sex therapist (multiple one x one partners please!)

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  1. Okay so a friend of mine on lovely Iwaku here had a great plot idea! I'd like to try it with multiple people to see how it could play out different. Feel free to make changes and edits as it might spice it up. The deal is there's this woman (my charrie) who falls in love or more so thinks she falls for her husband. She marries him and they have a good first bit. Then she comes in and finds him in bed with his college crush. It devestates their marriage. It's coming up on divorce and he sends her to a sex therapist. (Your character) to try to spice things up and get things fixed. They fall for each other. So she isn't much on trying things with her husband anymore. So she comes in when she's on the verge of trying things again with him and finds them again. So she runs to her therapist and things go from there.

    I play female
    Mxf only
    No huge age differences please lol
  2. I'm sure i could make it work.
  3. Pm and we will discuss. XD
  4. Sounds good
  5. Interested, ironically I checked this out before you messaged me XD But didnt think I had what it took for this topic, but I'd be willing to try. Just send me a pm please.
  6. I find it sad that you did not ask me for my permission before you posted my idea. Frankly I'm a bit upset at this. Seeing as you have used my idea to gather multiple partners, I will withdraw from the rp I have made so you can roleplay with the others.
  7. I'm sorry :( I didn't think you would mind. If you'd like I can tell the others no. I didn't know it would make you upset. I just really liked the idea.
  8. I only wanted to see how it would play out different in different situations.
  9. No, what's done is done. I hope my idea will get you great partners. I wish you luck on your roleplays.
  10. I'm sorry :( I really am. I did say the idea wasn't mine. A lot of people I've rped with are shy about plots to this nature though and I did mention it wasn't my idea but I didn't know whether or not to list your name. I was really excited about it. It was wrong of me to assume and I'm sorry that I lost a potential good partner.
  11. So would my character be the husband or the sex therapist?
  12. Therapist
  13. I'm willing to give this a shot ^^
  14. Awesome pm me