Seven Sins

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  1. The lights had been dim for some time now, the familiar humming of the fridge was reaching pierced ears. The sound of boots pounding the tiled floor heading to the front door. Several locks being lock then relocked after it was swung open and slammed closed. The beating of her feet hitting the floor, sending pounding vibrations up her legs. Her hips sway with confidence and her form leaks with power.
    A mass of intense auburn flipped hair bouncing as the oval faced woman walked down the hall of the luxurious motel she had been staying in for months now. Those vicious gray orbs of her's scanning every things she saw while walked into the elevator doing down from the fifth floor to the first floor. The metal doors had slid shut then opened after 3 minutes, stepping into the lobby she found it bustling with life,mortal life, life that thought waking up at a specific time in the morning and going to work meant something. Where as, she would formulate otherwise in her case, she was one of the many immortals that walked this Earth doing anything she wanted to. Destroying lives with her presence, Living in the lap of luxury where ever she decided to lay her head at the time.
    But lately things had gotten ugly, Hate and Despair had gone on trying to gather the essence that each of these great immortals had held, stripping them of their individuality and making them become one under the banner of him, Lucifer. For so long they had stayed silent, each sin doing as they pleased, enjoying the fact they had the world to themselves and no one else. But there was always that pinch of fear that lay nurtured deep within, that someone or something would ruin every plan and detail that had fallen into such a perfect place. No sin would fall like mere prey to the hunters Hate and Despair, Hate many times had tried absorbing her, the sin of Envy. At times she either fought or she ran, always somehow managing to lose him in the confusion of humans, letting them be his objects to destruction.
    When Hate was first made, his power and despise for the world made him a strong offense for going against Love. Different from the others of his kind of manifestation, he was the juggernaut of the group. The day he was created by Lucifer gave him freedom of his own power, and he used it to his and Lucifer's motives seeing as they had shared the same mind. He chooses nothing more than to destroy and wreak havoc. Hope and Love only standing in his way..not wise at all. Though as one of the strongest components that truly shared Lucifer's mind, Odium's Master's heart and soul dwell within him . Safe guarded for when the sin's are reunited by his undying loyalty. Lucifer, for now lives partially through him until the day of reckoning.
    Odium spent majority of his time looking for Despair, who had slipped away after her battle with Hope to be alone and unjoyous. Hate has come to the conclusion that Despair wants to remain neutral and play it safe to remain in her miserable existence. Seeing as she was not created by Lucifer solely as a line of offense or defense against Hope or Love, she feels she has not a part to play in this battle. However, she is sadly mistaken. Her power is the key ingredient to Lucifer's revival and Hate will do whatever necessary for that to happen. Moving from city to city in a rage he left a trail. His Hellish force spread like a virus through the cities he had encountered, sending states into anarchy. Upon Despair being found and her forced cooperation is in place the count down has begun and only six sins remain ripe for the picking, he didn't think it would be so hard but as it would seem he cannot get any alone, he is too irrational and reckless, it hindering him from completing such a simple task.
    Often, Despair would plan things out for him but he would only screw them up with his lack of intellect and tactic. It sickened her some what to think he was the vessel for Lucifer, this malevolent gift bestowed upon him, a fool who could extract a single essence with out messing up.
    Despair has done little to nothing since being "born" into the world except ridding people of the happiness she cannot live with. She doesn't care enough to reach for any thing that is remotely joyful, and anything she has done has been done in order for her to preserve the way she exists. She was said to have been born long before Odium, rumored among the sins that she may be stronger than even him. Seeing as she has not been manifested from Lucifer she has no obligation to helping his cause but to deal out misery to anything in a ten mile radius. Her intentions are not clear to anyone or anything leaving her to be an unpredictable walking heap of eeriness. When Hate found her the first time it was a simple catch and forced her to trade fists with Hope who she truly had been disgusted by. Though her battle was short lived as he posed a threat to her existence when standing by Love, who had indirectly affected her by making her unusually sick to her stomach.
    Their stories had that same grotesque smile of failure all due to a fool's errand.
    Almost every sin had made some kind of contact with Hate, very rarely with Despair, except a select few, if it wasn't those two it was Love or Hope trying to destroy them. The sins all knew they would either had to work together or eventually fall one by one, to either side. It would be hard getting some sins to help and work with each other period, seeing as over the years grudges have developed and rivalries have risen.
    Invidia was not interested in petty fights or grudges. She often had goals of her own, on occasions it required a little help from a another sin.
    She had taken a painfully slow time walking through the lobby , people were in the way and talking to her as if she cared about the questions or problems. A gust of fresh air hit her in the face , she breathed in deep and kept on, her amble turning into a laid back saunter after some time. Where she was going unknown, why was irrelevant. She just knew it was to crowded, and someone had already been swallowed.
  2. New York was once an outstanding place to be... The people may not have been the best, but it stood for greatness. It stood for success, brotherhood, and a land were dreams came true. A symbol of power before it reached ground zero.
    After the decimation of World War III, the military stepped in to recover what was lost of the once great state. But all that was wrought was a petty attempt to isolate and control a sickness that mutated into a virus. New York has been broken into several zones--Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alpha is New York City, the slums district. Guarded by the armed forces and populated by refugees, illness, and whatever arose from the fire's of the bombings years ago. Beta is Liberty Island, or what's left of it, turned into a large research facility used to study those who are infected or create new arms against their main target. Then there's always the safe haven from a Hell hole, Omega.
    Omega is the stand alone, uninfected, rebuilt, and heavily guarded new New York. The government had it built first thing with all the supplies and funds they had left from the War, and as currency increased they pointed it all to Omega. However, it's merely man's own imagine at the Garden of Eden for them to damn their souls. Night clubs and gangs run the streets while the military work with drug dealers to help more money roll in. Regular homes and stores exist, but have little power and are supported by the darkness that swallows them. As safe and secure Omega is, you'll find nearly half the population inside Thirst, the largest, and sin inducing, night club in the area. Word around the street is there's the most inhumanly attractive woman that runs the place, and built up enough money to buy half the state itself.

