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  1. What are your thoughts on the sex industry and do you think some countries (like the U.S.) are too strict about it?

    By sex industry, I'm referring to things like pornography and prostitution (at least I think they count). If I forget some things, be sure to add them.

    I don't see anything wrong with porn as long as there's consent and the actors aren't underage. As for STDs, the last time I checked, isn't it the law that porn stars have to be regularly checked for them? Also I think that some actors will even wear condoms on set so I don't see that being an issue. With that being said, I don't see why certain kinds of porn are illegal. Child porn I understand obviously but shouldn't that be the only kind of illegal porn? Eh I'm rambling so let's move on.

    Prostitution I think should be legal in the U.S. since it's legal in other countries like New Zealand and Australia (correct me if I'm wrong on those). If the woman chooses to enter prostitution of her free will, then she should be allowed to without consequence.

    That's just my two cents on some parts of the sex industry :/
  2. My stance in a nutshell.

    In a more serious/detailed response though.

    For Porn just legalize all of it assuming no one in it is actually being harmed (without consent, some people have big kinks). This note would automatically outlaw things like Child Porn.

    Then for Prostitution?
    Basically the same idea, but also be willing to treat the work professionally.
    Like, run them through and make sure their clean of STD's, transactions are recorded (like with any business) etc.

    The reasoning being to make it safer for both ends, and to help cut down on the Pimp situation where people are forced to sell their bodies without wanting to.
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  3. /Thread.

    America is full of uptight jerks who think violence is A-Ok, but just a little too much cleavage and you're going to hell along with your family and pets.
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  4. As long as there are laws to protect the health and safety of the people in the industry, why the fuck not? o___o There are plenty of people who would LOVE careers in porn and prostitution. With a good structure, it will reduce a lot of problems with people that get pressured in to it because of shitty life circumstances. D: I mean, it's still gonna happen - abuses can happen anywhere if you're mixed up with the wrong people - but killing the whole stigma that sex = evil would create some interesting career opportunities for imaginative peoples.
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  5. Would save men a whole lot of trouble.

    Need to bust a nut? Hit the brothel. She'll do all those things your ex said was weird. For a hell of a lot cheaper than a night out no less!

    Otherwise your "it should be legal cause it's legal in Z and X" is kinda flat.

    It's legal to execute homosexuals in some countries. It's legal to marry a child in others. Not a good basis honestly.

    Also, America is a prude when it comes to boobies and vaginas. Unless you're at a beach. Same way with drugs. The big gubm'nt won't back down and say they're wrong anytime soon.
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  6. As others have said, I think it should be legal in order to effectively keep the porn and sex workers safe through laws and regulatory bodies made for that purpose. Porn and prostitution are going to happen no matter what laws you put in place, so the rational position is to accept it and work to minimize the shittiest aspects rather than trying fruitlessly to ban shit.
  7. The problem with prostitution is trafficking outside of the first world. In the Netherlands, prostitution is managed a little differently than the US. While there are girls who sign up their selves, there are still a lot of other girls brought into it. Be it through poverty, normalisation or forging dependence on a third party. Specifically a lot of them come from East-Europe. They're not always technically forced, but they are often manipulated to a degree. Even some Dutch girls are be brought into prostitution through a cult-like manipulation. While the pornographic industry is well-regulated and generally clean, prostitution and strip clubs are not held up to the same standards. Getting out of prostitution is also very hard, because these girls have few if any other marketable skills and often rare kept fairly isolated in their day-to-day lives.

    PS, this;
    Already happens. It doesn't solve the actual problem that persists. I'd like to say it's as clear cut as the thread makes it out to be, but it's not. Legal prostitution requires a lot of regulation and knowledge to actually be fair and humane. If you're going to legalise prostitution, fine, but don't pretend that making it legal is going to make dirty practices magically go away.
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  8. Thing is, the more regulated and controlled a branch of industry is, the less chance it has to get criminalized. Trafficking is a problem because of a lack of regulation. As far as I'm concerned, prostitution should be legal and treated as any other victimless branch of industry. No sane man would hire victims of trafficking in any other business, and the same thing would be very real when it comes to prostitution if it was treated similarly. This isn't really the problem, but rather that the countries where prostitution is illegal generally views prostitution as something that's morally wrong - trafficking or no trafficking.

    victimless? (open)
    Before someone gets their knickers in a twist; yes. Prostitution as a thing is victimless, but due to it being illegal and lacking regulation and oversight it indirectly causes needless suffering, much like what the Prohibition Era in the US did to selling alcohol. Though obviously, since alcohol is a drug it will create victims regardless, unlike prostitution.

    Now, obviously, the number of sex workers would drop dramatically, and their wages would rise proportionally. The prices would skyrocket, but that's merely how the market works, and it'd scare away people up to no good from opening their wallet as well.
  9. And thus the echo chamber of Iwaku has spoken: More strip clubs and happy endings, less hate for baby making.

    In all seriousness though? You can fuck. You can sell things. You can buy a lady a night out on the town in the hopes of getting to see what's underneath her clothes later. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to skip several steps if you want.

    That being said, the only way I can see it working is in licenced brothels with professional security and constant government check ins.

    Take for instance the neighbourhood I live in, in real life. There is a strip joint near my place called "Eden". It's a... Pleasant little place. With entertaining exotic dancers. Anyway, everyone and their mom knows not to go there after dark unless you have business of an otherwise perhaps "less than legal" nature. Because sex brings in desperate, stupid people overwhelmed by loneliness and hormones who will happily partake in and imbibe certain additives of a rather persuasive nature that make them feel all fuzzy inside to replace the love they lack outside the club. (Drugs. For those who didn't clue in, drugs.) You can also pay a rather obscene fee to have, erm, a one on one session with a dancer you like. I will leave that up to your imagination.

