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-Sh1Ft- Earning a Name

There is a big difference between Hoons and Street Racers, Hoons usually prefer the large cars combined with a mixture of raw adrenalin, noise and inexperience. As for Street Racers it usually comes down to class, your skills and your car. The rules are simple, no Automatics, First is Final, and if you lose, you lose everything.

Everything as in your car.

Sometimes, its better to loose everything and then realize you have everything to gain, because as always there will always be a faster opponent. There will always be one ahead of the game, so losing is a lesson one that's hard to get and understand.

I remember how I lost everything.
Against All Bets.
How I earned everything back.


In regards to the thread. Here is the OOC. I would like a Pm to join due to in the past I have had other rpers inda wreck the thread by getting Uber Cars for which they simply want to show off and auto win when the race was classed as an intro race.
A little extra information goes a long way. Character template, the theme and general direction of the roleplay. We have OOC temlates in the guide (green link under the cbox button). Just some friendly advice. OOcs are where people first look when looking for an RP so leeting them know what its about in the OOC would help.