    But with every gritty world and its disease of power-hungry people, there is but one among them with the power and near immortality to change their fates. A being who for years has destroyed and broken the chains of war he set in motion hundreds of years ago. His effective technique is an eye for an eye--fighting fire with fire. And as he watched over Alpha Zone from up above, perched at the tip of the Empire State building like a stalking bird, he awaited for when he was needed. Gekido, he calls himself. But he has many names--Anger, Rage, Fury, Ire, Madness... Wrath.
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  3. Avarice could not stop laughing. To laugh at the emptiness of the world. To laugh at the vain of men and the utter desolation they cause. The world was just so amusing. The constant conflict. The oppression, the pain, and the whole pointlessness of it. He could not have found a better playground.

    Avarice sat in his lounge surrounded by pitiable men who grovels at his every word. The women are barely clothed. "Models" they call themselves. He could not distinguish them from the whores of old. The wine in his hand tasted old yet so utterly dull. And every last one these things he owned. He had power and control over. All it took was money, power, and false hope. They would spill forth and give themselves to him. They lay like dogs on their backs, ready for the alpha to bite their throats. How disgusting. He had all this in his castle of a building and yet it was entirely pointless. He desired more. Avarice could not be sated by such mere trinkets. The souls of men. The envy of women. All the riches. They were nothing to him. He wants something deeper. Something much larger. But he could not grasp the idea. He could not comprehend the depth of his search. With a single snap of his fingers he could take down companies, but then what?

    Avarice wondered what the other Sins was doing. Probably pathetically scrounging in the shadows. But this image in his mind evoked dark feelings. Wasn't he scrounging from the shadows. Claiming the world from darkness. Clinging to every desire and whim. Wasn't he that wretched thing he despises? Such thoughts caused him to throw his glass, causing it to shatter at his view of the city. "Out," he spoke with a single command. The dogs flew away in utter obedience.

    He had an amusing thought. When was the last time Hate has come calling. The last time he killed an battalion of my men. When was that? No matter. Its closed business now. Hatred has other Sins to hunt. But Despair. He was a sly one. Always seemed to be crawling closer without much effort.

    Avarice gathered himself in. He seemed alone on top of that tower surrounded by wealth, yet inside he was black as the void. Nothing could truly appease him. He decided it was time to cause some mischief. He took the elevator down from his castle. With a single call he got the information he needed. “Time to meet my sisters and brothers of Sin. Perhaps I'll be amused for a while.” He laughed once more. This time it was filled with an empty longing. The darkness of the night surrounded him, binding his emotions with the world.
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