Seven Deadliest Sins (demon/ romance RP)

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  1. (Okay! Let's get this party started!)

    They are all in a large house together, and they have been living together for a long time. While they may look young, they are as old as time itself.

    Himeros sits on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, TV turned on to some crime drama-- he couldn't remember the name.
  2. Jack (Jackard Royei) had been attempting to sleep when he heard people screaming angrily just outside his bedroom door. He figured Himeros couldn't sleep or something... Jack rolled out of bed and decided to investigate. After opening his bedroom door he slouched into the living room too tired to put some clothes on. If his roommates wanted to make fuss over his dollar signs boxers they'll just have to dress him themselves.
    Jack found exactly what he expected, Himeros watching some reality TV show no one could remember the title of. He stood there shaking his head trying to wake up. The glare of the television burned his eyes bit but he managed to glance up at Himeros, "What's up? Couldn't sleep?"
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  3. A growl of his stomach - promptly ignored.

    He couldn't sleep.

    ". . ." It was that gnawing feeling again. Eating him from the inside out, because he just wouldn't eat himself. Something tasteless, he needed something tasteless. Immediately. But anything too quick, too frantic - would catch their attention. Them... Tony already felt a distasteful scowl come onto his face. In the shadows of his room, he couldn't even see his own hands...It was better, that way.

    Something about that day planted something grumpy in his stomach. And it showed in his attitude. A slide out of bed, a grab for his jacket. (After palming around the room a few times, maybe even tripping over a bundle of clothes on the ground. Exclusive mistake!) A bit weak on his legs, but morning stiffness spread through his limbs, traveling along those vines. And soon enough, he walked without difficult. An occasional sway, here and there. But it was nothing too major.
    At least, Tony wrapped up his face without a problem.
    Trembling -- tremor lined fingers, but the job was done.

    Sure, it didn't improve his mood. But that's fine.
    It was fine.

    Was he wearing the same shirt from yesterday? Eugh...But he didn't dare try to look back into the dark room, and strain his eyes even more. Was that a headache? That was most certainly a headache. Things just got worse. But it really was his own fault.

    He doesn't seem to care when he slams the door open. A dark, heavy air around him - definitely a reflection of his mind and mood.
    Tony's eye twitches, and he draws his hood.
    Before heading for the stairs; to the kitchen...
    His stomach and heart both drop into the pit of his body.
    A person shouldn't have to live like this.
    A person that wasn't him, at least.

