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  1. ---------------------------------------RP IDEA-----------------------------------​

    Upon the birth of their first born child, each villain gives their son or daughter a gift. One of the seven devils. These seven devils are a combination of villainous powers and fills each child with a villainous personality: be it greed, lust or loath. Each child grows up in the path set out for them. However, when the youngest becomes of age, a legacy is proclaimed. Each of the seven devils will be destroyed by an act of true love, before the clock strikes midnight on the third moon. Fearing that this could lead to an unleash of their almighty powers, the royal families declare war on the seven and their parents.

    However, it is the war that leads to the acts of true love, which will either destroy or unleash the seven devils. These acts of true love range from true love's first kiss, sacrificing of a life or ultimate forgiveness. However, each act of true love must be different. Each of the seven is faced with a challenge; commit an act of true love, before the clock strikes midnight on the third moon, or remain as one of the seven devils...forever.

    ---------------------------------------MORE INFO---------------------------------​

    Think of Game of Thrones and the seven kingdoms, it's a similar concept to that. Each of the lands has a ruler, one for each of the seven devils. Since the eldest's birth, they've all been aware of the concept of the 'seven devils' but it's only when the prophecy is declared when the youngest becomes of age that they truly grow to fear them. Each of the royal families join together to fight the seven and their parents; which essentially brings the seven kingdoms into battle against the seven devils, so the seven have to join forces in an attempt to stay alive. As for the 'unleash of powers', something as dark as one of the seven devils cannot just be created or destroyed - like energy itself - so the devil must go somewhere; which is what the royal families fear most.

    For the sake of keeping things 'simple', the royal families will be essential the same as they are in the Disney movies - instead of having to create further OCs. As each of the seven devils now comes from one of the 'seven kingdoms', there is a royal family for each of the seven devils. For example, the royal family in Regina's case - as Maleficent's daughter - is Aurora and Phillip. I've just noticed that the Queen of Hearts may be a little harder you're free to create any sort of royal family for your kingdom. These are the main enemies to all of the characters once they join forces.


    Your character may be the child of any of these villains, if you are not interested in any from the list then feel free to suggest them/use them, but they must have some sort of magical background, they also do not necessarily have to be from a Disney movie, they may also be of a fairytale or mythological origin.

    Maleficent [Taken by Anya - Me]
    Evil Queen [From Snow White]
    Jafar [From Aladdin]
    Ursula [From The Little Mermaid]
    Hades [From Hercules]
    The Queen of Hearts [From Alice in Wonderland]
    Claude Frollo [From Hunchback of Notre Dame]
    Mother Gothel [From Rapunzel]
    Captain Hook [Peter Pan]

    ---------------------------------------MY BIO---------------------------------
    [feel free to copy this form or use your own!]

    Character's Full Name: Regina Alexandra Pendragon
    Reason or meaning of name: Regina is latin for Queen, which Maleficent choose for her daughter as a warning to her bitter enemies. ‘She is named Regina, for she will one day be Queen’ Maleficent had proclaimed upon the child’s birth, and chills had ran down the necks of every person present. The middle name of ‘Alexandra‘ was chosen as it was Maleficent’s belief that her daughter would be the protector of dark magic. Alexandra is greek for ‘protector‘ and ‘defend’.

    Age: 26
    Eye Color: Pale emerald green but turns royal purple when her devil comes to play
    Hair color: Thick, curly black as midnight hair that falls to the lower half of her chest
    Skin tone: As pale as the first snow of winter.
    Distinguishing Marks? Regina has a four inch scar on her inner left arm from a duel in her teenage years, she was left with a scar, her opponent was left dead.
    Most predominant feature: Regina is an almost mirror image of her mother at that age.
    Accent: Regina was a well brought up child, and her accent reflects that. She knows how to talk down her nose at someone, and how to make them feel like a King by simply speaking at them.

    Type of childhood: For fear of Regina’s safety, Maleficent ensured that her daughter was never far from her side, especially when Aurora turned 16, when Regina herself was 19. She spent her childhood years perfecting the art of dark magic, and as a result, in one of the most capable witches of the age - if only beaten by her mother
    Mother (name): Maleficent
    Relationship with her: Regina is the loyal daughter, willing to follow her mother into battle at the drop of a pin.
    Father (name): Unknown.
    Relationship with him: ----
    Siblings: Regina is an only child.

