Sex and Vampires

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  1. Should it be considered necrophilia if characters in a book or any other type of story want to have sex with a vampire or if the do have sex with a vampire?
  2. I don't believe that it is wrong. I think people need to stop being stupid bigots and realize that love is love. It doesn't matter if it's A living person with a vampire, zombie or whatever. I am so sick of walking down the street hearing people talk about vampires relationships like they are dirty or something. I, myself, was in a long-term relation ship with a zombie. I used to take her everywhere with me, but in the end she only wanted me for my brains.
  3. I think while literally it is necrophilia lets face it there's a difference between having sex with an inanimate object and an animate one. Would suggest it's more like necrophilia when one partner is a dead fish and the other has to do all the work.

    Is werewolf sex beastiality?
  4. Lol This really got me thinking about nonsense!
  5. It is not really necrophilia since Vampires are undead and we really can get technical and stuff but why would we do that? This is the internet after all.
  6. If it gets up or it gets wet then it's not dead.

  7. But what about a dead fish?...
    It.. it's wet.
    And it rises to the top, thus it gets up.
  8. Hmmm....what an interesting set of cunumdrums. Well, i agree that a vampire is dead, but it still has a sense of self. So, necrophilia is generally six with a corpse, and corpses dont walk, talk, or drink blood. Vampires do all of those, and they dont as a rule smell like dead fish (there is always an exception.) Also, to the random werewolf question. Nope, it's not bestiality, cuz they are technically not fully animal, although it might be kinda awkward to have sex with them when they look like a wolf...
  9. You're awful at this.
  10. :3 ~ I try. DID IT MAKE DARK-SANS SMILE?!?!
  11. A grin, just that.

    Just keep trying.
  12. If you have sex with music does that make you an audiophile?
  13. Using this.

    Also, I only use the necrophilia option to deal with twitards because it gets them sooooo flustered when I tell them this.
  14. Necrophilia, heretical, campy, and overdone.

    the only answer is to kill it with fire.
  15. Doesn't take much to catch a vampire on fire!
  16. .... What is sex with a half-vampire half-werewolf?
  17. . . . necrobeastphiliality?

    Ou, Necrobeast.

    Whatever that is my next character shall be one!
  18. Do you just enjoy coming up with really random species combinations?
  19. Do you enjoy raiding my pantry?
  20. Not usually.

    But I do enjoy crawling into your bed at night after you fall asleep.