Sexy RPG/Dungeon Crawler - think Diablo meets Zelda

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  1. I've searched and searched, but partners for this seem to be so rare... not helped by the fact I want some smut in there, I'm sure.


    The plot loosely revolves around any basic idea used in RPGs; evil guy wants to blow stuff up, world's gonna blow up, sheer boredom, twisted fates... so on. The 'system' can be as loose or complex as you want; I'm open to either poster's chance of hit/miss and damage, or we can draft up ref sheets, experience, all that. Weapons, spells, and dungeons, ho~!

    As for the Zelda side, free-roam overworld, a deep and twisty story... anyone familiar with the series will know what I mean. Dungeons become much more fun, too, with puzzles and the like.

    I do have some small rules though.
    • Player snuff is a no-no.
    • Killing villagers is... why would you this, anyway?
    • It's medieval-ish; swords, dragons, so on, but limited tech, similar to Steampunk.
    And then just general knowledge, like don't godmod, don't post as though you're OP and uberleet... don't even type uberleet.

    This is starting to sound not very fun. D:

    Onto the smutty bits! I'm a herm anthro by default, can be female and/or human, and love human/anthro pairings. If needed, I'll link my kink list.

    Then your usual smut rules, make it fit, all that.

    This was longer than it was meant to be... sorry about that. o_ o; Anywho, if interested, just reply here, or drop a post on my wall. I'm only taking this as a 1x1, as I have no group experience, and have waited YEARS to RP this.

    [Just realized, this might belong over in the adult section... >.< If so, can I request a move and say sorry in advance?]
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  2. Sounds fun! If it gets more interest I'm sure it'll be awesome :)