Shadow Reaver & AkiraWolf

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  1. Sarah walked through the forest and glanced around. Everything at this point was looking more and more unfamiliar to her. She knew she was lost, and the worst thing was that the sky was already darkening with storm clouds. When she had decided to go hiking she should have reconsidered the ten percent chance of rain. Running around she took refuge under a tree as it started to rain and the temperature got colder. At this point she would probably be sick along with lost.
  2. Leon was walking around the forest, listening to the sounds. He planned on hunting that night, if he tracked down something nice. The first few drops of rain dropped down, hitting the ground. Soon a thunderstorm would pelt down on the forest and all in it. He sighed and started heading back to his cabin, a little while away.
  3. Suddenly a noise sounded nearby and Sarah looked up. She begrudgingly got up and started heading into the woods again. If she wanted to last out the storm she couldn't just sit under a tree and wait for an animal to come and eat her. As it became darker she found it harder to see where she was going, and just as she was about to stop for the night she tripped and rolled down a hill. Sarah tumbled through the brush and hit a few rocks along the way, but that was the least of her concerns. When she finally reached the bottom she looked up and what she saw made her let out a piercing scream. There were wolves eating two deer. They looked up her and she swore their eyes were red.