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SF Character Commissions

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Valkyria, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. Well, since my last thread got archived, I guess it's time for a new one? Last time I did a couple pieces for some lovely people on here, so hopefully I can do some art for you!

    1. Daz (Complete)

    What I Will Draw
    - Anime/Manga/Video Game/TV/Movie Characters
    - Original Characters
    - Partial-nudity (fanservice, yaoi, yuri, etc)
    - Monsters/Animals
    - Concept Designs
    - Logos and Banners

    What I Won't Draw
    - Anthros/Furries
    - Mechas
    - Explicit Nudity/Gore

    Comment or PM me if you're interested! I accept partial payments before getting started.

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  2. Why tears? Σ(・口・)
  3. ;-;
    I'll think of something I need that isn't antro though, because your art-style is something of interest to me, but still, sadface.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience drawing anthro characters so they wouldn't be something I can churn out quickly. Sorry!

    Let me know if you come up with something else though!
  5. Some more commission examples from the past!

  6. Can you contact me with a message so we can work out further details, I'm interested.
  7. Are you the same person who made a visual novel on Steam Greenlight? Grrr I forgot the name of it
  8. That would be me, yes! If you're talking about Auburn Sunset, anyways.
  9. I knew I recognized this art style! You're part of the reason why I wanted to start my own visual novel

    I will give you a shiny penny if you tell me your art program of choice... And perhaps a commission once I get extra money ^^
  10. Ohh nice. I'm glad to be an inspiration haha.

    I use Photoshop CC 2015 for all my art. And let me know when you're interested in a commission!
  11. I'm meant to be spending less but I want to commission you so bad >=>
  12. Give into temptation! (⊙ᗜ⊙)
    The nice thing about commissions is that you buy them once and then you have it forever.
  13. True... Now I just need to carefully consider what I want.
  14. Hoorah! Feel free to PM me the details when you have something in mind!
  15. I don't need anything and I couldn't pay for the service even if I wanted it.. But I wants to say your artwork is reeeeeaaallllyy good! Lol XD
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  16. Did some chibis of a client's avatar. (・∀・)

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