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  1. A Town Called Hope

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  2. The Clash

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  3. Deliver Us

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  4. All of the above

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  5. None of them

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  1. I've pretty much been inactive on this site for a while, but after a long period of absence due to a mixture of two things. One was losing passion for writing (and thus RPing) for a time due to personal reasons and the other is due to those personal reasons. I'll spare the details as I am not looking for any kind of sympathy.

    It will likely be a group RP as I find those handier to operate. I am now trying to write as much as possible, so why not create an RP? I dug up some files on my computer for past stories I had tried (and failed) to write as well as past ideas (and some new ones) that I think would make suitable RPs.

    Please note that these ideas are works in progress and are subject to change.

    "A Town Called Hope"

    In this RP, Heaven abandoned mankind after the gates of Hell opened up on Earth. This leaves the survivors behind to fend for themselves against demons and other horrors. Set nearly fifteen years after the gates opened, the survivors have adapted, creating weapons capable of killing demons. Despite this, human civilization has been unable to rebuild itself on a large scale as every attempt has met with failure either by fallout in the group of humans or by the demons intervening.

    Another attempt has started, but will it last?

    This RP won't be about rebuilding civilization, it will be the journey to the town itself across wastelands and what the survivors encounter along the way. This RP will be pretty gritty and dark. Well, it's the apocalypse so what did you expect?

    "The Clash"

    A team across time and space has been assembled to defeat a massive threat that has placed the entire multiverse in jeopardy. After scientists in an alternate universe discover how to travel to different times, places and even dimensions one of the scientists develops a God complex and begins to build an army to conquer existence itself.

    Yeah, this RP is a charge from "A Town Called Hope" it's a bit over the top but isn't comical. Think the same kind of style that a lot of superhero movies use. Within limits, players can be pretty much anyone from the dimension of their choice (or create their own dimension). Please note that profiles (especially for OCs) will be met with heavy scrutiny. Saving existence itself from tyranny isn't going to be a cakewalk.

    "Deliver Us"

    Deliver Us" is set in a universe where almost every classic horror story, urban legend and modern horror story (well, the good ones) exist, hiding in the shadows. I tried to make a similar RP to this on another forum but trolls destroyed it (I have since left this forum in the dust).

    Your character is dragged into this horrific world either against their will or out of dangerous curiosity as their eyes turn to London and to a small town in the English countryside where the search for answers begins. Other eyes are turning to that town as well. As well as your usual horrors there is a secret order dedicated to remaining in the shadows. The Libero Order, who "deliver" and hide items of extreme power too dangerous for man's desires in an unknown location.

    Players can choose between three roles. They can be people searching for answers, they can be a member of the Order who are dedicated to keeping the items hidden and protecting mankind by any means necessary. Players can choose to be "horrors" as well. Be it serial killers, ghosts, vampires and other monsters "that go bump in the night".

    Depending on what you choose, the RP will play out differently for your character (although you are allowed to create multiple characters, as long as I find the applications acceptable). The people searching for answers will have to run a lot and investigate as much as they can into the Order and the items they seek to hide. Members of the Order will attempt to stop them and protect mankind from "terrors". The "terrors" will have to fight or flee from members of the order and do what they do best (depending on species)

    Ghosts/spirits and demons can be exorcised and anyone can die if they make the wrong mistakes. Depending on the death they can become ghosts/spirits and continue their investigation (if they are not a member of the order) or become a terror. If they are a member of the order they can choose to leave the order or stay in it depending on the circumstances (in otherwords you can't just go "I'm out" without good reason)
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  2. "A Town Called Hope" has received the most votes so far so I'll start working on it. While the poll closes on the 18th and the votes can easily change between now and then I don't want you guys to wait too long for the RP to go up once the poll closes.
  3. @Some_Bloke, Deliver Us sounds a lot like my RP idea I have in the Groups section. The Hushcobb Files. I'd throw you an invite, but @Razilin and I are still ironing out what we want it to be.

    The other two sound really cool too.
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  4. I'd be interested in trying out the 'A Town Called Hope' idea.
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  5. I liked A Town Called Hope and Deliver Us. Both have great potential. I will definitely keep a watch on this thread to see how it progresses.
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  6. I have a question about A Town Called Hope: Would you rather have it as all the characters travelling together from the beginning as one group or the survivors being separate (or in smaller groups) to begin with and meeting up with each other along the way?
  7. As odd as it may sound, how about both? Have a main group, but stumbling across others along the way? (This will sound weird, but kind of like how the Walking Dead is now. They have a decent size group, but they still come across new people.) Hard to just have a bunch of random people in such a situation decide to trust a lot of others enough to form enough of interaction.

    I also overthink- but also very open minded. Whatever everyone thinks is best.
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  8. That actually sounds like a pretty good idea

    I'm quite like that too. For me it's almost like one side of my brain is based on both logic and over-thinking, the other is based on creativity/imagination, philosophy and other ideas/interests. When the two meet in the centre it's where sarcasm and overall sassiness are generated from.
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  9. I'm going with Oyoa's idea so there will be one group of survivors meeting others along the road as it will make for better story flow.

    We can decide what characters start off on their own and what ones start off in the group when the group is actually created.
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  10. Lets do it!
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  11. It will be going up either tomorrow night or Sunday morning. It depends on the time I have tomorrow.
  12. I have parts of it already up, but it isn't quite finished yet.
  13. Good to go as soon as a couple of people join. I'll be back online later today and we can get this started. :)
  14. Ooh, sounds like fun
  15. Not to sound silly.. but where is it up? Link possibly? T.T Sorry.
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  16. Thank you! I will be working on a character as soon as possible
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  17. I think enough people have joined to get this started. I'm just waiting on them creating characters and then we can start this RP
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