Sexual Role play!

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  1. Hey this is a Epic Rp please any one who is female in the age range of 16-21 is welcome here! This is a female main role. or you can always PM me and we can rp there if you want it a privet rp. Torturer-Captive Prisoner: You are the Captor. And I am the Captive. you are very rothus to me and you make my life a living hell.. with beathings and putting me on desplye for people to see. and you us me for your psonel pluster..

    story line..
    i sneak into Rawhand determined to make a name for myself. I charge into battle against an older opponent and find myself defeated. Instead of being allowed to return home at the end of the battle as is customary I find myself taken prisoner and taken away as a captive. with nothing on perty much. being force to be on desplye as a captive.
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  2. Please take note of the Terms and Rules of Iwakuroleplay. Due to legal restrictions, we cannot allow 17- and 18+ members to roleplay together in a sexual context. The staff are very strict about this rule as barring that the website is liable to be shut down. If you would like to write libertine roleplay scenes, be mindful that there is not a mingling of the age groups. ^.^;

    Happy roleplaying! :D
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