnson's are a little wary the first time they hire him and find out his mouth fires faster than his guns (that or the abundance of questionably clothed anime girls); but once they see his work, they know he's worth the nuyen... and the one-liners... and the weird hobby... and the annoying personality... and the part where he got kinda weird around the secretary...

    Point is, he's worth hiring.​

    Skill Set Specialization:
    Excellent hacker, gunman, and unsurprisingly, a good wheelman too. All that riding on the motorbike is good practice for when you really need someone to drive you out of someplace fast.​

    Weapon Specialization:
    Uses a variety of firearms, though he tends to keep an M1911 as a workhorse handgun. His favorite rifle is a FAMAS G2, lovingly cared for and named Miki-chan. Don't ask.

    He also has a thing for grenades and stuff that blows up and looks cool.

    Special Gear:
    The custom made suit of armor serves as both protection and hacking equipment. All the hacking hardware and software is kept in the helmet, so hacking is still a possibility so long as the helmet remains intact. Rider also tends to use a motorbike (also lovingly cared for and also with a slightly creepy name) to get around quickly. Besides being very well maintained and a sweet piece of machinery, there's nothing special about the bike. No guns, no hidden gadgets, nothing. Sorry guys, no James Bond oil slicks or smoke screens here.​

    Armor or Clothing:
    "Oh what, the armor? I know, fuckin' sweet, right? I made it myself. Knew I'd put all those engineering classes to good use eventually. Just cause I was lazy didn't mean I wasn't good at it."

    The armor Rider tends to wear is indeed quite a feat of engineering. As stated before, the helmet acts as a user-interface which is usually linked to the suit, providing things such as equipment status, a rough mapping of the currently observed surroundings, and even simple enemy tracking and movement prediction. To be completely honest, Rider probably relies on the armor a lot more than he'd like to admit. It's quite a boon, but you might even call it a crutch. Either way, it works.

    While the helmet stores all the important hardware and is therefore reinforced like crazy to protect it, the body is mostly armor and movement guiding servos (though it too is reinforced like crazy anyway). The armor is thick and made up of reactive fibers that cluster around impacts, giving it a lot of stopping power while allowing joints to remain mobile. With multiple layers of the stuff, the armor can take a beating before it even shows any signs of giving way. Unfortunately, this also makes the armor heavy. In order to counter that, the armor's joints are aided by mechanical servos. They move as the wearer moves, so most of the effort required to heft the armor around is done by the suit itself. Rider isn't going to be running along walls, but he can take a hit and the helmet can make returning that hit nice and easy.

    And yes, the helmet still has the sound system and browser for the wearer. Just because we're at the end of the character sheet doesn't mean it went away. It's still there. And you'd still be ashamed of him.

    "It's not a cartoon, it's an anime!"

    I know he's not all that classic Shadowrun, but I've wanted to play a character like this for a while. He's like a Decker/Street Samurai Hybrid ...ish?

    pls no bully, senpai​
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  10. I'm sure something interesting would happen with Rider once he realized Honoka is a real live Japanese idol. Or looks like one, which is probably good enough.
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  11. You know, I actually only skimmed over everyone else's sheets before I made mine, but I fully read them all once I finished. When I got to yours, I quickly realized just what exactly I had just set up.
    At least we're guaranteed some interesting character interactions, haha!

    Also, @Lonewolf888978
    How soon can we get an IC going? Not trying to rush you, but I'm curious about what sort of time frame we should expect before we're able to get started.
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Sylvia Daylin

    Alias: Sunny Day

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf (Human-looking)

    Age: 82 (as of 2077) looks mid thirties

    Origin: Raised in Boston, MA, USA, resides in Seattle, UCAS

    Personality: Bright and enthusiastic. Passionate about her psychiatry practice (even though she’s lost her liscense), loves the adventure of discovering hidden places and the thrill of running in the shadows. She is warm and open most of the time, though occasionally comes off as over eager. Rarely she becomes agitated or paranoid and will attempt to avoid any questions or contact with others.

    What length of crime do you refuse to do?: She will not deal with Bunraku or human/meta-human trafficking. She will not take a job specifically for meta-human violence. She generally doesn’t do wetwork though she doesn’t mind others on her team handling that part, but no wetwork of underage kids. She will not sell any client information, nor will she do anything to harm her relationships with her contacts.

