Shadow Charm University (Modern Crossover RP)

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  1. Hallow Stone is a city with many sides. The citizens know to stay away from certain areas. The city's lone college, Shadow Charm University, hosts a sunny set of staff despite the building's dreary sight.
    The new semester has begun and the school welcomes all the new students with open arms. The halls are bare and the stone walls wait to echo the sounds of life once more.
  2. Armin was excited, he couldn't wait to start his first day of university. Though he wished he could've attended further training in the Scouting Legion with Eren and Mikasa he knew he'd just be slowing everyone down due to his physical weakness. Though he did miss them he knew that he'd be helping much more once he studies as a tactician. He was great with numbers and plots anyway.

    Stepping up to the school Armin felt his knees become weak and he started to shake, the school didn't look very welcoming at all in fact it looked like a bunch of brutes attended the school. Armin was tempted to flee because he never really went into a scary situation on his own before but he knew he would toughen up someday and face his fears! He took a hesitant step forward before halting altogether. His light blue eyes shifted left to right he hated that he was the first one there.


    Caliber was awaken by his older brother knocking on his bedroom door "Yo Cali wake up, you're goin' to be late on yo first day...pops and ma will kill me if they knew I let you miss yo first day." the Raichu gijinka said as he stood in the doorway watching the Pikachu curled in a ball.

    The older brother huffed and walked over to the yellow ball of fluff and picked it up by the scruff shaking it slightly causing the mouse Pokémon to growl in annoyance before opening its eyes. " Wake up!" the Raichu snaps as he walks to the draw and picks up a necklace and places it on the Pikachu turning him into a fairly short boy "You're goin' to school don't take that necklace off remember what happen in middle school?"

    Caliber huffed and dragged himself downstairs and out the door not bothering to eat or to get his bag. He hadn't to worry about clothes for his fur became his jacket and jeans.

    He walked down the street and towards the school. He looked up curiously at the large building and shrugged despite being an electric type Pokémon he enjoyed dark and creepy places.
  3. Tifa took a deep breath and sighed happily. She slammed her fist into the punching bag before her. She hummed in satisfaction as she finished up her morning exercise. She grinned, slipping off her training gloves and sport tape. She stretched and bounced on her toes as she headed to the shower, grabbing her clothes on the way. She liked training but hated smelling.

    She was glad that he show had not taken very long. She jogged slowly to the university and swallowed thickly at the sight of the place. She had just transferred here and building was slightly disturbing looking. She clenched her fists and took a deep breath. She rolled back her shoulders and strode forward. She smiled as she saw a blond-haired boy practically cowering on the steps. She smiled and bounced up to him, waving cutely.

    "Hi there! I'm Tifa. You new too?"
    Nick groaned softly as he walked down the sidewalk, straightening his jacket. He patted his pockets and grasped at his box of cigarettes. He took one out and lit it, huffing softly as the school came into view. He grumbled softly as he watched the smoke swirling in front of him. He hated trying to rush a cigarette but he refused to smoke in school, it was good practice for when he volunteered at the orphanage. He shook his head and looked at the front of the university. The ominous feel of the building put a chill up his spine, it was a going to be a long semester.
  4. Armin jumped at the sound of the voice belonging to the newcomer, spinning around he saw a cute young lady. "H-Hi Tifa, I'm Armin Arlert...yeah I'm new here...I hadn't expected the school to look scary." He said, he hoped that he didn't sound childish he was in college now and hoped to have made a good first first impression.


    Caliber lingered on the sidewalk for a moment before he shoved his hands into his pockets. He sighed for he was not looking forward to studying just yet. His ears pricked as he heard another being approaching he turned and saw a guy with a cigarette. He seemed about as enthusiastic about attending the school as he was.
  5. She smiled at his cute greeting then looked up at the building. She gave a disapproving pout and nodded. She clicked her tongue slightly and crossed her arms. She shifted her weight as she listened to him. She completely understood what he was talking about.
    "I know what you mean. It kind of gives me the creeps."

    Nick frowned as he looked over the new students. He shot the newest blond boy a weird look, the kid had a strange style. He shook his head.
    "This'll be an interesting year."
  6. Armin chuckled he was glad that he wasn't the only one feeling odd about this school "You'd think schools would want to have a kinder appearance...I guess we should go inside...." He whimpers as he takes a slow cautious step forward "Why'd Mikasa send me here? Out of all schools!?" He turned to Tifa and decided he would prolong the inevitable "So what are you studying?"

    Caliber narrows his eyes he wanted to say something but he fought the urge. Instead he headed up to the school and strode past the young girl and cowardly blonde. He looked over at them in slight interest "That guys right...this, will be an interesting year, Pi."
  7. She blinked. "Radiation and physical fitness. It plagues the country I'm from and I want to know more about it. What I really want though is a bar tending license." She smiled as she linked her hands behind her back. She started walking towards the not-so-welcoming doors. Why did this place feel so frightening, made her feel weird. Maybe it would go away later.


    Nick sighed as he walked up to the school's main entrance. He finished his cigarette and put out the last of the embers. He took a slow breath and looked up, there was just something off about this place. He sighed and shook his head, he'd have to get past that. He rubbed a hand over his face and blinked, looking over at the other group of students.
  8. Radiation and physical fitness, that sounded fun...though he'd fail with flying colors at the physical fitness "I know the feeling of something plaguing home towns...where I am from there's these monstrous beings called Titans. They destroy everything, I'm not strong enough to fight them but I thought I'd be of some help if I studied on how to read maps and plot routes."
    He said grinning.


    Caliber had entered the school was surprised to find that the inside was the exact opposite of the outside "Guess the saying of 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' is true, pi." Though parts of the halls were a bit dark and ominous the decorations that hung from the ceiling reading "Welcome Students"
    was refreshing to look at .​
  9. "Well, those are what I'm working towards. Maybe we'll see each other on the campus." Tifa commented sweetly as they stepped through the entrance. She blinked, looking up and around the foyer, "Oh my, this is quite the opposite of what I expected." She reached up and ran her fingers through her long hair. She turned back and smiled at her new friend.

    "Maybe this won't be so scary after all."
    Nick steered clear of the others, going through the door on the opposite side of the entrance. He stopped dead in his tracks and blinked up over his sunglasses. The welcoming sight felt extremely out of place. How could such a dreary place look so cheerful?! He blinked lowly and rubbed the bridge of his nose, this was really weird.
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