  4. Himeros looks over at Jack. "Nope. Been sleeping too much. I'm used to being kept up all night by men, women... The occasional both... Life's been slow. Boring. I've had to resort to watching Shit Television in the middle of the night." He sighs. "Anyway, Why are you up?"
  5. Jack heard a door slam and without thinking jerked his head. Gazing into the darkness trying to make out any figures possibly explaining the sound. His eyes were bothered by the sudden transitions between glaring lights and total darkness, he was unsuccessful but assume it was one of his other roommates quite irate with the television.
    "Uh, noise. Yeah man, I heard some women cussing each other out and felt like coming in here to see if it was anything interesting."
    Slowly, without breaking eye-contact with the dark hallway from which he suspected to soon find out who was taking out their fury on slabs of hinged wood, Jack lowered himself onto the recliner next to the couch. Eventually he gave up and looked forward at the mind-numbing bullshit happening on screen.
  6. "Yeah, well, nothing interesting here... This is far from entertaining. I could be doing much more interesting things with my time..." He says, sighing. It had been ages since he had gotten any action. At least two days... It was infuriating.
  7. Kali shuffled her way out of her room and collapsed on the couch, legs sprawled over Himeros. "You guys are loud. I was trying to sleep." Kali yawned and closed her eyes.
  8. Himeros shoves her off. "Bad Idea, Sugar. With the state I'm in, you won't last very long." He says, with an eyebrow raise. "And Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you."
  9. Kali let half her body hang off the couch. "You don't scare me. Being scared takes a lot of energy and I don't care enough to use it." Kali yawned again and let the rest of her body slide of the couch. She laid on the floor not caring that her shirt was ridding up. She would go back to her room but she was already out here so might as well stay.
  10. Himeros sighs, closing his eyes. "For the love of all that is or isn't holy. Pull your damn shirt down. And really, Jack, You're pushing it too. Damn it, why does everyone here have to tempt me!?" He says, eyes still closed.
  11. Jack watched the little raven-haired snotball walk across the room and fall on the couch, "Are you the one who slammed the door a minute ago lurking in the shadows like a freak?" He teased gently punching her in the shoulder.
    One of Jack's favorite past times was messing with Kali, he always thought she was surprisingly a good sport. They were all a bunch of weirdos in their own way, but tolerable at the least. Despite being stuck with them for eternity, Jack for some reason enjoyed the company.
    Jack was getting a bit dreary and decided to kick out the recliner's bottom to lay back. Maybe now he could get a little cat nap depending on how restless Kali and Himeros were, or at least they didn't seem to be interested in doing much more.
  12. "No thanks," she said not moving. "What's wrong? Has little Himeros run out of bed mates? Poor poor little Himeros." Kali yawned again.
  14. Kali looked at Jack "Why would I slam a door? Again that would take a lot of energy." Kali smirked at Jack. He was probably once of her favorites in the house. She stuck her tongue out at Himeros and snuggled into the ground, shirt rising up a little more. It didn't take much to annoy Himeros which is why she did it. It was simple and easy, just they way she liked it.
  15. Tofu tasted like compressed and solidified garbage. But that was only because Tony detested the taste that was tastelessness so much. But with his back faced towards the kitchen, hunched as he knelt in front of the refrigerator. Teeth -abnormally sharp - tore into the too perfect of a cube, and with a twitch and shudder, he swallowed it down. Cube? What cube…He’d eaten it in one bite. It was cold, gross, but it was something. "Buh…" It was one of the only times he untied those pure white ribbons from around his face. They hung around his neck. Like some mocking accessory - as he took a deep, deep breaths.

    Before slamming the refrigerator door shut. A waver of his vision — and he’s on his feet once again. Taking those narrow, hollow gasps. Before he calmed his breathing within a few strides. And pause…Tony did what he had too — wrapping the ribbons once again, while his mind finally stopped being so damnhazy. Pulsating like an organ. But too frantically. Too harshly. It was pulsing — it was throbbing.

    He tightened the knot, with a clench of his teeth. His jaw hurt, after a few seconds.
    They’re so loud…

    And he had no problem saying it, either. The irritation, the itching hunger all made his steps heavy. A drag of a step, really. A presence that was otherwise, too silent, suddenly spoke. Stopping behind the couch, twitching eye. Voice rough and dry.

    "Can you shut up already? Not everybody has the pleasure of being as awake as you are,” Ha, grumpybutt.

    "Just who were you calling a freak just now…?" Greed - obnoxious and full of himself. That was his opinion of the damn sin. Arrogant, as well…He twitched; fingers closing into his palm, with a fist that went right to his own hip. Staring down (glaring, more like.) at Jack; silent. Voice startlingly clear behind the ribbons.
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  16. Jack bolted upright, "Fuck sleep at this point! Himeros has decided on a dress code, well he can dress me himself or get the hell over it."
    He wasn't kidding, tolerance for shouting was at a low due to lack of proper rest. Jack looked at Himeros and then at Kali, then Himeros and back at Kali.
    Jack gritted his teeth, "Any questions from the peanut gallery?"

    The ground under the recliner began to rumble with Jackard's frustration and his eyes darkened into a fearsome red. He was normally a pretty chill guy but for some unapparent reason Himeros was trying Jack's patience tonight.

    A split second went by just long enough for Jack to realize how crazy he was acting over someone asking him to put pants on. He calmed down, stood up, and stretched.
    Jack pointed a finger at Himeros, "Know what? Fine, but you owe me one."

    He stalked into the dark hallway towards his bedroom.
  17. He opens his eyes, and shoves her with his foot. "I said put some fucking clothes on." He growls. "Why must you do this to me?"
  18. Kali shoved his foot back with her hand. "I have clothes on," she stated. "I have a tank top and shorts on. What more do you want?" Yes this was indeed fun.
  19. Kali watched Jack walk away with one eye. 'Wonder how far I can go tonight with bugging Himeros.' she thought. She turned over on her side and looked up at Himeros and smirk.
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