    What got you into the Shadow-Runnin’ business?: The best thing that ever happened to her was the revocation of her Psychiatry license. She met so many more interesting people than when she was stifled in a Corp Office. While she was settled in her new ‘independent practice’ she was pulled to explore the new world she’d been thrown into. Her new contacts saw her potential for negotiating new contracts, or simply convincing others to be a little more sympathetic towards her (and her contact/teams) causes. The money was an added bonus, something she used to extend her personal library of rare books. The thrill of the runs got her hooked to it though.

    Past-Life: Sylvia Michelle Daylin – Born January 5th, 1995
    Height: 5’11” Weight: 165 lbs Hair: Blonde (kept in a short bob) Eyes: Hazel Cyberware: None

    Her parents, not realizing she was an elf, thought that her ears were deformed and had ‘corrective’ surgery done to make then look close to a normal human’s. She grew up as human with her older sister, Amy Elizabeth Daylin born February 18, 1992. The two were very close, and were sent to live with their paternal aunt and uncle in Boston, MA when Sylvia was 10, after her father committed suicide in a depressive episode. Her mother was a Senator for the United States (before the Ghost Dance War) and covered up the incident to maintain her public record.

    It had a deep impact on Sylvia, and was the main motivating factor to attend Boston University and eventually obtain her medical degree for clinical psychiatry. Her sister went to MIT (before it added the extra T) for mechanical engineering, and they both lived in their aunt and uncle’s home while they went to school, travelling the world on their off time on their Mom’s dime. It was the one thing they appreciated about her. By the time Sylvia was looking for her residency, Amy was working in Seattle. She was accepted to the University of Washington and moved out to live with her sister on the west coast.

    The night of May 1st, 2021 Sylvia woke up to screaming from her sister’s room. Amy had goblinized to a troll. Both of them, scared and uncertain, tried to find a reason for the change, but there was none that they could find. Amy closeted herself away for nearly a year before Sylvia convinced her she was still… human. Her mother disowned them both, now realizing what Sylvia was and what Amy had become.

    They lived secluded and in fear of the human gangs that had formed in the wake of goblinization. For the first five years after the change, the only people they really stayed in contact with were their aunt and uncle, who flew out from time to time to visit. They never once acted different around Amy. Her sister found remote work for an aerospace firm, and Sylvia became the outgoing one. She’d meet other trolls on purpose, mostly because she wanted her sister to see she can be happy. She’d bring them home to meet her. And while she was apprehensive at first, Amy eventually blossomed again.
    Sylvia met a man, and so did Amy. Both trolls. More than once they had to run from gene-gangs, but they were happy. She was a successful psychiatrist, Amy a topnotch engineer designing rockets for the space program. Luke and Peter, their respective partners, were famous mural artists in Seattle.

    Then the 14th Amendment passed and the Night of Rage, February 7th, 2039 destroyed her life. Luke, Amy, and Peter were taken by police for their protection to warehouses set up like detention centers. They wouldn’t let Sylvia stay with them. She watched as the warehouse they were packed into was firebombed by the Hand of Five, killing them all.

    She moved everything she had left back to Boston and took care of her ailing uncle, her aunt passing the year before. When he passed she inherited the house and everything in it. Childhood pictures, books, memories. She had seen everyone age around her but never noticed that she looked the same until she went through all those photos. She went to an elven doctor, and at the age of 45 she was told she was a spike baby, an elf born before the UGE wave in 2011.

    With this new insight, and the knowledge that she could possibly live for centuries, she decided she needed to move on. She didn’t want to end up like her father. Death wasn’t an option for her. Not for a while yet anyway. She didn’t want to settle down either though, so she moved across the countries spending 5 years in England, another seven in East Germany and then many others, moving from country and town whenever it became too dangerous/politically unstable or when she felt too attached to the people around her.

    Ten years ago she decided she was done moving from place to place. Seattle called to her, and she heeded. She was able to build a new identity through her aging corp friends who gave her a SIN and updated her aunt and uncle to grandparents, her sister dying of complications from goblinization, and her age reduced to 26. The only thing she had to do over was her residency at the University of Washington, now the University of Seattle. She started her life over again. She made new friends, new associates. She found work easily, and settled in. She was successful and grew a large practice. When Big Pharma pushed her to prescribe their drugs, she instead sold them on the black market doubling her income, allowing her to finally expand her book collection. She guarded herself from close relationships, but had many dalliances and acquaintances. When her scheme was found three years ago she thought she would have to start over, but her Pharma rep and several well-paying clients allowed her to continue her practice under the radar.

