Shadow in the Ice

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  1. I have an idea for a fantasy rp. Kind of like Eragon, for the fact that a pegasus is looking for her rider, but I don't know exactly where to go with it.

    Here's the little blurb I typed up:
    Through the blizzard, a shadow moved. Though barely visible through the falling snow, a form was definitely there. It seemed to glide through the fallen snow over the hills of the Northern Plains. It disappeared into the nearby forest, where the evergreens caught a majority of the snow on their pined branches. The visibility was greater here, and the form was the shape of a horse with great wings folded at its sides. Upon closer inspection, it was determined to be female, a black pegasus with matching mane and tail that flowed in the wind.

    She was one of the few last pegasus in the world, and one of fewer wild ones. Pegasi had been hunted down centuries ago for their feathers, fur, and hair. Now they were more rare than dragons, though like their mythical counterparts, search their lives for a worthy rider.

    This particular pegasus was stubborn, though she was selfless. She yearned for companionship and a purpose, rather than simply surviving. Though she did badly want a rider, she did not trust humans easily. She had seen too many of her kind shot down for no reason more than greed.

    If you guys have any ideas, please discuss below. I'd really appreciate it! :)
  2. I can see this as being interesting. I'm assuming you'd want to play the pegasus? Hrm...Depending on the general setting, this can be done in many ways, but the main idea I can think of is perhaps she is injured somehow, but gets away from the attacker or just in general ends up in the area of the other character. That character either has interest in pegasus only because they like myths and want to learn the truth, or just believe the almost extinct species doesn't exist anyway. Either way, that character might try to help the pegasus even if thinking they're imagining it, and thus a mild trust is formed, despite difficulty due to her distrust in humans that makes a lot of sense. From there...Well, there are other ways to go about it, and there are plenty of ways to continue it. Just a random idea I spurt out to try to get your attention~
  3. I was looking forward to playing the pegasus, yes.
    That idea sounds good! :) Would you like to play it out, or leave it to someone else?
  4. I am indeed interested. I had to spurt it out since I thought it sounded like a lot of fun! If you'll have me as a partner, of course.
  5. Of course, I'd love to! :D
    I'll make the thread real quick after I post the details of her character in this one