    Greatest fear: Failure.
    Worst thing that could happen to her? To disappoint her mother.
    Character is most at ease when: Listening to ballet music in her tower.
    How s/he feels about self: Regina is aware of her powers, but feels she has much more work to do to achieve almighty glory. For this reason, she pushes herself a little too hard at the best of times. She would spend hours upon hours practicing spells from the ancient spell book that her mother gifted her on her eighteenth birth, she has mastered almost every spell - something even her mother has been unable to do.

    Position in the Seven: Eldest
    Act of True Love: True Love’s First Kiss.
    Main Plot Line: Regina falls in love with one of her mother’s guards, who is fatally injured during one of the great battles. After dying in her arms, it is Regina’s act of true love [their first kiss] that brings him back to life, in turn releasing Regina from her 'devil'
    Talents: Dark Magic and Witchcraft
    Seven Devil: Wrath

  2. Can I make a child of The Queen of Hearts?
  3. Squeeee! I'm totally gonna do Captain Hook!

    C A S P I A N ♦ F I NH O O K
    H i s t o r y
    It never seemed as though James Hook would ever marry while he was on his never ending quest to destroy Peter Pan, but he found love when he met Little Willow, a Native American woman cast out by her tribe for reasons unknown. At first James approached her because he wished to know her tribe's secrets, so he had another plan to draw Pan from his hiding place, but Little Willow, despite her anger towards her tribe, refused to give him any information. James thought to leave her then, but her character and spirit intrigued him, and so he invited her to become a pirate on his ship.

    Four years later, Little Willow was now Co-Captain Willow and she was pregnant with their first child.
    When Caspian was born, James and Willow began teaching him their ways since before he even knew how to talk, but they wanted him to always be prepared just in case they perished and he needed to survive on his own. Thankfully, they didn't perish and Caspian grew up a fierce pirate and avid fighter. He even fought took a lost boy's hand as a trophy after facing off against Pan and his group.

    Alas, one day Willow fell ill and the only thing that could possibly cure her was pixie dust, something they did not have nor could they obtain. Karma was truly a bitch.

    After that Caspian and James were closer than ever, they launched a crusade against pixies and began to capture and collect every pixie that they came across. They locked the creatures below deck, and deprived them of freedom in the name of the late Captain Willow.

    F a m i l y
    Mother (deceased): Captain Willow, formerly know as Little Willow
    Caspian was very close with his mother and was present when she died from an illness. She gave him his middle name because he was such a strong and fast swimmer like a fish.
    Father (alive): Captain James Hook
    Despite his father's abrasive and somewhat cruel behavior, Caspian gets along with his father quite well. Although they have their fights like most people, they never stay angry at each other and they always support each other no matter what.

    P e r s o n a l i t y
    Caspian is a chatty guy filled with sarcasm and inappropriate remarks on just about everything.

    A t t i r e
    As a pirate Caspian wears a white shirt, a brown vest, black trousers, black boots and a brown coat.
    As a wanderer, Caspian wears a white shirt, black trousers, black boots, and a black cloak.

    W e a p o n s ♦ a n d ♦ S k i l l s
    His father taught him how to fight using a sword, and a pistol, while his mother taught him hand to hand combat and how to use a bow and arrow.
    Both of his parents taught him navigation by sea and tracking by land.


    R P ♦ D e t a i l s
    Act of True Love
    Freeing the captured pixies
    Caspian meets a man who he quickly befriends and eventually falls in love with. However the man is actually a pixie under the guise of a human sent by his people to rescue the pixies that Caspian and his father captured. However, when Caspian finds out about this he at first goes through the usual phases; Shock, outrage, depression...Then forgiveness. He realizes that the reason why his mother died wasn't because the pixies refused to help them, but because Caspian, his mother and his father were their enemies and it would have been ridiculous for the creatures to want to help them.
    In the end, Caspian releases the pixies and has to face his father.
    Captain Hook's heart is still twisted with grief and rage so he couldn't see the truth. But he couldn't bring himself to harm his son either, so he banishes his son from the Jolly Roger and leaves him to wander Neverland by himself.

