Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues

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  1. Hello Lovelies! I have been thinking of this idea for a long while and I thought it might be fun to get other people in on it. I was originally going to create a story off of it, but this might be more fun?

    So my idea is that an angel creates these sins in the form of demons. This "head demon" trains them to be completely immersed in their sin. Sloth was pampered to no end, as was Greed and Pride and so on. You get the picture? (I will explain more if need be though!). They go up to Earth and wreak havoc and then come back down and relax and it's pretty much the same every day. But hunters (think Sam and Dean-ish? but you don't have to watch Supernatural to be a part of this. Just know what hunters are] are catching onto them and are on the road to destroy them. So the head demon quickly thinks up a plan to send each of the sins' soul into a human teenager. Ironically, all the kids go to the same boarding school. The sins don't remember who they are, they only have the memories from the kid that they are embodying. But now each teen completely embodies the sin that is inside of them.;

    That's the main gist. Does this sound interesting?? If it does then please don't hesitate to add stuff to the plot and and create a character. I would rather this be 8 people each doubling up but if there is more then that then come on in and go ahead. So start off with one character and then by the end of this week if we dont have enough then we can double up if you want.

    The sins are:
    Sloth~Ariella Mcraig
    Envy~Jessabell Ivers
    Wrath~Joseph Alexander Avry
    Greed~Tom Lockwood
    Pride~Stanley 'Flare' Modus
    Lust~Kris Black
    Gluttony~Karson N Lahjay

    The virtues are:
    Kindness~Arin Fawn
    Charity~Melanie Perkins
    Diligence~Anna Nakanishi
    Humility~Cyan Riddle
    Temperance~Crystelle Van Deverson
    Patience~Esme (Evan) Carlton
    Chastity~Bonnie A. Akiyama

    Evander Airaldi, Lazarus Di Angelo


    -Joseph and Aarin
    -Kris and Esme
    -Jessabell and Crystelle
    -Karson and Tom
    -Cyan and Stanley
    -Bonnie and Ariella
    -Anna and Melanie
    -Evander and Lazarus
    -Female Hunters

    I have chosen Envy as my character so literally ever other character is open! There should be equal amount of girls and boys though please!

    Here's the character sheet!
    Age: (Around high school remember that!)
    Appearance: (description is welcome, pictures are preferred.)
    Personality: (remember what virtue/sin were working with)
    Reason they were sent to boarding school:​
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  2. Huh, I'm thinking a male embodiment of Wrath, but quick question: what's the lore surrounding the Virtues? Are they angels trapped in human bodies, or what?
  3. Yes, they sent the virtues into the teenagers as well, to try to battle with the demons but what they didn't expect was for all of them to completely forget that they were ever demons/angels in the first place. Thanks for the interest though! A male embodiment of Wrath would be great!
  4. This sounds interesting! I'm leaning towards Sloth? Would that be okay?
  5. Of course that would be okay! Sloth is a interesting character to flesh out. Are you thinking male or female though?
  6. I'll probably do a female to balance it out with Wrath. I can do male, if you would prefer.
  7. Oh, actually, the character I have in mind would fit better as pride, so I think I'll go with that instead. Bio will be up soon.
  8. Well I will be making Envy a female, and if we do get more people to join this it will be a balanced out cast hopefully! So yes making Sloth a female is a-okay with me!
  9. I always love a good demon/angel RP~ Mind if I take Greed? (Male) Oh and how many characters are we allowed to have?
  10. I wouldn't say more then two love. But yes Greed as a male is a-okay with me.
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  11. Name: Stanley "Flare" Modus

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Flare's most striking feature is his hair, which is styled exactly as you'd think it would be: done up in spikes of random size that point vaguely upwards, and dyed in a haphazard vertical gradient, from red at the bottom to yellow at the top. His eyes are a dull orange color, and his pointed chin juts forward quite a bit. His red shirt with its popped collar shows off the slight muscle on his arms and chest. He also wears torn jeans and orange sneakers.

    All in all he pulls off the "total douche" look pretty well.

