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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm looking for an erotic adventure roleplay to be played through private messages. Basically, I desire action and plot and sexytimes in equal proportion... and I prefer feminine pairings. That is, both sides playing females or shemales/hermaphrodites, in any combinations. I'm down with descriptive sex scenes as I enjoy writing them but they aren't required by any means; I don't mind fade-to-black or whatever my partner prefers. If you'd like a more detailed kink list feel free to ask via PM but rest assured, there are very few things that are on my flat No list.

    I do expect reliable posting rates, preferably at least once a day or every other day. And a couple paragraphs though naturally for conversation that isn't as necessary.

    Magic Girls
    Crapsaccharine World
    - A dangerous world lies under the cheery surface of every day life, with a small group of magically-gifted girls fighting to keep everyone safe in the face of horrendous difficulty and staggering costs on their own part. I'm thinking something like Madoka Magica, with surreal monsters attacking people, unseen by the normal civilians but causing horrible effects like murders, suicide, accidents, and natural disasters, and our characters are teenaged girls tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of protecting everyone while also trying to maintain an illusion of normalcy, going to school and all that.

    Polar Clash- A failed incursion by the forces of Heaven into the infernal realm of Hell has lead to an all-out retreat, but two angelic warriors are cut off, stranded in the labyrinthine abyss. They face assault by demonic foes as well as a warped, twisting environment that considers them anathema and attempts to consume them for all eternity. Alternatively, one of us could play a stranded angel and the other a demoness, we'd just need to come up with a reason why they wouldn't/don't kill each other. Ooh, also, we could play as an angel and a damned soul in Hell that the angel comes across and imbues with holy power in exchange for assistance, offering a chance at redemption for helping the angel survive/escape.

    Champions of the Gods- (Taken!) In a grim Medieval fantasy world, the gods have long ago abandoned the peoples they created, but they left in their stead a collective of magically-endowed heroes to lead and fend off the threats of their world. When those heroes turned to infighting, betrayal, and sabotage, a myriad threats claw at the fabric of Creation, plunging it into chaos. Two Champions seek to stand above the moral decay of their peers and do their part to make things right once more- and hopefully inspire others to aid in their attempts to bring about a new age of peace.

    Shattered Mind- There once was a goddess, incredibly powerful and beautiful. But she had an even more powerful enemy who- through great trickery and dark magic- imprisoned her soul inside of a crystal, then broke that crystal up into many shards and dispersed some of the shards throughout the world before throwing the rest into the formless void, where they created small islands of stable reality among a sea of chaos. One of those shards was found by a mortal girl, and with it comes the ability to speak and commune with the goddess within the claustrophobic confines of the crystal shard's spirit realm, as well as exercise magical powers when in the real world. Which she'll need, to fight the goddess' enemies and collect the shards to make the goddess whole again.

    Monster Girls
    Moekko Monsters
    - The world of Pokemon, where the element-wielding critters have been replaced with adorable monster girls! Scene could be between two of these moemon or between a moemon and her trainer.

    Lab Escape- The world has never before seen the likes of monster girls but in the near future, corporate research teams investigating with genetic manipulation created artificial beings, a mix of human and animal (and even fantastic) characteristics. Luckily they are kept caged up so as to keep the public safe! Unfortunately, budget shortfalls left security a bit more lax than it should have been, and two monster girls have escaped out into the city, where they now must attempt to survive, find food and shelter, and evade the armed corporate recovery teams attempting to track them down.

    Government Intervention- The world has always known that monster girls exist but they've hardly been part of society. Kept as pets by the ultra-rich, hunted for their supposedly magical body-parts or simply ostracized or forced into ghettos/reservations, monster girls have had a tough fate. But now the lobbyists and protesters have finally gotten through to the government, and a law was passed requiring integration of monster girls into civilization, ending segregation and discrimination... legally, at least. One or both of our characters could be a monster girl, being newly introduced into a high school/college or work environment.

    Mecha Girls
    Alternate World War
    - In a setting not unlike 20th century Europe, nations are gearing up for war. Only, their war vehicles are mecha musume rather than planes, jeeps, tanks, etc. This could be either more like World War I in terms of arduous trench warfare, where week-long battles are fought and countless lives lost for small patches of ground, or more like World War II where combat was more mobile, capturing cities and whatnot. Our characters could be on the same side, or perhaps on different sides and one is captured/surrenders or something.

    Titanfall is go!- In a science fiction setting, ground combat has drastically changed, with augmented soldiers and automated fighting robots serving as infantry and giant bipedal combat mechs replacing tanks. In an attempt to maintain good public relations as well as gain a psychological edge against human opponents, these large mechs are designed to look like human females (albeit with mechanical modifications). They are equipped with an artificial intelligence to allow them to operate without a pilot, but with one they operate as fierce vehicles of battlefield domination.

    Action Girls
    - In the near future, technology has become ubiquitous, as has corporate control and surveillance. The major cities are technological paradises, so long as you are an average everyday consumer wageslave willing to work yourself to death for a massive company. But not everyone is willing to play by the rules, living between the cracks of society, skirting the law and maintaining a double face of feigned legitimacy and dangerous crime-for-hire.

    Zombies- I have never had a zombie RP last very long but... I still love them! The shambling dead, the constant danger and need for vigilance, the end to society as we know it and the need to fight for every additional day- I adore everything about a zombie apocalypse, so I'll include it on this list. I'd lean toward the Last of Us style zombie apocalypse/combat however, with a mix of animalistic infected and brutal bandits/cannibals, along with decaying urban environments providing the hazards for this one.

    Anywho, please drop me a PM if any of this intrigues you, or if you feel like we might have similar enough interests to warrant discussion of another idea! I'm quite amiable, so don't be afraid to say hello~
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  2. I'd like to try a zombie to with you
  3. Would you be willing to do a different role play form the ones you posted I do nearly Fxf role plays and I'm really looking for someone to role play with who is willing to be dominate.
  4. Well yeah, of course I'd be willing to consider other roleplay ideas. :P

    That being said, I'm not particularly keen on playing the dom, unless the idea is particularly compelling.
  5. The Shattered Mind RP idea is pretty good. I would be more than willing to give it a try. :)
  6. Hey everyone, I should have posted here a bit ago but I've gotten so many requests that I am quite occupied now. I couldn't even keep up with them all, so sorry if I missed your message. If I do have my schedule clear up, I will let you all now!
  7. I sent you a conversation that has as a starter one of my role play ideas. We can even if you want develope an idea otgetehr. That way we both get some of what we want.
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