    Legalization alone is not a great idea. Strip clubs are legal, doesn't stop them from infamously being crime lord occupied shit holes. You need to maintain a watchful eye on them too with regulations and government mandated security firms. Both for the safety of clientel and the employees themselves.

    I mean, fuck, we regulate alcohol and tobacco and cigarettes for this very same reason. Bootlegged shit has horrifying side effects.
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  10. The subject matter of the industry that this thread refers to is the extension of a basic and vital human function. If we can legalise a cold and fermented beverage that damages brain cells and contributes toward antisocial behaviour or enable a product that induces lung cancer to exist, then I fail to see the controversy in enabling a market to exist that answers to the human libido - something a human actually needs unlike cigarettes and alcohol. For some people the sex industry is the closest they'll get to a release. If that prevents a person from unlawfully achieving that release, then the industry has served a valid purpose as a public utility - unlike cigarettes and alcohol.

  11. Just cause I didn't write a giant rant about it doesn't mean I don't understand that.

  12. Coulda been more specific, but eh, I'll give you that one. The reason for most of my post is that there is far too little proper regulation in my country, which brings with it a lot of pitfalls. The discussion felt very surface, even though it's actually a very complicated problem. I figured I'd highlight a few tidbits.
  13. I say we just end the concept of procreation altother and grow our children from now on.

    Filthy Breeders.
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  14. If you want to be in pornography or work in the sex industry or whatever, go you! You've got to have some self confidence and respect to do that.

    But the problem is the abuse on the industry itself. While I have no qualms against it, there are always going to be people who ruin it. Child pornography, unsafe practices, abuses in the working environment proper, illegal practice, blah blah blah.

    To be honest I'm almost inclined to say it should be illegal until laws or some sort of system is developed to prevent those abuses. They'll still happen, but maybe less so.

    But banning it/making it illegal won't really stop the abuse either.
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  15. Simple. Legalize prostitution (but also regulate it properly), and as for porn industry, its entertainment industry like any other. And yes, that idea that violence is somehow more acceptable then sex, is just absurd. Thank-fuly here in Europe (Eastern Europe especialy), we arent as pig-headed about it as over the Atlantic. Just think of the MASSIVE boost in economy any country vith legalized prostitution wuld get, vhen taxes are collected on it, like any other job.

    And speaking as someone who engaged in escort work for some time (still do, here and there, money is just way too good to give it up completly, but not as main income anymore), I can attest that prostitution, classy high-profile one, aniway, is an absolutly awesome way to make a living. Think about it. You can make up to a 1000 euros per session (usualy around 500-600), and all you have to do is have sex vith a client! Or about 250-300 or so, if the session is limited to making-out/oral stuff. Just takes some common sense, to pick one's clients carefuly, blow-off any suspicius contacts, never use the real name for meetings, develop customer loyalty in your clients, and work ALONE, w/o intermediarys/pimps vho skim the profits. Ofc, it dont hurt if one is also able to take care of herself good, since those organized elements sometimes see you as competition and take... exeption... to your work. But thats vhere a little non-verbal persuasion comes in. Not that I had to resort to that alot, after the first couple times, vhen those ppl learned the lesson that I'm not someone they want to mess vith. Left me alone ever since.

    So, prostitution can be a very profitable ocupation, if a little risky at times. But its manageable, in my view.
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  16. My opinion used to be more on the negative side, mainly because it's only talked about in negative light by society. But it was still fairly close to the middle as I just didn't know all that much about it so I couldn't really say much.

    Then I ended up knowing a few porn stars/prostitutes. They say it's all fine and good. Funny enough, the only real people who shame them/attack them now a days are SJW's/third wave feminist (Used to be religious folks if I Remember correctly) Growing up hearing that they're all victims and none of them wants to be in the industry, Yet here are woman IN the industry loving it, and the people within it (the guys included, apparently the guys are quite cool most the time. Though you will run into that one filthy pig on occasion XP)

    So my thoughts? It's not for everyone. Someone I know was basically forced to be in the industry or live on the streets. As you may be able to imagine, she didn't like it very much. Thankfully she got herself in a position (Got lucky XP) to where she was able to quit and move on from it ^^ But although it wasn't her cup of tea, it is 100% other peoples cup of tea.

    So should it be legal? Yes. If for any reason, make it a bit safer as from what I can tell, the bad stories come from the more illegal parts of it.
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  17. Even if legalization doesn't necessarily put a stop to all of the problems, I think it's better if there are laws and regulations put in place to keep the workers and the customers safe. Let's face it, sex sells and it's already a business whether we like to admit it or not. It's better if the government kept an eye on this particular business to lessen chances of abuse, though there will always be some abuse. So you want to be an escort? Congratulations, that must take a lot of self-confidence and respect, do what you want so long as you don't get taken advantage of.

    ... Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen at all lol. Like the others said above it won't be easy to set in changes that we want to keep, and the government people are always slow to desire changes in their comfort zones. And if the Americans think it's hard to get their government to legalize prostitution, I don't see how it will get any easier for other countries. My own, for example, would be aghast at the very idea of making prostitution legal. It would threaten their delicate Catholic sensibilities, bruh.

    Come to think of it, hasn't prostitution at least been legalized in some states in the US, or am I wrong?
  18. It's only legal in Nevada and even then, it's very limited
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  19. I think it should be legalized and treated like any other legitimate business.
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  20. I think that if a woman wants to sell her body, she should have the right to.
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