    Also of note are the burn scars on his hands, arms, and feet. They're all very visible, and the scar tissue is enough to slightly restrict his mobility in those areas.

    Personality: Flare is the embodiment of Pride. In a few words, he is an impulsive, selfish, arrogant womanizer. His temper is usually pretty cool -- actions speak louder than words, after all -- but there's one way to get through to him instantly, and that's calling him by his birth name. He enjoys destructive behavior, including smoking, drugs, vandalism, and arson. Especially arson. In fact he even has a bit of time in juvie on his permanent record. He'd do it all again, though, given the chance. Makes him cooler to the ladies.

    Bio: Stanley's been a rebel ever since he was eight years old, when he stood up on the kitchen table and told his parents he hated his "stupid fucking name" and would be going by Flare from then on. He belongs to a rich family who figure they can simply buy his affections, and he squanders most of his allowance on cigarettes, poker games, and extravagant dates. He loves to gamble with his friends (one of which, a poker prodigy, considers him a grade-A sucker) and smokes a pack a day.

    Flare would've flunked out of school if his parents hadn't paid off the principal. They couldn't do everything, though; this is actually his second go at 12th grade. The school feels like they should at least give him one final chance to prove himself. (Not that he plans on taking it. Who needs that shit?)

    Reason they were sent to boarding school: Flare's dad, and his dad's dad, and his dad's dad's dad all went to this particular school. It's a family tradition, born from a family history of pride.
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  12. Oh he sounds great! Your character has been added to the list!
  13. Name: Kris Black
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Was innocent/psh yeah right; but now? Lust is the name of his game.
    Bio: Kris Was a troubled child, his whole life filled with nothing but dumb ass people and stupid rules that he found a way to broke every chance he could find. Even in his lowest of times, he was able to do it in fashion, such as getting in four fights at once? Yeah.... Story of his life.
    Reason they were sent to boarding school: Expelled from old school so was forced to do this.
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  14. Oh I like him! I will add him to the character list.
  15. Are there any other sins still available? :o I see people calling them but their names aren't on the list.
  16. Wrath and Gluttony are still open! Sloth I am waiting on as someone as already asked for it. All the virtues are still open as well
  17. I'd love to make a male Wrath then, if that's fine :o
  18. I'd like to be the first to claim a virtue with a male for Kindness? c:
  19. :Name:

    Ariella McCraig








    Unmotivated is the word that best describes Ariella. It would take a miracle to get her interested, and another to get her to act upon her interest. She doesn't participate in any after school activities. She doesn't build up relationships with other student by her own free will. Teachers have to call her out, because she never volunteers, and even then she gets nothing done.

    You can usually find her laying in bed or napping around campus. Sleep seems to be her only pastime. Ariella views sleep as something pleasant in which she is required to do nothing. Because of this trait, she tends to miss out on everything being taught(not that she does her homework anyway).

    Despite her laziness, Ariella is a well-mannered girl. It is more for her benefit then anyone else's, but her parents always saw it as her one redeeming feature. Her politeness shouldn't be mistaken for kindness, though, unless you want a rude awakening. Even Ariella has a breaking point, and that breaking point is when stubborn people attempt to establish a friendship.

    She is always finding ways to make something easier, though she is too lazy to actually start a project, let alone complete one. The mind of a genius is relaxing inside her fortress of sloth, and it seems like it will never make a permanent appearance.


    Ariella was never a social child. Her parents always brushed it off as a phase when she was younger, but it never improved. Homework was turned in incomplete, any attempts at friendship were politely declined. Pep talks led to the school counselor, and eventually Ariella was expelled. She was enrolled in another, then another, and then another. Nobody seemed to be able to get her to interact with anyone or anything. Her parents gave up and began to dote incessantly on her younger sister and older brother.

    :Reason they were sent to boarding school:

    She was expelled from multiple schools due to inactivity in the classroom and never completing homework. Her parents gave up and got rid of her in the form of a boarding school.​
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  20. I'd be cool with making a Virtue of whatever gender you need more of if need be. :3