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Hi there!

My name is Vee. I live in Greece (GMT +2) but I'm very flexible with the timing.

I consider myself an experienced role-player as I have been role-playing for about seven years now and I absolutely love it. I am very flexible when it comes to formats of posts, depending on my partners, and mirroring their efforts.

  • 18+ goes without saying.
  • Literacy level: Advanced, Novella.
  • I do not mind female role-players as long as their OC is a male character.
  • Genres: Romance, a slice of life, mystery, action, drama, steamy, power exchange.
  • I roleplay in the first person or 3rd, depending on my partner's preferences as I can do both.
  • Werewolf roleplay is my only fantasy exception as I like the thought of packs, soulmates, and such.
  • All of my pairings and my plots include power exchange, a dominant male, and a more submissive female. [It will depend on the plot and my partner's preference if MC is completely submissive and sweet or a spitfire.]

  • I only role-play as female characters.
  • I play multiple side/secondary characters when needed.
  • My posts range between three paragraphs and a small novel.[It depends on my partners and their posts as well.]
  • I send very detailed Character Sheets, and I like to create a whole world for MC before indulging in the role-play.[It helps me connect more with MC and create more twists]
  • I can post several times a day or at least once a day if I am busy with work. If I need to disappear for a while, or even if it's just a busy day, I always notify all of my partners beforehand.
  • I prefer real picture references (or artistic drawings like on artbreeder's website for the main character's physical features. I even send references for outfits, locations, and anything that might be important in the role-play and I feel would be best to have a reference. But I do also add the full description in the post as if there is no reference picture attached to the post, for the sake of literature.[I personally use Pinterest for all of my references]
  • I love all kinds of role-plays and I always mix romance in them as well as drama to keep the role-playing going. Our characters will have a lot of steamy scenes/ pent-up tension, but I also love a lot of conflicts, not getting things easily, inserting a bit of a power couple kind of thing, with dominance and control, and I love dark themes.[ex: Mafia, underground world, secrets]


  • Your posts must be at least one paragraph long.
  • You should be able to handle a few secondary characters on your own. [YC's friends/family/ex... etc etc]
  • Don't disappear without any notice, please. I understand something might come up, and life happens but please notify me before leaving if you have to disappear for a couple of days.
  • Be engaged in the plot, even if it's my prompt, don't hesitate to add your own twists and scenes, use your secondary characters and my own secondary characters can be at your service as well.
  • I will require a detailed Character Sheet: Name, age, description with a picture/drawing for reference, background and history, personality traits, hobbies, and anything else you want to include. I can send you a sample of my own CS so you can mirror it if you wish. [You're free to say you want to reveal more of YC's background through the role-play but I will need the basic synopsis.]
  • Communicate! I cannot stress this enough, role-play partners should always communicate if there's any issue or anything that one of them wants to change in recent posts or plots. If I post something that is not something you can work with or don't know how to handle, send me a message, and we'll work through it. I can change my post to fit your next plot twist if that's an issue too!

    To make sure that you've read this far, and if you find a pairing of your liking below, please start the conversation with the following quote from a series I love:
    "Well, pardon me young man, excuse the shit out of my goddamn French, but did you just threaten me?"


You can choose from the below list and text me privately so I can send you my plots for them!
The format below is: YC x MC YC will be in italics.

  • Mafia Leader x High-Society, daughter of a wealthy Businessman
  • Mafia Leader x Rival Mafia leader's sister
  • Powerful Businessman**(and Mafia Lord*)* x Secret Agent/Hired Assassin
  • Powerful CEO x Mafia Leader
  • Powerful CEO x Burlesque Dancer (Most steamy)
  • Powerful Businessman x Powerful Businesswoman (Arranged Marriage)
  • U.S Marine x Doctor U.S Marine x General's daughter
  • Secret Agent x President's daughter
  • Professional MMA fighter x Doctor
  • Professional MMA fighter x Model (childhood enemies)
  • Alpha x Rogue (werewolf roleplay - soulmates)
  • Rival Alphas (werewolf roleplay - soulmates)
  • Famous Actor x Journalist
  • Famous Athlete x Famous Novelist
  • Famous Singer(Band or not) x Choreographer/Dancer
!!More pairings to come!!


If you are interested in any of these pairings, please send me a private message introducing yourself and your roleplaying methods and include your favorite(s) pairing(s) and I will send you the plot(s) I have in mind so we can discuss more details as well.


  1. My plots are editable and changeable and I am open to suggestions as well.
  2. I am taking in as many role-plays as I can right now. No limited number whatsoever.
  3. I prefer to be contacted through DM instead of replying to the thread if you are interested.
  4. Don't hesitate to tweak my pairings and my plots and shift/mix pairings.

That's it! If you're interested, hit me up, and I will be happy to discuss pairings and plots!

Vee xx