Seven Years [Biblical End Times RP]: The Sign Up, and OOC discussion

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  1. The End is Nigh. Or, at least it will be, in 300 years.

    Our RP takes place around 20 years after an event that would come to be known as the Rapture. About a billion people around the world disappeared in a single instant.


    (I'm still working on a logo for them)

    After the chaos settled, an organization known as TERRA was formed, with the official goal of trying to create a utopia without money, nations, or religion (they do have a state religion, though it's very dystheist, and doesn't actually worship a deity). A global state headed by 2 leaders: Ira Mankato (the profit of the state religion) and Adrian Delmore (who runs the secular parts of it). The organization has deteriorated into a theocratic, totalitarian, bread-and-circus laced dystopia. But at least the trains run on time.
    TERRA resembles Ancient Rome (at least, aesthetically) as much as it can. According to its leaders, the Roman Empire was the golden age of reason (followed by a terrible dark age), and some elements of it need to be restored in order for mankind to progress.

    To give a short description of how TERRA is run, look here:

    TERRA (open)

    Who holds the power of the government?
    Caesar Adrian Delmore, and the High Priestess Ira Mankato are its dictators.
    There's also the "Regional Overseers", appointed by Delmore, each given a very large chunk of land to manage.

    What type of government is it?
    Theocratic Bi-archy would probably be the correct term.

    Where does this government fall on the scale of authority versus liberty?
    Completely Totalitarian. What the Bi-Archs say, goes.

    What sort of economic policy, if any, does this government enforce?
    Officially, Communist. Private Property does not truly exist, and all material belongs to the state.
    However, TERRA is probably not exactly what Marx had in mind.

    Where/what does this government derive its authority from?
    Divine right. The church of Prometheism gives its full blessing to TERRA.

    Prometheism is the state religion of TERRA, founded by Ira Mankato. Prometheist beliefs go something like this:

    Once upon a time, the world was run by the Lumini. The Lumini kept the world in an "age of silence" where mankind was forced into unquestioning rule. Man was not unhappy though, falling into a form of Stockholm Syndrome. However, one Lumini, known as Prometheus, grew a conscious, and rebelled against the other Lumini. He taught the humans to question the Lumini rule, breaking the age of Silence. Every pain since then was the Lumini's punishment for their rebellion.

    Prometheists believe that worshipping any kind of deity (including their Prometheus) to be heresy. All heretics are beheaded and then "unpersoned", naturally. Not that such heretics actually exist, of course. Atheists don't fare a whole lot better, however.

    Icthus is the rebellion, and the protagonistic faction. The whole "Rapture" thing revived a lot of dying beliefs, particularly Christianity. As such, an underground church was formed. The various denominations that are still around have finally managed to set aside their differences (albeit fairly reluctantly), and unite into one organization.

    The Icthus rebellion is divided into "Chapters". Chapters usually work by finding a hide-out, which they hole up in. From there, they receive commands and intelligence from "Central". Their usual goals are to provide relief to people harmed by TERRA, to protect the spread of religion, and to gather and research advanced technology.
    One doesn't necessarily have to be religious in order to join Icthus, they merely have to oppose the religious persecution of TERRA. However, sharing their views goes a long way for one's career in their organization.

    Icthus has officially been labeled "religious extremists" by TERRA. Any signs of association will get one labeled a heretic, and executed. Does that sound hypocritical? That sounds like something a HERETIC would bring up!

    -Technology in this world:
    This is 300 years into the future. There's got to be advanced tech. Keep in mind that even though technology exists, a lot of it is still uncommon. For example, powered armor exists, but is very rare. Some examples of tech in this world are:

    Cloning and advanced human genetic engineering

    Advanced Robotics

    Quantum Computing

    Cybernetic Augmentation

    "PSI Amplification" (a watch someone can wear to give them "PSI" powers. Think like Plasmids from Bioshock or Biotics from Mass Effect)


    Power Armor


    -"Naturals" are humans born naturally between two human parents.
    -"Clones" are...clones, grown in tanks.
    -"Synths" are sentient robots.

    -Character Sheet:

    -Equipment: (if your character is going to be a fighter, they shouldn't be equipped with anything stronger than an SMG. Non-fighters shouldn't be armed with anything more powerful than a handgun)
    -Themesong: (Optional)
    -Personality: (Optional)
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  2. I have a question: Real or Anime for Appearance?
  3. Either works.
  4. Alright! I'll have it in a minute!
  5. -Name: David Gage


    -Origin: Natural
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 24.
    -Religion: Christian
    -Occupation: Security Detail.
    -Equipment: Silenced Mini-Uzi.
    -Skills: Stealth, Marksmanship, Detective Work, Rooting out Double Agents.
    -Personality: Lawful Good. Very stoic, calm, and polite, almost to a fault. Has a rather dark sense of humor.
    -Backstory: Former TERRA Inquisitor. As the organization became increasingly more Orwellian, he began to feel doubts about its true nature. He also became interested in the psychology of Heretics, hoping to get a promotion. His curiosity had killed his cat, however. Heretics were not as insane as he had been led on to believe. He eventually began to consider that they may be right. The doubts began to terrify him, and he retired under the pretense of "no longer being fit to serve". Eventually, he joined Icthus after a conversion.
  6. Is it ok if I use a Sniper Rifle?
  7. If it's a relatively low caliber one, yes.
  8. -Name: Hera Talin
    -Appearance: [​IMG]