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  4. *I will edit in the biography and the CS when I get a character drawn up*
  5. Character's Full Name: Alben Callion White
    Reason or meaning of name: Queen Grimhilde wanted her son to be recognized as heir-apparent, so she named him for what she thought a King should be seen as. Alben means Fairest - Callion means Handsome and Perfect.


    Eye Color: Sea-foam green which turn ocher when his ‘devil’ takes hold
    Hair color: Black, he keeps it parted to the left and oiled at all times; his eyebrows are thin
    Skin tone: Extremely fair, with rosy cheeks and full red lips
    Distinguishing Marks? He is slender and regally beautiful, however, on right-side abdomen just below his ribs has a nasty, marred burn-pattern; it came from an accident as a child, involving one of his mother’s potions.
    Most predominant feature: Looks strikingly similar to the father he hardly knew.
    Accent: Being born into royalty, he has been taught the proper way to speak. He dislikes this formality however, and disavows it easily – something he picked up from Snow when he was little and his mother found worthy of disparaging.

    Type of childhood:
    Alben was raised in his sister’s shadow. His father loved her more; his mother obsessed over her; the people of the kingdom choose her to rule over him – even though he was the first born male.


    Mother (name):
    Grimhilde Draken-White
    Relationship with her: When he failed to take the Crown from Snow, and she disowned him and left him to his own devices. This happened shortly before her death – she was executed by Snow and her husband for crimes against the Crown.
    Father (name): Aethelwulf White
    Relationship with him: Alben and Snow where both still young when their father passed. Alben has very few memories of him. He was eight and Snow fourteen at the time of the King’s passing.
    Sibling: Snow is his older half-sister, whom he despises for killing his mother and ‘stealing’ the Crown.

    Greatest fear:
    Not being worthy
    Worst thing that could happen to him? Having his right to rule ignored
    Character is most at ease when: Singing or brewing potions
    How he feels about himself: He believes he inadvertently caused his mother’s death by not being King. He thinks he should be King – that it is his right to be ruler.


    Position in the Seven:
    Act of True Love: Saving his sister by giving his own life
    Main Plot Line: Alben struggles though coming to terms with his mother’s insanity, his sister’s innocence, and his own covetous nature. At long last he sees the truth – and sacrifices his own life on a blow that had been meant for his Snow – and would have killed her. His own self-sacrifice brings him back to life, and dispels his ‘devil’.
    Talents: Potions and mild magics – he’s never even came close reaching his mother’s level of mastery.
    Seven Devil: Envy​
  6. This looks excellent.

    If you don't mind taking a chance on the new guy, I'm gonna attempt to make a child of Ursula. Cause why not.
  7. Character's Full Name: Moritfer oscuro Gothel
    Reason or meaning of name: Moritfer is Latin for bringer of death, which Mother Gothel though would be appropriate as her son almost got her killed after his birth.
    The middle name of ‘Oscuro ‘ was chosen as its Spanish for dark and she thought it appropriate as her son had hair black as midnight.

    Age: 25
    Eye Color: A dark brown color of eyes that have a hint of sun yellow in them.
    Hair color: Thick, wavy black as midnight hair.
    Skin tone: Tanned skin color
    Distinguishing Marks? Moritfer has his family crest at the side of his neck which makes him easy to identify in a large crowd.
    Most predominant feature: His eyes, everyone seems drawn to them when they first meet him.
    Accent: Mortifer has a strange accent that he has picked up from traveling around the realm for a while.
    He does not speak formally and will be blunt to most even those of the highest royal blood.


    Type of childhood: Moritfer had an average childhood although most of the time he was distant from his mother or more like she was distant from him.
    Every waking moment his mother would spend with his younger sister and as much as he begged for her attention, he was completely ignored by her.

    Mother (name): Mother Gothal
    Relationship with her: Moritfer is rather distant from his mother and he will only come to her aid if no one else is willing to.
    Father (name): Lucifer Gothal (deceased)
    Relationship with him: Morifer respected his father greatly and would go to hell and back for him.
    Siblings: Moritfer has one younger sister.


