Sh*t my Dad Says

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  1. Dad: Dude
    Me: Sweet
    Dad: Totally
  2. All of these are said by my dad:

    "Its better to be pissed off than to be pissed on."
    "Head em' up move em' out." : when exiting the car.
    "You make a better door than you do a window." : When view of tv is blocked.
    "Chinese soup. Wanton." : When he is asked for something and the asnwer is No.

    They aren’t all necessarily funny…I'd say they are...quirky.
  3. Dad: *Watching a bunch of bikini girls on television intently.*
    Me: "Dad, aren't you a little old for them?"
    Dad: "I ain't dead yet, am I?"
  4. ME: Oh.... that girl's kinda cute...
    Dad: Nice rack.
    ME: No, that's a push-up bra. It's a lie.
  5. Here's a throwback to Orochi that my dad actually says:

  6. Just prayed for him! I will add to my list as well and continue! May God bless.