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  1. Hi!

    I'm looking to be involved in a heterosexual, mature romance RP, in which I am preferably the submissive female. I typically expect 5 or more lines a post with at decent grammar and spelling, but you certainly don't need to be perfect! I'm open for discussing plot ideas through PM, or you can use one of my ideas to build off of. Either way, I'm really excited to find some new RP partners!

    A World Away
    (Male Online Dater x Female Online Dater)
    In a world full of technology, it's no wonder people have turned to their devices to lead them to love. Typing onto a profile is easier than speaking to another face, but with this ease and distance comes the risk of lies and deception. In this tale, a pair of lovers like many others in this age decide to make the step off their computers and into each others lives. But the question lingers: is the one they love so dearly really what they claim to be?

    Intoxicated With You
    (Male Human x Female Human)
    She rarely let alcohol pass her lips, but after the calling off of her engagement, she needed to escape. He on the other hand, was all too familiar with the blur of drunkenness, and every worker at the bar had come to know his name. By chance, these two decide to escape in the same night, only to have reality hit them the next morning as they lie in bed together, hungover and stripped bare. Scared by the intimacy they just shared but intrigued by the person they spoke to over breakfast, the pair decides to keep in touch. They face many hardships and struggles in their relationship, but they fight on, in hopes that their one night stand will lead to something once in a lifetime.

    Not Even Death
    (Male Ghost x Female Human; Female Ghost x Male Human)
    One car crash was all it took to take them away. The lover left behind, consumed by grief, slipped away into a state of insanity and depression so grave, not even family members had hope of saving them. The living lover refused to accept the death of their partner, and swears by their life that the deceased is not truly gone. The families of both blow off the claims of seeing the dead lover as mere denial and mental illness, but as time goes on and proof begins to appear that death didn't separate the soul mates, the families begin to question what they know about life and death.

    A Royal Affair
    (Male King x Female Queen x Male Secret Lover)
    The Queen, only a year into her marriage, has grown bored of the King she was promised to. While not boring in thoughts and emotions, his ability to please her physical needs is not there, though she'd never dare tell him so. Rather than risk tension with her fellow ruler, the Queen seeks out a lover to take in secret, with whom she can find the pleasure she craves. She searches the kingdom far and wide, eventually finding the man she was looking for, but she struggles to keep her lover secret. As time goes on, she begins to neglect her true husband for the man she'd taken in secret, and she reaches a crossroads very rapidly. Upon being discovered by the King, the Queen is forced to chose between her men. Both choices have their pluses as well as consequences, and the Queen must decide: wealth and fame, or love and romance?

    Cursed Wings*
    (Male Angel x Female Human; Female Angel x Male Human)
    It's one of heaven's most firm rules: angels may never act upon love for any other race, especially humans. That was a rule that (s)he never thought would be an issue, until the day they were assigned to him/her. Almost immediately, the attraction was felt, and within weeks (s)he had made the foolish choice of cutting away their wings in order to approach their love. Ignoring the fact that the human was engaged, the angel courted them passionately, eventually pulling them away from their fiancé. The two ran far away to hide together, but were inevitably found by the human's ex-fiance, who wasted no time in ending his disloyal lover's life. With her death the cycle was started anew, with roles revered, trapping the two in an ethereal dance of forbidden love.

    *The song "Alluring Secret", which is a Vocaloid song, is the inspiration for this story. Watching the video for the song may help you to better understand the plot if my description confused you. But even not, it's still a great song ;)

    Love in the Dark
    (Female Human x Male Human)
    Working at a strip club was far from her dream job, but having flunked out of high school freshman year, she didn't have many other choices. He on the other hand, had everything he believed he could want; millions of dollars to his name, one of the finest cars to grace the earth, a house big enough to be a hotel... But he lacks someone to share all this with. He doesn't seek anyone out, feeling as though it's a waste of effort and not really necessary, but a visit to a shady strip club and a night with her may drag him into a roller coaster he didn't was out there waiting.

    Not By Blood
    (Male Step-sibling x Female Step-sibling)
    They knew it was strange, but they couldn't help it. The pull they felt towards one another was even stronger than the connection between their recently wed parents. They tried in vain to resist and fight their urges, but after a night alone together, they knew they could never go back to pretending. Now trapped between what feels right and seems right, the two forbidden lovers strain themselves to try and make a choice before it's too late. Do they force themselves to give up a love they can't imagine doing without, or do they fight for their right to love who they love?
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  2. Hey there, I would be interested in doing a RP with you. I would be interested in doing the 1st RP with you or a similar one that I thought off? I could PM you the idea if you want. :-)

  3. Taking A World Away~
  4. I'm interested in roping with you. Pm me?
  5. Bumping this, since I'm still looking~
  6. I would love to rp Cursed Wings. After all, I love Vocaloid, so it's fitting.
  7. I would love to do "Love In The Dark" and "Not By Blood" with you, Bell. (^・ω・^ )
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