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Severus, Please!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Artificial Sugar, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Thanks for clicking! I need a partner to play Snape for me in a teacher/student romance.
    I'll be playing my seventeen year old OC, but I am willing to double and play a canon character for you.

    This role play will be set either before the Golden Trio Era, when Snape is much younger, or in an AU, where Harry doesn't exist, but Voldemort does. (Just for the sake of my role play. Please don't ask me to explain more- I don't really care about the AU)

    This role play will be romance based. I'm not good at action, so if you came looking for action, sorry!

    I have a few rules I'd like you to look over before you apply;

    (1) Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    (2) Be able to spell correctly- even if you have to use spell check.

    (3) Know the difference between "Your" & "You're", "There", "Their" & "They're", "Our" & "Are".

    (4) Please use third person only. If you switch from third to first or first to third, I will most likely quit the role play.

    (5) Be honest, and communicate with me. If you're going to be busy, or if you'd like to quit, maybe even if you'd like to take the role play in a different direction, please PM me! I don't enjoy being left behind without a word.

    (6) I'd appreciate someone who can reply at least once a day, or once every other day.

    Now that's outta the way, here's the actual plot;

    My oc is a seventh year Slytherin who's parents are Death Eaters.
    My oc has always been different than her family, and so she's been shunned for most of her life.
    Her parents decide that she needs to join them so she can become a better, more acceptable person, but she has other ideas.
    Since her parents (and of course, my oc as well) have known Snape for a long time, they decide to trust him, and ask him to keep an eye on her during the school year, and persuade her to join the Death Eaters.
    He agrees, but in reality, he's just keeping watch on her to keep her safe.
    He's had feelings for her for a while, and he wants to protect her.
    She feels the same.
    They bond over their love and talent of Potions, and by Winter Break, since she hasn't decided to be a DE, her parents decide she needs to stay with Snape during that time.