    Two years ago she began to experience hallucinations of a large black bird and heard voices. Her waking dreams terrified her enough that she went to another doctor for a second opinion who said it may be late onset schizophrenia. To this day she currently medicates herself for this illness, though more recently the drug’s effects seemed to have waned, which is not something that is supposed to happen with that type of medication. (meta-game: She Awakened, her latent magic becoming known, however she didn’t realize this for what it really was. There has yet to be a catalyst for her to know the truth. She is using her magical abilities unconsciously at the present time. Spells and usage are listed below) She hides her condition from everyone feeling Social Stress over her condition and necessary Addiction to medication, to the point where she will have a breakdown before she would let anyone find out about her supposed illness.

    Skill Set Specialization: First and foremost she holds heavy Influence over others with prominent Negotiation, Leadership and Etiquette skills. She has developed her Acting skills as well, with her Conning, Impersonation, and Performance almost as good as her Influence. She has a working knowledge of Chemistry and Computers, and since she began running she has learned to use both Blades and Pistols (though her Combat Paralysis makes it difficult for her to use those abilities in practice), and her pastime of urban exploration over the years has honed both her Perception and Sneaking abilities. While she may not see combat very often, she's got the Guts to to keep her wits about her in gruesome situations, refusing to be intimidated or show fear. She is currently unaware of her Spellcasting and Counterspelling skills, though she has been using them unconsciously to varying degrees. Lastly, due to the nature of her practice, she has heavy ties with Black Market Pipelines, Smugglers, and Organized Crime. She has also learned much about Street Drugs since her transition, and often works pro bono to help those in need break their addictions and combat their depression.

    Spells and Spell Usage: As mentioned, Sunny currently is unaware of her Awakened nature. She is Shamatic, with a Raven Mentor Spirit, though it cannot communicate with her as she only recognizes it as a waking terror in her life at this time. The spells that she has access to are mostly used to enhance her Influence, Acting, and Charisma based abilities. Fashion tailors clothes instantly to the castors wishes. This is her most used spell to do a quick change when she feels it appropriate, though she believes (or has made herself believe) that she is actually changing her clothes. Other spells she uses on occasion: Thought Recognition, Influence, Foreboding, Compel Truth, Agony, Sterilize, and Increased Reflexes. Though she doesn’t realize she’s casting, others around her with the ability to CAN notice, but she will plainly deny it. At this point she has not been noticed by any Security Corp for unlicensed magic use. She will only begin to use the spells listed after Fashion when under stress or when she is over reaching herself in Negotiations and Cons.

    Weapon Specialization: She takes a Fichetti Security 600 and a Combat Knife with her on her Shadow Running and urban exploration.

    Special Gear: She has her UE gear shown in the photo below, though this isn’t typically carried during runs unless she thinks it will be useful.

    Armor and Clothing: She has an Armored Jacket, though she recently acquired a set of Full Body Armor that she thinks might be too bulky. She also has a ‘hat’ which is really a 'Fashioned' Helmet that she uses when going on her urban exploration adventures and occasionally on runs. For every day she wears suits and chic business attire that makes her look very Johnson-like. For evenings or when she wants to make a good First Impression, she’s got several dresses to choose from, and if they don’t work then she’ll ‘find’ a new one with her Fashion spell. She dresses casual during her off time or when she's going on an Urban Exploration adventure. She also keeps an extra set of comfy clothes and soft bunny slippers in her office in case she gets tired of wearing a suit. Many of her patients have seen her dressed this way, but she doesn't mention their issues to the outside world so they don't mention her eccentricities either.

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  13. I'm gonna reserve a spot and I'll post the cs later on tonight ^_^
  14. Disclaimer: I literally just joined this site this morning. Any advice you all can provide regarding posts and the best ways to participate for both IC and OOC posts would be greatly appreciated. I'm an experienced tabletop gamer, but I haven't participated in a play-by-post in (and I'm aging myself a bit here) almost a couple of decades. I'm definitely looking forward to a Shadowrun game, it's my second favorite tabletop game of all time! Thanks in advance for helping a noob out!

  15. The only advice I can give is to use a second skipped line for paragraph breaks, to avoid big walls of text. That past life would probably be easier to read. It might also be a decent idea to put the various entries for "notable skills" etc. in bold or italic text to better distinguish them from the following text.

    But other than a few things for ease of reading, I can't think of anything else to suggest.
  16. Everything is looking awesome everyone! The IC post will be up tomorrow for sure.
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  17. Thanks a bunch! I edited my post so it should be a little bit easier on the eyes. I appreciate the feedback. Happy writing!
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