Sex slave rp.

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  1. Hi im looking for someone to play the master in a slave roleplay be it guy or girl ( Preferribly guy) I will be fine.
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  2. Not like bondage or anything, I hope. I have limits.
  3. I'll be interested in doing the master in the slave RP.
    I'll play the guy to, just PM me the plot.
  4. Name: Arnold Everett (but you just call him Master)
    Gender: Male
    Age: late 20s, early 30s
    Appearance: Often goes about his home in minimal to no attire. Has a muscular, well-sculpted body, clean-shaven face, and short-kept hair. Usually wears a little bell tied to his wrist. He rings it when he calls for his slave.
    Personality: Forceful, but not cruel. Being the Master, he has to have everything his way, and won't settle for anything less than total obedience and cooperation from neko slave. He is of course dominant, and likes pushing his slave to new limits. Nothing pleases him more than to see someone else completely in his power.
    Role: Master