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  1. Hello I'm Solunae, Welcome to my little
    Well of Creativity.

    I'm going to be posting A LOT of ideas into this probably ... maybe. Each idea will come with a character image beside it. I will also have before that a little list of rules / guidelines of shit I like / dislike in a spoiler. Please Click it to understand my rp addiction a little better!

    Please bare with me as I have a bunch to post here. Also thank you so much for checking this out!

    If you would like to take up rp with any of these Characters / Ideas please simply reply here, or send me a private message. I mainly rp in PMs but I can post in forums. If you see things you like here but none of the Character / Ideas match what you want feel free to send me your own ideas as well through PMs. We can collaborate and expand upon them or free jump off whatever ideas you send my way.
    GUIDES (open)

    Coming Soon!

    + LIKES +
    More Plot / less sexual things ( to further explain: sure its alright to have sexy fun times but only when the PLOT is behind it. Not going to throw two characters together just for fuck buddies sake )
    Action and Adventure!
    Romance when done correctly / see above
    Multiple Characters / NPCs playing in the plotlines along with Main Characters
    Big Posts are Nice but not a must / so long as there is a solid paragraph

    - DISLIKES -
    Realistic Images
    Realistic / IRL Rps
    ( all in all hates reality I use rp to escape it )

    • GENRES •
    Fantasy All Forms Including...
    Magi-Tech (Blended Genres)

    Fandom Realms / POST CANON
    I will not play with any canon character from any series or Canon plots; sorry. We can take their universe and build our own plots into them. But no canons / or relations to canon characters


    Characters / Ideas
    • Necromancy Rising •
    Harry Potter Post Canon
    Hogwarts is Back in Session! This time there are three new hooligans running the halls and creating all sorts of mischief! Blesk Rune (center / female / my character) is excited to start her new life! She wants to recreate herself and make friends, but never did she realize she'd been uncovering a whole new plot to ruin the wizarding world! Take up one of the two male characters and we'll NPC the other together. Are you ready to get your magic on?

    • Summons of the Libre Scales •
    Cyrkesis is a planet covered in trees, trees that even grow out of an ocean and pretty much filter out most of the light on the planet. There is a Summoner group is called Libre Scales, knights who protect the world from spirit beasts that normally travel the incorporeal plane but have been coming over to the corporeal plane causing all sorts of havoc.

    This order was led by a great Summoner called the Grand Seer and well the jump off plot is my character's master (who trained my character) is accused of Killing the Grand Seer then vanished into obscurity. Solunae (my character) is hell bent to prove her master's innocense in the matter leaves the order. A big plot planed in my head for it but this is simply the opening. Click the spoiler below to read the opening post ^.^;

    Show Spoiler

    Far to the east on a planet called Cyrkesis troubles were brewing; a shift in the balance - forced by forces at yet still unknown had pushed and toyed with the delicate natures of this planet until war was brewing and dividing the nations that were once prosperous and peaceful. The most notable side affect in the balance shift was the fact that now Spirits called Deitnae now wrecked absolute havoc across the forested world - bringing with them their raw energies and the forces of their natural elements. The thinest of threads pulled by fate had been held together by the loyal and ancient order known as the Scales of Libre. Knights in their own right, and protectors, guardians if you will of the world, and keepers of the balance had grown few in numbers as the era of Technology was now beginning. Brought to this world by a faction called the Iron Federation. It wasn't long after the Scales' Order had started to question the loyalties of this group that the most tragic of events occured.

    The Gran Seer of the Order was lost in an attack supposedly led by one of their own - Greigorie Wolfsbane, a once decorated Knight within the clan had been charged and discredited - and was at this time on the winds and his location unknown. It was also this event that caused the pain and breaking of the heart of his most devout Fledgling - who having lost her faith in the order; turned away and sought to seek vengeance for her master in his absence. It was on the 13th day of Solistice in the lands of Myri that a young woman by the name of Solunae Ivorikast took her first steps towards a destiny she knew nothing about. It was on that day that she lost her honor - her home - and her lively hood.

    - - - -

    The twilight hours were fast upon the realm of Myri, in a stretch of the Great Glen called Meer Lotus where the great stone and root temples built what had been her home for nearly 19 years. The dusky hues of twilight only brought out the color of the Meer Lotus Tree's petals as they rained all around her, a lone figure making her first trek away from everything she'd ever known. A pale white and gold trimmed duster jacket the proof of her old allegiances would take her far, but the Scaled Armor her kind wore was not to be found any longer. Long crimson hair the color familiar to blood lingered behind her caught on the gusting winds that whipped through the silvery violet twilight wood. She felt an absence at her back something she'd thought to never feel again and now was forced to manage. Never again would she trust any Family so blindly.

