[Sex driven] Dominant wolf search for submissive partners (extreme ageplay rp)

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  1. A total top and young looking wolf is searching for submissive characters for a gentle (vanilla would be nice seen), sex-driven, consensual and extreme ageplay based rp.

    Expected characters:

    1. IC:
    • good natured (see my "no goes" list for examples what don't count into it)
    • long term player are welcomed at first place
    • submissive
    • has one of following genders: male-herm, male, female, morphable (can change gender)
    2. OOC:
    • don't get quickly bored of rp
    • won't require from me advanced plot's or posts
    • won't expect from me very good grammar and/or syntax - I had self learned English without any help

    Note: To setup a rp with me, please contact me on skype at: michael-the-wolf. Thanks
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  2. ooo I'll Rp with you!~
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  3. I'd be open to roleplaying with you, if you're still looking.
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  4. I would love to RP with you!
  5. So if you're still seeking I'm available~ PM me if you'd like!
  6. I would like to roleplay with you too :)
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  7. Same as all of the above ^_^..send me a howl if youre interested.
  8. I'm looking whole time. Please contact me at skype at: michael-the-wolf. Thanks
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