Sexual Themes in Groups

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  1. Another question... Hopefully my other questions are answered before this one but I highly doubt it. What's the thing on sexual themes for groups? Since adults and teens can't write that stuff in one x one, does this potentially mean that if a person wanted their group to have sexual themes in it, their members would either have to be all teenagers or all adults? .3.
  2. Can't help with your other two open questions because I don't use the Character thing, but maybe try directing an @ tag at some staff person to get some answers. Diana is generally a good one to bug.

    As for this, it really depends on what is meant by sexual themes. If it means characters talk about sex and sex is implied between characters, it should be totally fine to mix age groups. If it means that there's gonna be more blatant romantic overtures, with any sort of making out or fondling or whatnot, ehhhh, I think this is a grey area in which it's best to avoid age group mixing just in case, but if you want a clear answer on where the line is drawn you'll have to talk to a staff member who knows the specifics. If it means actual full on written sex scenes and other things that would require a roleplay to be placed in the Libertine/Liberteen section, then yes, absolutely no age group mixing allowed or the banhammer will be applied with extreme prejudice.

    This does not mean that there cannot be both adults and teens in a group wherein there is sexual roleplaying afoot. It simply means that you have to be very careful about policing that stuff and making sure there's no mixed age group shenanigans going on. So long as they don't actually get into sexual roleplaying territory together, it is acceptable for both adults and teens to be present in the same group/roleplay/whatever.

    It's definitely a lot easier to avoid trouble by limiting it to one age group or the other though, so to avoid potential headaches it would be simpler to just exclude one age group.
  3. Nope! This is not true. I refer you to FAQ #125

    FAQ: The question was not found.If there are no sex threads at all, mix away. If there is going to be a sex thread, no mixing age groups.
  4. @Peregrine Confused now. I'm not referring to the actual groups? I'm referring to the group roleplaying area. So, sexual themes [the tag's description] aren't allowed between an adult and teenager, right?
  5. Oops! I read Groups, and my brain went Groups.

    Like Jorick said, this can get to be a pretty grey area. Sexual themes, are allowed, if they are just implications of sex. There's more to a sexual theme than straight up, written sex. But no sex scenes should be written between adults and teenagers. So, if you are intending to have explicit sex scenes in your roleplay, save yourself a lot of trouble and just stick it in the Libertine forum. If, however, your sexual theme is limited to references to sexual acts and innuendo, then there is no need to filter age groups because there is nothing illegal there.

    Theoretically, any roleplay in the majority Groups section should be open to both teenagers and adults. Sometimes GM's say 18+ because that is simply the age range they prefer writing with, but if they are consistently roleplaying material that is unsuitable for -17's to join, it should be in the Libertine forum.

    The grey area starts arising when there is no intent for sex, but sex happens naturally through roleplaying. Then, it is not permissible for the scene to be between an 18+ and a 17-, but that doesn't mean that there can't be both age ranges within the roleplay.

    If this isn't clarified enough for your tastes, why don't you give me the specific example that brought up this question.
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  6. @Peregrine No, you nailed my question overall. Though, what about this? That's okay, right?
  7. They are... pushing it, but, yes, that's still technically okay.
  8. @Peregrine I thought so. Thank you very much for your help! :)

    @Jorick Thanks for your help! (:
  9. As I understand it: if you're going to include sex in your group RP, let the publicly visible part of the sex (that is, if two adults or two teens want to take their scenes to PMs, they can) remain PG13. As long as it is PG13, you would be fine.

    (Though in certain instances it may be necessary to elaborate a bit on what counts or does not count as PG13.)
  10. Well, like Peregrine and Jorick said, sexual themes between an adult and teenager is a pretty grey area.
  11. If you are starting to touch genitals, or dry humping, that is crossing the line. O___O
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