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  1. Jaydan Storm and Anthony Walker are thrid year shadow slayer partners. One day they come acrossed a mortal , who has no idea he/she is actually a slayer as well. After a long trail of denial they must go threw a series of missions to receive something important. On their missions the boys slowly start to fall in love with the mortal causing a few issues.
  2. Katelyn was walking around, on a job that consisted of hunting down creatures from the underworld.
    She must have been walking for hours when she came across two guys fighting some sort of shadow.
    She stated back a bit to only look what it was they were doing. They seemed to be handling it fine, and she would have hated to but it and mess the up.
  3. Jaydan laughed as Anthony yelled at the shadow irritatedly, "You stupid fucking shadow quit moving!!!" And dived onto the shadow to have it slip away again. "GOD DAMNIT!! JAYDAN QUIT LAUGHING AND HELP ME!" Anthony shouted at his partner.

    Jaydan laughed at Anthony's struggle being the care free one of the partnership the shared. "Alright alright." He laughed and started jumping after the demon as well. When he spotted a girl off in the distance.
  4. Katelyn watched the two deal with the demon.
    She laughed quietly as she watch one of them struggle while the other only laughed at him. She suddenly when she noticed one of them see her.
    Katelyn backed up a bit before starting to turn away and walk off.
  5. "Hey hey hey dude forget the shadow there's a girl staring at us!" Jaydan said playfully hitting Anthony's shoulder.

    Anthony glared, "Jaydan If we chased after all the girls that stared at you we'd be chasing every dane in the town pretty boy." Anthony smirked before the shadow saw katelyn and zoomed after her trying to excape.

    Jaydan laughed, "seems like we dont have a choice." And pulled anthony after the girl and shadow.
  6. Katelyn rolled her eyes when she heard what one of the guys said, her cue to leave.
    Before she could make another move, the shadow came her way, causing her to quickly duck away.
    "Shit.." just as the shadow passed over her, Katelyn looked behind her to see where it would heading.
  7. The boys came running after it. Jaydan stopped and gave a two finger half Sault and a smile, "ey cutie!" He laughed before running after the shadow and Anthony

    The shadow saw katelyn again and zoomed passed the boys once more and hid behind her legs letting out a little hiss.


    Anthony grunted, "ma'am may we need to contain the shadow due to boredom and amusement." He said sarcastically.

    Jaydan held out his hand, "names jaydan and this is my partner Anthony nice to meet you." He introduced himself.
  8. Katelyn looked down at the shadow that was now hiding behind her legs.
    "Katelyn," she said back to Jaydan and shook his hand. She had little time to acknowledge his earlier comment, but let it pass.
    She then bent down and put a special collar around the shadow's neck. She took out a small device with only an on button.
    "It can't walk more than ten feet away without getting a slight shock."
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  9. Anthony's jaw dropped, "you just... but.. hhhoowwwww" he whined staring at the demon in disbelief.

    Jaydan laughed, "sorry bout him he's a little short minded." He laughed tossing a peice of his hair to the side.

    Anothy was to shocked to make a mark ass comment. Well the demon nuzzled up to katelyn happily.


  10. Katelyn laughed a bit at Anthony's reaction.
    She pet the demon's head a bit as it nuzzled up to her.
    "A lot easier than how you two made it seem.." she stated jokingly.

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  11. Anthony grunter and crossed his arms in a pout, "we could of caught it easily!" He growled still irritarted at how easy it was for her.

    Jaydan laughed again, "hey you doing anything today?" He asked bending down and petting the shadow.

    The shadow growled at first then quickly nuzzled into his hand.
  12. "Sure you could've," Katelyn said with a slight smirk.
    Just as Jaydan bent down to pet the shadow, Katelyn stood up. "Nothing that I could remember," she answered his question.
  13. Anthony glared, "just watch ill catch my own!" He stated in a child like mannor.

    Jaydan rolled his eyes, "sorry bout him he's a sore loser, but, uh you wanna chill with us?" He asked not really having anything better to do.
  14. Katelyn only laughed at Anthony before turning to Jaydan.
    She thought about the question and shrugged her shoulders. "Sure, why not?"
  15. Jaydan smiled, "sweet, you down for coffee?" He asked her standing up now.

    Anthony pouted, "I like hot chocolate though."

    Jaydan laughed, "they have some at the coffee shop dipshit." He stated raising an eyebrow at his partners childish ways.
  16. "Fine by me," Katelyn said with a small shrug.
    She looked towards Anthony and only smiled a bit to how he was acting.
  17. Jaydan smiled, "so what do u normally do?" He asked stricking a conversation well walking to the shop.

    Anthony glared at the shadow and the shadow snickered at him.
  18. "Nothing interesting," Katelyn scoffed.
    She put her thumbs in her pockets as she walked and looked down at the shadow once hearing it snicker.
  19. Jaydan raised an eyebrow, "what no shadow chasing when your bored?" He laughed.
  20. Katelyn laughed a bit.
    "Nah. Not usually." She then thought a bit before speaking again. "Only got this one to show you how much easier it is than how you guys made it look."