Shadost: The Ambassador's Bad Idea!

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  1. Morning, guys!
  2. "You're suddenly very talkative." He smiled and scooped her up in his arms.
  3. Ooh, awesome!! Archery is great.
  4. Maybe we could have like, a hidden Aki lore post, so whenever a newbie brings him up we link them that and it doesn't derail General for a day. Not that much is going on in General anyways.
  5. and then look at the mess that is our doctor disambiguation page

  6. all of these alternate versions of these characters

  7. Yup. That was something. Is it sad that I know the reason he felt he had to specified Albino Field n-word?

  8. Hey! I used to read those.
  9. But yes, when it comes to starters, Rowlet it is.

    I like Dartrix's haughty ways. And the hair.

    Brionne kind of feels like ONII-CHAN MY FLIPPERS ARE MOVING ON THEIR OWN, plus the Ralts line and Braixen do this way better, and Torracat... well at least it looks like a transition stage of sorts.

    Overall the Alola mid-evolutions are the least appealing mid-evos among all generations.
  10. Eden looked around at the decore then watched Starfire dance. Giving a playful clap when she was done.

    When her drink came, she sat to one side where she could watch the others.

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  11. "Father is obsessed with his firstborn. I've never met him, do you know what he's like daddy?"
  12. "I'm nearly 400."
  13. "More or less. When you reach this age, a few decades get misplaced. I can't even imagine being as old as Astorath. He's an ancient bag of skin and bones." Harmony chuckle.
  14. No, actually, funnier one:

  15. I'm on my phone. Notes messes up the formatting.

    Anyway, I just made it into a Private blog and saved it while Inwork on it. Something I should start doing more often.
  16. "What did you tell her?"
  17. "She said that too."
  18. "Exactly. Daddy gets around people."
  19. "I guess I kinda see it sometimes."
  20. Aeleosir growled sexually as they hit the floor. He bit into her skin, his toxin this time being more potent because he was more aroused then before, and his cum still was in her insides. He let her ride him but he didn't hesitate to play with her breasts or kiss her neck, stomach, and lips.