    Greatest fear: His family or himself being made a mockery of.
    Worst thing that could happen to him? To have no more honour left and to be look down upon by other houses
    Character is most at ease when: Hunting and horseback riding.
    How he feels about self: He believes that he is the reason that his father was left to die alone on the battle field and he will do anything he can to avenge his death.


    Act of True Love: Gave up his pursuit to let his heart love again.
    Main Plot Line: after his father’s death, Mortifer searched the entire realm for the man who killed his father, only to find the love of his life.
    He constantly ignored his heart and continued his search.
    It was only when she was in grave danger, that he gave up his revenge to be with the only one he truly loved and cared for.
    Talents: Hand to hand combat and destructive magic.

    Seven Devils: Pride
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  8. Character's Full Name: Selene Areta Hades
    Reason/Meaning of Name: Selene represents the fact that she was born the night of crescent moon. Areta describing the beauty, virtuous and excellence she was born with that very night. Hades, the family name her mother was forced to use for everyone to know who's child she was.


    Age: 21
    Eye Color: Black with a Hint of Grey.
    Hair Color: Greyish Blonde.
    Skin Tone: Pale like a Porcelain Doll.
    Distinguishing Marks: Birthmark in the shape of the crescent moon on her low back.
    Accent: Born in the Greece Underworld, she has a Grecian accent. But she is able to speak with an English accent when it is difficult for others to understand her Grecian accent.

    Type of Childhood: Growing up in the underworld wasn't difficult for Selene since her father was proud of his first child with his Queen. Being doted on by both her parents, she was given anything and everything she wanted, although she was a quiet child. As time passed by, her mother explained to her that she was not like others due to her beauty and the fact she was the daughter of Hades. Now knowing this, she grew to use her beauty as an advantage especially during her adolescent years. Learning about her mothers' eternal curse, Selene knew that she didn't like her father, but dealt with him because of how much he doted on her. Hades didn't keep Selene from exploring the outside world, keeping tabs on her by sending out several demons to watch over her. Over time, she was taught how to use her magic after her father lost to son of Zeus. She did not care much for the dark magic, though learning vegetation magic from her mother was quite interesting. Now she leaves the underworld constantly, yet with every demon following her, she sends them back as a warning to her father.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mother: Persephone
    Relationship with Mother: She adores her mother, appreciating the fact that she can stand living with her father, knowing fully well she'd rather be free from him.
    Father: Hades
    Relationship with Father: Hates him with a passion, although he dotes on her.
    Siblings: The only child of Persephone & Hades, but has three older half siblings; two sisters & a brother.

    Greatest Fear: Failing as a daughter to her mother.
    Worst Thing That Could Happen to Her: Being hated or rejected by her mother for some act that she may do.
    Character Is Most At Ease When: singing and dancing her heart out & reading.
    How She Feels About Self: Selene finds herself to be an intelligent young woman and sees herself becoming someone better & more powerful than her father.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Act of True Love: Leaving the Underworld to be with her human lover.
    Main Plot: Selene had visited the outside world regularly, but one day she had met a human who didn't care about the fact that she was Hades daughter. Even though her father knew about this, he locked her away, but failed. She had found an opening and left with the blessing of her mother, to be with him willing to give up her life as a goddess.
    Talents: Vegetation & Dark Magic
    Seven Devil: Lust
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  9. Sorry! I've been mega busy and there was a few family emergencies in the last week or two, so I haven't been very active. Yes, this RP is still open and active, even with me being a little busy.

    Can I just say that I love everyone's character bios so far! They're brilliant!
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  10. We currently have a total of five character profiles. @Archangel and @jessica2477 are you still interested? If so we have the full seven RPers required for this roleplay.

    Does anyone have any questions about the plot?

    Previously, I had the six other devils arriving at Maleficent's Palace in order to form a strategy against the royals. Is everyone okay with this opening?
  11. I'm cool with it!

    Also maybe you could use a map to show people where they are and where Maleficent's castle is? :O
  12. I'm still interested, if I can get a profile together quickly.
  13. I'm alright with that.
    No questions here.
  14. Would you guys find it useful if I used a map? Perhaps edited one to make it work with our RP?
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  15. I think it'll be good idea
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