    Stands 5'6", average body weight, hourglass figure, blonde curly hair, seafoam eyes, pale skin
    -Origin: Natural
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 19
    -Religion: Christianity
    -Occupation: Recruitment for Icthus chapter in Central USA
    -Equipment: 9mm handgun
    -Skills: gymnastics, some jujitsu, calming a person and situation down, thinking clearly in the heat of the moment, escape
    -Theme song:
    -Personality: TBR
    -Backstory: Hera’s mother, Ivena, was alive before the rapture. She was married to the man of her dreams but he could not have children. It was a sore spot in their marriage for Ivena, who found herself blaming God for their problems. Her husband, however, stayed devoted to his religion. When the rapture happened and he disappeared but Ivena stayed, she spiraled into further depression. She ended up impregnated after a drunken stupor at a party, and thus had Hera nine months later. Having no idea who the father was, Ivena was left to raise the baby she’d always wanted alone. It was a struggle for her to return to a motherly mindset once the world had gone to hell, but she progressively did so. By the time Hera was about 10, Ivena had returned to the church through Icthus. But Hera was skeptical of the whole thing. She knew what she’d been told by others- that Icthus was dangerous. And so she told a friend about her mother’s involvement, wanting her mom to get help.

    Ivena was captured and taken away from Hera, who was taken in by the family she’d ratted her mother out to. The family all firm believers in prometheism. But after seeing the contrast between those she’d met through Icthus and the change in her mother, verses now living with those who rejected all of that completely, she found herself more drawn to the rebellion organization. And so, she left her new family during the night when she was around 12 years old. She returned to the chapter her mother had become a part of before her capture, and was taken in by those in the organization. Hera has spent the last 7 years learning all she can from the group and helping them help others.
  9. @Whirlwind

    When I ask for "occupation", I mean, what do they do for Icthus?
  10. Is recruiting others not an occupation within Icthus?
  11. Oh, ok. I misread that. Yeah, that's more than acceptable.
  12. Oh okay, haha. Thanks! :)
  13. So maybe we could have parts where she makes propaganda? That'd be kind of cool.
  14. -Name: Aaron White
    -Appearance: [​IMG]
    -Origin:Natural, Cryogenically Frozen from the year 2025.
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 27
    -Religion: Christianity: Catholicism
    -Occupation: Overwatch (The guy who stays behind.) and Medic. (Because you can't shoot the medic.) Switches between them though, so, he's Either the medic, or the overwatch.
    -Equipment: A 322 Sniper rifle (.22 caliber.) with a Hair Trigger, and Thermal Scope. (trying to make the best of a weak Sniper rifle.)
    -Skills: Judo, Marksmanship, Israeli Knife fighting, Medicine.
    Or this:
    -Personality: The loyal guy you want at your back. He is intelligent, strong, and brave, but he has a fear of seeing his own blood, and a slight case of OCD. He is very impulsive, and has a hair trigger temper.
    -Backstory: A promising young doctor, Aaron had his whole life ahead of him. Aaron had been in two campaigns as a sniper, He had a fiancee, He had a residency at a hospital, and was a famous doctor of Infectious diseases, Then, he was conscripted into a military the CDC was creating. He was forced into Cryogenic Sleep until the next huge outbreak. Taking away all he ever knew and loved. Then, The Sleep automatically ended, and he realized, he was the only survivor of the team. He crawled out of the Antarctic facility with only his Trusty Rifle, a coat, and a HAZMAT suit. He was discovered by three men who took him in, and sent him to the capital of Terra, where he was hailed by the government as a relic of a past age. He then abandoned all the fame and fortune he was given, and now works for ICTHUS, but still has some power in some circles.
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  15. Yup. Radio broadcasts, flyers, stuff like that works. She's not a hacker, but if we get one she'd love to be the persuasive voice that becomes a sort of 'face' of the rebellion.
  16. I will change this in anyway I can if need be.
  17. As for Aaron White:

    "You can't shoot the medic"-sort of. If your character is wearing a red cross or something and not hurting anyone, then TERRA will usually avoid shooting you. However, war crimes are becoming rather common. Which is unsurprising, given that TERRA is the entity deciding what does and does not constitute a war crime. You can be a part-time medic, and a part-time sniper, but keep in mind that you can't be both at the same time.

    As for your skills: Judo, Hacking, Israeli Knife Fighting, and Medicine is a wide skill set, is it not? You'd also need marksmanship to be a succesful sniper (sniper rifles are hard to say the least).
    I'd certainly cut hacking if your character is supposed to be from the past. It also has very little to do with sniping or medicine.

    As for his backstory:

    TERRA would probably not be all that interested in White. Despite their Rome motif, they aren't very much obsessed with the past. You could say their goal is more "let's undo the damage of 2000 years of Dark Ages". In fact, they might even be called "Future Elitists" (they would consider a 21st century American a "stupid primitive" from the "dark age"). And if they found out he was Catholic, well, he'd be something even worse to them.
  18. Alright, I'll change it, but couldn't they fake all the "Person from the past is amazing! Yay!" Stuff, and really hate him behind his back?
  19. I suppose I can see reasons why they'd keep him around for at least a little while. Ok.
  20. They can use him to gain information from the "Dark Ages"
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