Sex Pistols Roleplay Request!

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  1. Hello! I just rewatched the two OVA's and I really want to roleplay one of the pairings!!

    I am looking for people who will play the dominant character in the pairing though please! I play the submissive! :)

    We could also do oc x oc if you wanted. ^.^ But I would really like to do one of the pairings from the show! :)

    PM or comment below if interested! :)
  2. Hello, I'm interested. Which pairing do you like to do most?
  3. Great! :) I really like Kunimasa x Nirio. ^.^

  4. Ok, shall we do that then? :)

    Also, do you mind if I can't portray the character personality exactly like the anime?
  5. Yes!

    And that's completely fine! I might do that to my character too so I don't mind! He doesn't have to be exactly how he is in the anime. ^.^

  6. Great! Will the rp be in a thread or pm?
  7. I prefer a thread if you don't mind. ^.^
  8. No, not at all :)
  9. Alright! Great! :)
  10. Are you going to make the thread?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.