    Her tall boots halted in the dusty path leading away from the Temple of Libre and golden hues cast back a final look while lifting her right hand. The Crystal gem at the inside of her wrist flickered with colors in a pool of obsidian before the fleck turned fiery red and energy seemed to race out. "Sagrielta" she whispered calling forth the energy from within until in a heated burst the energy strung together and woven to create the pure form of her Deitnae. Crimson and red trimmed with umber oranges and yellows stood before her, eyes of the purest green turned to take in their master's visage before the beast took pose before her allowing for her to climb unburned on it's back.
    White socks and golden hooves danced beneath her as she settled on the flaming unicorns back, not even her clothes singed by its magnificent flames while the bastard sword bolted in its sheath on her back took on a golden glow just about the bladed side. "Its time we find the truth in these matters Sagrielta, to the Root District we must go" With that the unicorn would paw at the earth and before long their smoky trail was all that was left of them in the twilight colors of the night.

    - - - - Five Days Later - - - -
    Twilight hours had come into full swing when the young rider, the lost Fledgling came into a Court Square of the Root Districts capital city, Dynis. The townsfolk were getting ready for their day and many shops were already up and ready to sell their wares while cooking fires spit the most lovely of smells into the glow of violet that encased the city. Sliding down her duster jacket sweeping the ground behind her she lifted her right wrist and called her summoned Dietnae back into her being. The fires of the unicorn seemed to erupt and absorb faster than it could grow. This sudden display had not gone unnoticed, a group of ramblers - thieves - vagabonds seemed to take immediate interest in the young Scale Knight and were fast descending on her path as she made for the inner squares market.

    This is where it had all started and yet ended for her, the day her master had been discredited, turned traitor in the blink of a singular explosion. And also the day the Gran Seer had perished and her master had left her. She would find her first clues here - she would find her path. Her name was Solunae, and she was blinded to the men fast on her trail.

    ---------------- Definitions / Explanations / More Reference Images ----------------

    Myri Meer: The home of the Scaled Order. The trees there are ashen colored yet have no leaves only petals in place where leaves should be - these petals are often times silvery pink to sakura cherry blossom pink. Rarely you will spot a lavender petal.

    Great Glen : the forests that stretch the entire world. Having 'Districts' or regions / realms that act as singular stretches and swatches of this great forest.

    Deitnaes: Spirital beings not often seen by the Mortals (Normal People) of this planet. Those with High Spiritual powers can however see them. They Wreck Havoc though were once only random attacks.

    Scaled Order: Is dying out. They are few and far between and now that the Gran Seer has vanished and hadn't named and trained a successor the order feels shattered.

    Her First Summon - Poetis aka Poe - Ghost Flame.

    She is a summoner who controls at the beginning only 2 spirits. These spirits can be Fully summoned and does as they are commanded by her, or can be half summoned - in which case they appear as either weapon or armor then. The spirits are element based and JaeSkaa can actually tame all types of element beasties which is why she went from a lowly little orphan to being a Fledgling in training to become a Summoner Knight

    • Space Pirates & Fantasy - A Stargazers Path •
    A strange young woman named Kabyt has gone from no body to one of the worst pirates in 13 galaxies in only 2 years! Now there are rumors that she's going for the Ultimate Score, and the hunt for her has never been stronger! She picks up an partner along the way and the two will go on all sorts of crazy adventures together. Looking for someone to be the Unsuspecting sucker she picks up along the way. The two will have a chance meeting in a bar on a space station called Echo to get things started.

    • Pokemon Gijinka Shifters •
    In the world of Pokemon there is a small region; composed of 12 islands, that has remained cut off and mysterious to the rest of the world. In this region there are 12 clans, each representing and training in the ways of their elemental natures. Each of these clans has a class of elite ninja warriors that's sole purpose is to carry on traditions of their nation, and to protect their clan's island from the wild pokemon (more realistic / animal like untamed and dangerous). These Elite Ninja's are called Shifters, humans with the ability to Shift into a Gijinka form (anthro half half of ONE pokemon / though evolution will happen with age and maturity and what nots) These Shifters must complete a Grand Tour before they can take their spot with the Elitist warriors of their clan. The Grand Tour is about to being and the daughter of the Lightning Isle steps forward in hopes of completing the Tour - to fight and battle across the 12 Clans claiming a badge from each before returning home. Little does she realize that along the way she will meet a friend/partner/lover whatever, battle mysterious new pokemon, and be a part of saving her Region from a dastardly plot.

    -- In this idea Luxia a 19 year old Luxio Shifter is about to go on her Grand Tour along the way she and her friend / lover / battle companion whatever, will face wild pokemon, fight for badges and hopefully stop a new bad guy group. If you are interested please post bellow! Questions please PM!​
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