Shadow Charm University (Modern Crossover rp)

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  1. I love crossovers and modern AUs. This is going to a crossover between anime and games with romance. Any video game and anime welcome.

    In this crossover, all the characters look like normal humans and the ones that aren't believe themselves to be. Unbeknownst to each student, the dean is slowly drawing on their hidden powers and skills for his own agenda. As they go about their lives, struggling with school and romance, the world about them starts to turn into a darker place. Evil seems to seep from thin air and students are discovering things about themselves.

    For romance, all types are allowed; gay, lesbian, straight. If you want your character to be dating someone else's, please discuss it with them once past the flirting stage.

    Character profile, please wait to be accepted:

    Description: (explain it. Since this is modern, there's probably no picture)
    Canon character:
    RP age: (try to stay in early college years)

    No controlling of other people's characters.
    No killing or maiming another's character without their permission.
    During fights, don't dodge every attack and win kill shots. I will decide when a monster or villain gets hit.
    Don't be a jerk unless you're playing a character that's naturally a jerk.
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  2. Name: Tifa Lockhart
    Description: Will be using her normal outfit as her RP outfit since it's so modern looking. [​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Final Fantasy VII
    Canon character: Canon
    Personality: Sweet, strong, and caring. She's brave and does not back down. She lives to help her friends and others.
    RP Age: 21
    Name: Nicholas D Wolfwood, goes by Nick or Wolf
    Description: Will be using his normal outfit as her RP outfit since it's so modern looking. (does use his weapon as of now in the RP) [​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Trigun
    Canon character: Canon
    Personality: Rough and a little distant. He loves to look after kids and is rather nice one someone gets to know him.
    RP Age: 20
  3. Name: Caliber (Pikachu)
    Description: [​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Pokémon
    Canon character: Canon
    Personality: Caliber is lonely in nature and is often seen by himself he doesn't talk much and is often seen drawing or training.
    RP age: 18


    Name: Armin Arlert
    Description: [​IMG]
    Armin wears a white dress shirt with khaki pants with a light blue jacket that goes to his knees
    Franchise/Series: Attack On Titan
    Canon character: Canon
    Personality: Armin is exceptionally loyal and selfless, constantly worrying for the safety of his friends, and ready to throw himself into dangerous situations for them, even offering to sacrifice himself for them. Armin is very curious and extremely intelligent, he is also physically weak, he is also meek and cowardly.
    RP age: 18
  4. Sounds great. ^^
  5. We could probably start with four characters. maybe others will join us.
  6. Alrighty, I hope others join us I love this idea
  7. I got some other replies i gotta do. You can start us off if you like
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